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  1. 1. Project 2018 2014-02-25 6th meeting    https://www.facebook.com/SwedenJapan2018
  2. 2. Project 2018 6th meeting 2014-02-25 n  n  n  n  Sachiko Takami on Skogsmulle export to Japan Origami workshop with Norio Torimoto Big discovery with small origami On the 7th, 8th meetings Mr Shikoda, London correspondet of the Hokkaido Shimbun
  3. 3. Project 2018 7-8th meetings spring 2014 n  n  n  7th meeting Tuesday April 29th Kaj Reinius on Fight against commercial and sexual exploitation of children 8th meeting Tuesday May 27th Akihiro Ogawa on A topic to be decided later Saturday morning (SE-time) May 24th Workshop with ambassador Lars Vargö in Sapporo