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iPads in education part 1


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iPads in education part 1

  1. 1. iPad in EducationDee Thomas
  2. 2. Powerful built in apps Instant Inspiresinformation creativity Engages Hands on students Learning
  3. 3.  Care/Accessories Quick Tour/Navigations Tips Apps & ActivityHandouts-
  4. 4. iPad Family Photo
  5. 5. There is an App for That! 200,000+ Apps just for iPadMedical App- Epocrates • #1 Mobile Drug Reference App among US PhysiciansUniversity Dorms- Laundry Room AppsLeaf Snap- Snap a photo of leaf to identify (free)StarWalk- ($4.99) Winner of Apple Design Award 2010- Identifiesconstellations, stars, and satellites in real time!MealSnap- Counts calories from a picture of your foodThe Amazing and Wonderful World of Ants- $1.99
  6. 6. Technology StatisticsSesame Street • 0-5 year olds = 80% Use Research Technology McCann • Findings- What percentage of 16 toWorldGroup 22 year olds would sooner lose “The Truth their sense of smell than lose theirAbout Youth” laptop or cell phone. ---- 53% Over half!!! Study Read more:
  7. 7. Apple Products
  8. 8. Clean Oleo with phobic microfiber Glass cloth onlyProtective Keep covers- secure at cracked all times screens
  9. 9. Run 10 W USB charge Avoid10 hours of battery full power in Sleep heat/coldbattery life cycle adapter Mode temp. MONTHLY
  10. 10. Lots of accessories!
  11. 11. Home Button• Return to the Home Screen: From any app, press the Home button once to return to the Home Screen• From the Home Screen, press the Home button to open the Search screen• Multitask: Press the Home button twice quickly to open the Multitask Bar
  12. 12. Sleep/Wake ButtonLock you iPad: Press the Sleep/Wake button once to lockyour iPadUnlock your iPad: Press the Sleep/Wake button (or theHome button). Slide your finger across the Slide to Unlockslider that appears.Power Off your iPad: Press and hold the Sleep/Wake buttonuntil the Slide to Power Off slider appears, then slide yourfinger across the slider.Power On your iPad: Press and hold the Sleep/Wake buttonuntil the Apple logo appears.Force Restart your iPad: Press and hold both the Sleep/Wakebutton and the Home button until the screen turns black andthe Apple logo appears
  13. 13. Flick right when on your Home Page or press the Home button.
  14. 14. Password Protect your iPad
  15. 15. Tap the Safari icon Enter a web address Email Link to by tapping the top website- Share icon left text box and and tap Mail Link To typing in the This Page address. Search Google by Shortcut to tapping the roundedwebsite- Share icon rectangle to the and tap Add to right. Type a Home Screen keyword and tap search. What does the left Bookmark- tap the arrow at the top of open book icon the page do?
  16. 16. Use your iPad as a notebook to jot down anything, anywhere, at any time. Search Notes by title or by words in the text. The display contains all of your notes and titles are based on first few words in note. Main area is work space for typing notes. + adds new notes. Controls at bottom go to other notes, delete notes, or share notes.
  17. 17. Splitting/Un docking the keyboard (hidden Numeric keys) keyboard- Tap and slide your hold keys finger to for special the number characters you want.In key(Tap and Hidden hold for apostrophe more options) Double tap space bar Caps lock- at end of double tap sentence shift key for period and space
  18. 18. Editing Text inNotes
  19. 19. Tap on the Safari icon and begin your research using theGoogle search box.Find an interesting website about your destination and addthis site to your Reading List, which lets you collect links towebsites to read later.Create a Web Clip (shortcut to the website) by tapping theShare icon and tap Add to Home Screen
  20. 20. Getting to knowyour iPad activity
  21. 21. Kathy Schrock’s Bloomin’ iPad
  22. 22. Questions?Dee ThomasBentonville Public SchoolsInstructional Technology/Staff DevelopmentEmail: dthomas@bentonvillek12.org