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BYOD Implementation Plan


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This SlideShare provides a brief description of how I would Implement BYOD into my classroom. There is also a short list of apps listed to assist in student learning.

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BYOD Implementation Plan

  1. 1. BYOD Implementation Plan for 4th Grade Social Studies By: Keata Lawrence Anderson Link to Houston County School Districts BYOD Policy:
  2. 2. Teachingandlearningare essential toeducation,howeverthe contexthaschangedovertime. We are livinginthe era of technology.We have movedawayfromlearningfromencyclopedias, dictionaries, andmuchmore.Nowmostinformationcanbe foundonline.Manyschool districtsare aware of thischange and have implementedpoliciestoassisteducatorsandstudentswith21st century learning. Mycurrentschool systemusesMicrosofthardware;therefore,tooptimizestudentuse Iwill use Windowsasmy platform. Asan educatorI alsohave to evolve byimplementingaBYOD (BringYour OwnDevice) planformyown classroom.
  3. 3. As an educatorof more than 10 yearsand a parent I am aware that all studentsdonothave access to devices.Whetheritisfinancial orparentssimplydonotwanttheirchildrentohave accessto devices.Iwouldmake sure toaccommodate forall of mystudents. Toaccommodate for all students’ BYOD wouldnotbe everydayinmy class. I wouldplanforBYOD on certaindaysand eitherschedule computerlabor arrange for studentlaptopcheckoutonthose days. This isto ensure thateverychild has accessto a device.
  4. 4. Studentswill workondeviceseitherwith apartneror in a groupto complete researchprojects not individually.Forexample,studentswillworkwithapartneror in a groupto researchNative Americantribesfora livingwax museumproject. Thisprojectconsistsof multipleparts,whichmeans that studentswill learntoshare responsibilitiesanddevices.One personcandoresearchon the device while the othersworkondifferentaspectsof the project.Studentscanalsoall choose toresearchat the same time inthe computerlab or usinga studentlaptop.Thisensuresthateveryone hasaccesstoa device andnoone feelsleftout.
  5. 5. Appropriate Apps for 4th Grade Social Studies 1. Title:American History Books Publisher:iMarvel Available For: Android Cost: Free versionincludesone book,$.99 versionincludesfour Review: Thisapp is intendedtoimpartchildrenknowledgeof the culture andhistoryof America.The apppresentstothemthe profilesof heroeswhobuiltthis"landof the free and home of the brave."Itnarratesto childrenthe great story of how Americabecame a free country.Also,the appintroduceschildrentomonumentsinAmericaof historical andpatriotic significance. SubmittedBy: Sam Young,HamiltonCitySchools 2. Title:Fact Book Publisher: Urbian,Inc Available For: Android Cost: Free Review: Greatapp that can be usedtoput the entire worldintoyourfingertips. There isalot of informationtobe presentedthroughthisapplicationsuchasgeography,population, government,andmilitary. Thisisa greatresource to use whencomparingcountriesfrom certainstatistical categories. ItshowsupdatedrankingssuchasGDP. This appwill evendisplay graphs thatcan be usedto compare how countriesstackup againsteachother. SubmittedBy: Sam Young,HamiltonCitySchools Review: A mobile versionof the CIA WorldFactBook,offeringusersquickandeasyaccessto CIA World Fact Bookand UnitedNationsdataand statisticsthatcoversa wide range of statistics. Studentsresearchingaforeigncountrywillhave simple andfastaccessto an incredibleamount of importantinformation. Greatforstudentsdoingaprojecton a foreigncountryorintroducing
  6. 6. a newcountry inclass. SubmittedBy: JoshMargerum,HamiltonCitySchools 3. Title:Google Earth Publisher:Google Available For: iPad,iPodTouch,iPhone,Android Cost: Free Review: Wishyou couldtake studentsona fieldtriptosee historical places? Don'thave the money? Well,Google Earthcouldbe the answerforyou and yourstudents. Google Earthwill take you ona virtual fieldtriptoanylocationonearth. This isa great app forsocial studiesand science classbutcan be usedinall subjectareas. Are you learningaboutthe pyramids? Take your studentstosee the pyramids. Wantto visitthe birthplace of afamouswriter? The possibilitiesare endless. SubmittedBy: JonathanSmith,CantonCitySchools 4. Title:Quiz US States Publisher: NicolasCornette Available For: Android Cost: Free Review: Good reviewappforthe use of U.S. state capitals.Includesfourgame modes:find state code,findstate on map,findstate name fromits flag,or findstate capital. SubmittedBy: Sam Young,HamiltonCitySchools 5. Title:Today in History Publisher: Manuel Zamora Available For: iPad,iPhone,iTouch,Android Cost: Lite versionfree,Full version$1.99 Review: Verycool app! The depthof informationisgreat.Itgivesyoufamouseventsforyears uponyearsas well asfamousbirths,deaths,andholiday/observances.We use thisdailyfor historyclassto constructour "This Day inHistory"boardand the kidslove the informationthat we are able to pull off of here. SubmittedBy: TylerBelew,HamiltonCitySchools Review: Thisapp is a great wayto beginanysocial studiesorhistoryclass. Assoon as youopen the app, youare shownmultiplehistorical eventsthathappenedonthatday. SubmittedBy: JoshMargerum,HamiltonCitySchools 6. Title: USConstitution Publisher: AndroidDevelopmentProject Available For: Android Cost: Free Review: Thisapp featuresthe full,uneditedversionof the USConstitution.Itincludesthe abilitytosearchratificationdates,biographiesof the signers,aConstitutiontimeline,the Declarationof Independence,MayflowerCompact,failedamendments,and muchmuchmore! Studentscanquicklyandeasilylocate importantinformationfromthe Constitution,like the powersof Congress. Allowsforquickresearchonthe Framersas well asthe rootsof our government.Studentscoulduse the apptobegina project that examinesthe Bill of Rightsas well. SubmittedBy: JoshMargerum,HamiltonCitySchools