Road to Success


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Practical study advice for my art appreciation course (and any course in general).

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Road to Success

  1. 1. Road to Success
  2. 2. • College-level course • requires thorough study • thoughtful analysis and discussion • good work ethic/study habits as well as execution of assignments to receive a passing grade. • Intellectual curiosity • Desire to know • Open-minded The skills you develop in this course (analytic, critical, creative) transfer to • Self-discipline the study of any other subject. • Yes, some memorization of terms or artworks • Must utilize critical thinking skills above all else • Practical application of concepts
  3. 3. Expect at least 6 hours per week outside of class time for studying andcompleting assignments.* Best to set aside a regularly scheduled time.You should also utilize the campus services available to students whenneeded to help you succeed, such as the library, the Writing and LearningCenter, the Discovery Center, and the Advising and Counseling services.
  4. 4. Set up a study area at home where you won’t havedistractions or go to a routine place, such as the library. Study Guide/Test Review Notebook
  5. 5. Have everything you need to study.Study Guide/Test Review• located on class site Notebook• for each part of course • outline chapters • take notes in and out of class • pose questions to yourself/ class Utilize textbook resources
  6. 6. Start/Join a Study Group• Helps prepare before class• Clarify concepts before/after classes• Utilize each other’s different learning strengths• Help each other turn study weaknesses into strengthsWhen you can explainthe concepts to Studying doesn’t needanother, you reinforce to be a solitary activity.your own knowledge.
  7. 7. USE ONLINE CONTENT Students who use the online content on a regular basis typically have better than average grades.
  8. 8. Online Content• Free Use notebook with• On Campus Cruiser in My Course Content online material• Required to know topics/materials in them • Primary source for Part 2 of course
  9. 9. Online Content• Optional activities • Help reinforce topics • Ungraded interactive games • Videos
  10. 10. Online Content• Extra credit quizzes (in My Assignments) • assess knowledge of each concept • familiarity with types of questions like on tests • All due dates listed on Campus Cruiser and in class schedule • Review through My Assessments after due date • Only available for review if taken
  11. 11. In-Class Success• Be proactive, not reactive. • Come prepared with day’s topic studied & ready to discuss• Stay ahead, not fall behind. • Attend class and be on time! Tardiness and absence hurt chances for success. Most students who make above average grades miss no more than 2 one-hour classes (but still keep up with material while absent).• Be active, not passive • Just showing up isn’t enough • Pay attention • Take notes during class • Ask questions! • Participate!!!