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5 121029

  1. 1. 北欧の企業文化 第5講 2012-10-29 異文化コミュニケーション 1 チェックイン 異文化コミュニケーション ブリジストンファイアストン事件 ワーク 日本文化、札幌の紹介
  2. 2. キーワード異文化コミュニケーション
  3. 3. Prof. Åke Daun TheJapanese of the North - The Swedes of Asia? 北欧の日本人ーアジアのス ウェーデン人?
  4. 4. Swedes ScandinaviansJapanese Americans
  5. 5. オーケ・ダウン教授 社会的に控えめ 酒=触媒 対立を回避、「和」 現実的、実際的 恥ずかしがりや
  6. 6. 北欧の国民性 約束を守ること 時間の観念 平等、男女平等 現実性、実際性 対立を回避する 文化的な一様性 おつきあいの方法、習慣 仕事がアイデンティティー
  7. 7. Bridgestone Firestone/Ford SettlementOctober 12, 2005NASHVILLE, Tenn -- Bridgestone Firestone will pay $240 millionto Ford Motors to settle claims related to the tire makers 2000 recallof defective tires.According to the tire company, the settlement will help cover thecosts of Fords 2001 tire replacement program that followed therecall.At least 271 people were reported killed and hundreds more werehurt in accidents involving Firestone ATX tires. The company recalled6.5 million of them and has spent more than $1 billion on recall-related costs.Bridgestone had blamed defects in some Ford vehicles, while Fordsaid the tires were the problem.In May 2001, Ford began exchanging 13 million Firestone tires freeof charge for its customers and ended its nearly century-old businessties with Firestone.
  8. 8. Today’s ワーク日本の紹介札幌の紹介