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Creature Collaborations ULearn 2011


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To support presentation of same name @ Ulearn 2011

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Creature Collaborations ULearn 2011

  1. 1. Creature Collaborations Engaging learners with e-learning based writing projects Integrating new technologies to empower learning and transform leadership
  2. 2. Creature Collaborations
  3. 3. Monster Exchange Travel Buddies
  4. 4. Ioni's world DSC01433a Why? Connect my students to the world. Appreciate similarities and differences . Expose them to different points of view. Learn from/with a wider peer group. Provide an authentic audience for their work.
  5. 5. What is the Monster Exchange Project?
  6. 6.
  7. 7.
  8. 8. Why did I choose to do it?
  9. 9. The power of online networks
  10. 11. 613 km away
  11. 12. Purpose: For the children to create careful descriptions that paint a picture in the reader’s mind. So…. Ideally the reader will see what the author sees.
  12. 13. Motivating the children
  13. 14. The picture was the plan
  14. 15. I asked questions
  15. 16. How did we share the writing?
  16. 18. The older children used individual blogs.
  17. 20. I gave feedback...
  18. 22. ... and got a response.
  19. 24. The Big Reveal
  20. 25. Some came really close...
  21. 26. ... but were they reading carefully?
  22. 27. Ping Pong My monster is called Ping Pong.  Her skin colour is dark blue.  She has one eye and red and brown hair.  Her head is a circle.  Her clothes are a cheerleader top, it is purple with a red C on it.  She is wearing a light blue skirt.  She is smiling with her mouth closed.  On her head is a pair of antennae, they are grey.  On her feet are some beautiful brown high heel boots.  In her right hand is a red pompom.  Her left hand is behind her head - not showing her fingers.  Ping Pong has purple in the middle of her eye and she has a black outline.  My monster is from Planet Cheerleader.  Ping Pong is a very happy monster cheerleader.  
  23. 28. Did they explain it carefully?
  24. 29. Hypno 2000 Hypno 2000 is a slime monster.  He is light green.  He has two big white eyes with a thick black outline. In the centre of his eyes he has red swirls.  He has ten tentacles with eyes on the top of his head.  He has two brown holes on the side of his head.  He sticks out his front teeth and his tongue.  He has brown spots down his body.
  25. 30. Some were spot on!
  26. 31. Dynamite Dynamite has a squared face that’s green and on all the corners it’s curvy.  He has 3 eyes, a nice smile and teeth (the teeth are made from triangles).  One tooth is down, another is up and the last one is down.  he has a tall, rectangular body and it’s dark blue.  Also, he has a big, orange DS on his body.  Also on the top of his head are green triangles for ears - they are wide apart.  At the bottom of his body there are 2 tall rectangles that are also green - one on the left and one on the right - for his feet.  On his feet there are yellow circles for each of his toes.  Last of all is his devil stick.  His devil stick is red and black with 3 triangles on top, like a fork.  The part with the triangles is red and the other half is black.  Around his devil stick there is a zig-zaggy line that is yellow and inside the line there is a shade of really light blue.
  27. 32. Some gave feedback.
  28. 33. Igor Hero My monster is called Igor Hero.  He has three mohawks and a flame on each one.  He has a red head and two yellow wings and two brown arms.  He has one eye and fangs and a red and black body.  He has a guitar in his hand and a double sided fork.  He has a devil tail and two black legs.  He has two green ears and two green shoes.
  29. 34. Scary The monster I made had an oval shape body that is orange and orange tentacle hair on the top of his head with orange spikes.  On his face he has a trapezium that is black and upside down.  He can breathe fire.  next he has diagonal eyes that are black, one is one way the other is the other way.  Then I say he has three red eyes underneath his black eyes.  He has yellow chomp like teeth, brown arms and hands.  He has spit coming from his mouth and two blue and pink tentacles at the bottom of his head with blue and pink spots.
  30. 35. Some were fascinating.
  31. 36. Lampyclock Lampyclock has a medium triangle head with orange and blue stripes.  He has square eyes with two big black dots in the middle.  He has a pink nose and a pink neck in the middle of the bottom of the head.  He has a triangle mouth with white teeth.  Then there is a fat medium circle with a line around near the line with a star in the middle with lines around the star.  The legs go down then to the left then a space.  Then another one, it goes down then right, then down, then two more down across to the left then another one down across to the right.  He is holding coffee in a cup that is brown.  He has rectangle arms with a black outline.  On the circle there are sticks near the neck.  So that’s my Lampyclock.
  32. 37. Some were done in pairs
  33. 38. Bing-Bing My monster is called Bing-Bing.  It is a pinky-purple and it has dark purple spots on it, but not very many.  It has got a very big smile with only three teeth and they are quite far apart, but they are all on the top.  He has a yellow tummy.  It has dark purple antennae with little circles on the top.  He has a very big eye with a black dot in the middle.  It has two arms and three fingers on each hand.  He has two legs and they have three toes on each foot.  he has pointy ears with yellow and pink in the inside.  It has got a little tongue and a little lump with little red bits in its mouth and the rest of his mouth is pink.  He has got a little body that is shaped like an oval.  Bing-Bing has got a black outline.  He is a cheerful little monster.  He has got a big head that is connected to the body and his arms are connected to the head.
  34. 39. This just made my day.
  35. 40. Ryan’s Monster My monsters body is the shape of a door.  It has three heads and it has a very nasty attitude.  My monster has two tentacles.  My monster has two tongues and they are red with snakes.  One tongue has sharks and that’s why no monster will challenge my monster.
  36. 42. Travel Buddies
  37. 44. Auckland to Hamilton Hamilton to Raumati Beach Raumati Beach to Dunedin Dunedin to Taupo Taupo to the Waikato From Waikato back to Auckland
  38. 45. 2,966 km
  39. 47.
  40. 48. We researched keas and created booklets
  41. 49. Others made cards, booklets and pictures
  42. 50. One class created online storybooks
  43. 51. Similarities and differences were identified and discussed
  44. 52. Kara the Kiwi
  45. 53. Turra Coo our Scottish visitor
  46. 54. Flat Stanley
  47. 55. Use Skype to add another dimension. Connect with a buddy class in real time. This is our next step.
  48. 56. Social Studies/ Geography Written Language Reading Oral Language Science Maths
  49. 57. Keypals, Travel Buddies & Other Online Projects Postcard Exchange Monster Exchange and Flat Stanley Project Project Links We begin by charting a course
  50. 58. Click on the link below to find further information and examples to support this presentation. Wikispaces Follow Up Notes [email_address]