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Student personal response to "Book with Wings"


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Student personal response to "Book with Wings"

  1. 1. Book with Wings Anselm Kiefer 2000. The Modern Art Museum. July 20 2013
  2. 2. Personal Response 2 Art Appreciation SU2013 with Professor Jenkins
  3. 3. As I round the corner there is an oval viewing room with lighting that is specifically meant to place emphasis on this work. Book with Wings appears with an open book that is centered on the wings, sitting on a pedestal.
  4. 4. There is a majestic, almost heavenly presence to this piece. I first think of an angel’s wings. I wonder if the artist was in a spiritual frame of mind when he created this piece, perhaps seeking spiritual renewal or awakening.
  5. 5. The wings are worn, as if they have been on many journeys. I wondered if the book could be a recording of those who have been, or will be, guided through the spiritual journey in some way.
  6. 6. I have always known about God. As a very young child, when my parents were together, my Dad was Episcopalian, and my Mother was Lutheran. We attended both churches periodically and never really learned much about either religion, but I remember always
  7. 7. feeling His presence. When I was a young girl, 8 or 9, I remember I used to bargain with God, and ask him for things foolishly. I did not realize the full impact of who God was and exactly what that meant. Throughout my young adult life, I mostly attended
  8. 8. church on holidays, when the spirit moved me. I had good intentions to start attending regularly, but something always came up. When my children were young, my husband and I joined a Lutheran church. We were very involved, we taught
  9. 9. Sunday School, helped with the landscaping, and taught adult literacy classes. We reached a point where the church kept asking for more time and money. The final straw was when we received a statement in the mail for our “tithe.” I rebelled and quit going.
  10. 10. As I have gotten older, I think about God often and know where my life is eventually headed. This journey we make at the end is in my mind. I am not afraid of death, but I fear that I will not be ready. I have a very strong faith in God, but it is easy for me to get
  11. 11. distracted. When I struggle in life, oftentimes I try to work it out myself, instead of turning to Him……I forget. Once I realize that I cannot do it on my own, after I am exhausted with worry, I turn it over to Him, and feel immediately relieved.
  12. 12. The weight is off my shoulders, and I have a feeling of calm that is beyond words. I can think of so many times I know He is present, when only “Divine Intervention” can explain. I often question myself as to whether my faith is strong enough, and will it be
  13. 13. strong enough at the end. I have been listening to a radio series about the “Raptor.” I am reminded of the sacrifices He made and how Jesus was tormented, yet still died for us. I pray that my faith will be strong enough. Am I strong enough?