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The Blue Chair Ekphrastic Response


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ARTS-1301 Art Appreciation student ekphrastic poem for Rufino Tamayo's "The Blue Chair" at the Dallas Museum of Art. June 2013.

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The Blue Chair Ekphrastic Response

  1. 1. The Blue Chair by Rufino Tamayo 1931 oil on canvas at the Dallas Museum of Art Ekphrastic Response by Enereida June 26, 2013 Art Appreciation with Professor Jenkins
  2. 2. The Blue Chair Life is as hard as it looks, Blue. Depressed, emotionally oppressed. We walk around thinking that we are the ones. Life is only about you. Me.
  3. 3. The atmospheric sadness. Surrounds me. Engulfs me. In the blue chair, the loneliness becomes me. I become the dark woman, living in a dark life. The Blue Chair
  4. 4. Every day that goes by is just another day. In this blue chair. This pain, trying to get out, trying to show and live without these fears. In this blue chair. The Blue Chair
  5. 5. Emotions gone to waste. Freedom is taken away. We are forgotten and tied. In this blue chair. Can't feel the pain, can't see the world. The Blue Chair
  6. 6. Forgotten how to smile. In this blue chair. My dreams surround me, My nightmares become me. In this blue chair. A chair. The Blue Chair