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Kazan Smart City


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Kazan Smart City is a groundbreaking urban development project designed to spur the growth of investment into high technology, medicine, education, and tourism. The project is being developed using the latest advancements in urban planning and engineering.
Kazan Smart City will transform the Republic of Tatarstan’s capital of Kazan into a full-fledged international business hub with ideal conditions for working and living.
A greenfield development project, Kazan Smart City is the first example of holistic urban planning according to smart city principles in all of Russia.

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Kazan Smart City

  1. 1. KAZAN SMART CITY – а new business hub in Russia FIABCI Prix d’Excellence, 2013 Best Master plan project in Russia
  2. 2. • Kazan Smart City is a groundbreaking urban development project designed to spur the growth of investment into high technology, medicine, education, and tourism. • Kazan Smart City is part of the overall development of the Greater Kazan area. • The project is being developed using the latest advancements in urban planning and engineering. • Kazan Smart City is an international investment technopolis of the Republic of Tatarstan with total 650 ha of land area. POSITIONING AND LOCATION
  3. 3. • Kazan Smart City jointly with Kazan International Aeroports develops according to the Aerotropolis model, providing requested infrastructure for foreign and domestic direct investments. • Kazan Smart City Aerotropolis links Tatarstan with international business community. • High speed train connects Kazan Smart City to center of Kazan and Kazan International Airport. • Kazan Smart City can be reached by Federal Highway R-239 and access road of Stolbische township. TRANSPORT ACCESIBILITY
  4. 4. GFA BREAKDOWN, м2TARGET ECONOMIC CLUSTERS There are more that 200 investment plots in Kazan Smart City and more that 5 mln. sq.m. build up are for the real estate investment opportunities. KAZAN SMART CITY CONTENT 1 633 280 26% 1 070 494 17% 712 206 11% 217 445 3% 46 000 1% 487 168 8% 1 408 619 22% 783 000 12% Жилье Офисы Торговые Гостиницы Экспо-центр Научные центры Социо-культурные Производство Residential Retail Expo Center Social and Cultural Office Hotel Science Park Manufacturing
  5. 5. ECO URBANISM1 SMART GROWTH2 SMART LOCATION3 LOW CARBON4 INCLUSIVE & IDENTITY5 • KSC urban development will co- exist with natural environment. • Natural vegetation will be preserved • To ensure high environmentalquality that will be embedded into the KSC • KSC will adopt a Smart Growth principle. • To be designed with varying intensities • To encourage mixed use development that will be integratedwith transportation. • KSC is a catalytic development creating high impacts to the regional and local economy. • To create clusters of economic activities that will benefit the local businessas well as provideopportunities for the emergence of new economies. • KSC township design shall emphasis on design solutionsthat will reduce the emission of carbon • To ensure the Environment, Transportation, Infrastructureand Buildings are all designed to reduce carbon emission. • KSC shall providefor inclusivity, where the township will provide for employment opportunities, choice in housing, accessto education and communityfacilities • KSC shall place great emphasis on local identity KAZAN SMART CITY DESIGN PRINCIPLES
  6. 6. Expo Center University of management and hospitality Interregional shopping mall Hotel and Business Towers Engineering center Stolbische township Usady township Office Center Malye Kabany township RESERVED PLOTS
  7. 7. A Vibrant City where Great Businesses Converge Regional Shopping Mall Business Park District Park Central Commercial Core Convention & Exhibition Centre Transit Oriented Neighborhood Transit Hotel Aero Express Station CENTRAL BUSINESS PRECINCT
  8. 8. The Best of Kazan Talent Pool Purpose Built Office Town Center Natural Preservation Transit Oriented Neighborhood Business Park Neighborhood Science Park Hospitality School Multi-Varsity Campus KNOWLEDGE & EDUCATION PRECINCT
  9. 9. High Technology Zone Next to Airport Combined Heat & Power Plant Clean & Green Technology Outlet Customs & Immigration SEZ Administration Building SPECIAL ECONOMIC ZONE PRECINCT
  10. 10. Experience Nature in an Urban area Natural Trail Cultural Complex METROPOLITAN PARK PRECINCT
  11. 11. Tax General Rate Rate for Kazan Smart City residents Rate for SEZ residents Corporate Tax 20% 15,5% 0-5% Страховые взносы 30% 30% 14-28% Land Tax 1.5% 0% 0% Налог на недвижимость 2,2% 0,1% 0% Transport Tax Depends on engine power Depends on engine power 0% SUPPORTS AND BENEFITS To make the investment process in Kazan Smart City hassle-free and as attractive as possible, the Republic of Tatarstan is building the basic infrastructure and has created simple land purchase and lease policies, as well as a range of tax incentives for Kazan Smart City residents. Tax Benefits The range of benefits of this single-window service include:  Centralized system to monitor applications with a minimum of paperwork  Easy interaction between investors and Government departments  Legal support  Simplified application process, minimal approval times  Engineering and architectural support  Accounting support
  12. 12. SMART PEOPLE (Human Capital) SMART GOVERNANCE (Participation) SMART ENVIRONMENT (Natural Resources) SMART LIVING (Quality of Life) SMART ECONOMY (Competitiveness) SMART CONNECTIVITY (Transport & ICT) Smart Transport Coordination + Integration Live Travel Information Monitoring Demand Information Points Smart Utilities Integrated Resources Storm Water Management Real Time Monitoring ResourceMonitoring Smart Living Smart Communities Security, Health Education, Emergency Management Smart Building Remote Access Real Time Pricing Real Time Information Smart Management System SMART INITIATIVES
  13. 13. TowardsReducedCarbonFootprint Carbon Reduction Comprehensive, low-impact development. Biodiversity restoration and conservation Waste Reduction Reduce, reuse and recycle (30%-50% of waste reductions) Save 1.2 tons of carbon dioxide annually. Sustainable Transport Innovative transportation, pedestrian-friendly, walkable scale and 100% neighborhood permeability. Sustainable Buildings • Energy efficient building design • Sensitive site planning and construction. • Reduce Electricity Demand by 30-50% savings Sustainable Water Water consumption by reducing 15-30% of potable water consumption per house To maintain and enhance surface water quality BalanceEarthworks & Green Density Maximizing cut and fill Balance to minimize the carbon footprint. 80% reduction of earthwork volume. CARBON REDUCTION TARGETS 15% - 30% REDUCTION on potable water consumption per house 30% - 50% WASTE REDUCTION (Household Waste) 15% - 30% SAVINGS on electricity demand 80% REDUCTION EarthworkVolume 12 sq. meter Green Space / Person 100% NEIGHBOURHOOD PERMEABILITY 50% PUBLIC TRANSPORT USERS 15% - 20% CARBON REDUCTION REDUCE Waste (Reducing waste and emissions and increasing efficiency.) REDUCE Water Consumption (Safe Freshwater & Avoid Discharge) REDUCE Energy Consumption (Energy Efficiency & Renewable Source) BALANCE Earthworks & Green Density (No import & Export) LowCarbonCitywithaHighQualityofLife KSC has achieve a minimum LEED certified points of 61 points. This means that at the Concept Master Plan stage, KSC has secured the GOLDCertification. 1. Smart Location & Linkage 2. Neighborhood Pattern & Design 3. Green Infrastructure & Building SUSTAINBLE PRINCIPLES
  14. 14. KAZAN SMART CITY DEVELOPMENT FOR 2015-2018 Expo Center University of management and hospitality Hotel and Business Towers Engineering center International school Medical hospital Medical Technopark Residential and social infrastructure Office Center Custom post Administrative buildings Resident’s manufacturing buildings Interregional shopping mall Stolbische township Usady township Malye Kabany township
  15. 15. 1. CHOOSE ONE OF THE EXISTING SUSTAINABLE BUILDING CERTIFICATION SYSTEM (LEED, BREEAM, DGNB, GREEN STANDARD) The chosen option will have an impact on a design process 2 . PROVIDE ON THE DESIGN STAGE: - Common building management system; - Rainwater harvesting system, its further treatment and using for domestic purposes; - Separate waste collection (glass, paper, plastic and non-separable waste); - Efforts on creating a barrier-free environment for persons with mobility disabilities (disabled parking, ramps , special elevators and ergonomic space); - Car parking spaces – calculated as the ratio of 1 car parking space to 30 sq.m. of NFA; - Bicycles parking spaces. 3 . STUDY ON A STRATEGIC LEVEL: - Using of alternative energy sources (solar panels, bio-fuels, geothermal earth energy, wind turbines); - Using of environmentally friendly and energy efficient, recycled building materials. GENERAL RECOMMENDED REQUIREMENTS ON GREEN BUILDING STANDARDS FOR REAL ESTATE IN KAZAN SMART CITY
  16. 16. Kazan Smart City operatorKazan Smart City supervisor on behalf of the Tatarstan Government 50, Peterburgskaya str., Kazan 420107, Russia +7 (843) 227-42-24 50, Peterburgskaya str., Kazan 420107, Russia +7 (843) 520-40-01 CONTACT DETAILS