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Ti.tokyo.gig slides

  1. 1. 2012. 1. 21for Japanese mobile RockStar
  2. 2. Set List 乾杯!(Cheers!) Special Thanks Presentation @Seasons さん @mochiz さん @wangzhi さん @k0sukey さん @vaccho さん @toru0325 さん @ryugoo_ さん @donayama さん @isis331 さん その他
  3. 3. Special Thanks Video Message
  4. 4. Special Thanks Jeff HaynieAppcelerator CEO
  5. 5. Special Thanks Boydlee Pollentine / Cookbook著者http://boydlee.com/
  6. 6. Special Thanks Sharry / Titanium関連情報サイトwww.learningti.com
  7. 7. Presentation @Seasons さん @mochiz さん @wangzhi さん @k0sukey さん @vaccho さん @toru0325 さん @ryugoo_ さん @donayama さん @isis331 さん
  8. 8. Presentation ”Photobook ~Introduction of my book and application about Titanium Mobile~” @Seasons
  9. 9. Presentation ”Founded the company because Titanium is so fun to make apps” @mochiz
  10. 10. Presentation ”Roll Playing Game(RPG) with Titanium” @wangzhi
  11. 11. Presentation ”Making iOS apps with the inspiration” @k0sukey
  12. 12. Presentation ”Working V8 with my first Titanium Android app” @vaccho
  13. 13. Presentation ”Sneak prevew of Mooklet - Titanium app which generates own PhotoBook apps” @toru0325
  14. 14. Presentation ”Thrilled with Titanium Mobile, defining function” @ryugoo_
  15. 15. Presentation ”Working Android + Arduino with Titanium” @isis331
  16. 16. Presentation ” Making Titanium Mobile FirstStepGuide with iBooks Author?” @donayama
  17. 17. Question What do you expect from Appcelerator?
  18. 18. [Answer1] More prosperous to Titanium Mobile (Desktop, too)!
  19. 19. [Answer2] Let s settle the president for Japan headquarter quickly! :D
  20. 20. [Answer3] Improvement of Docs
  21. 21. [Answer4] Appreciated you give us developingenvironment in free.Hope you keep providing us thisenvironment in future.
  22. 22. [Answer5] Stability for stable version and follow upthe differences between SDK versionCan t laugh off anymore if they use inbusiness:D
  23. 23. [Answer6] Please accept my pull request nexttime!
  24. 24. [Answer7] Hope to see more case studies orsamples of work-flow with TitaniumMobile.
  25. 25. [Answer8] Approach that easier for designers togetting into Titanium.
  26. 26. [Answer9] No more pain on developing Adroidapp:D
  27. 27. [Answer10] Want you to reduce the response timein Open Mobile Marketplace site.
  28. 28. [Answer11] Do not go under!
  29. 29. [Answer12] Hope that ti would spread more.
  30. 30. [Answer13] Looking forward to having localized in Japanese.
  31. 31. [Answer14] Improvement of developing tool, IDE,etc. And stability of specification.
  32. 32. [Answer15] Please do not abandon Japanesemarket. We try hard to keep following!
  33. 33. [Answer16] Hope you would make easier andhandier to develop apps!I would like to contribute.
  34. 34. [Answer17] Hope that difference between iOS andAndroid would be small as much as youcan.
  35. 35. [Answer18] Windows8 support.Any hack or future plan would beappreciated if it works on that OS.If there s no chance, I need to thinkabout using PhoneGap for my work andprivate work.
  36. 36. [Answer19] Hope the bugs should be fixed quickly.
  37. 37. [Answer20] Light up Android!
  38. 38. [Answer21] It would be great to have API fordownloading remote file to local fromserver.
  39. 39. [Answer22] Want to have a book on Tips indevelopment and know-how tech forhigh-end users.
  40. 40. [Answer23] More improvement of Android support.
  41. 41. [Answer24] Expecting to have easier sample codes.
  42. 42. [Answer25] More expansion of Titanium.
  43. 43. [Answer26] Improvement of API reference.
  44. 44. [Answer27] More device support!And better device native support!
  45. 45. [Answer28] Speed up and stability.
  46. 46. End See you at next GIG!