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Improving system of state planning and forecasting


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Strategy Kazakhstan 2050 Presidential Address by Nursultan Nazarbayev, December 14, 2012

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Improving system of state planning and forecasting

  1. 1. Improving system of state planning and forecastingWe need to further improve the State planning and forecasting system. Iset a task to improve the state bodies’ responsibility for the plans andprograms development. In this regard I task the Government to: · Consider my vision of the Kazakhstan 2050 development strategy. Revisit the Strategic documents along which the country works and lives. · Elaborate on the introduction of a State audit concept and submit to Parliament a respective draft law next year. Our objective should be to create a state audit system based on the most advanced examples of world experience. · In order to get our economic strategies implemented, the State should effectively anticipate crisis situations and withstand them. This requires us to create a multilevel anti-crisis system.We should have standard action packs for probable crisis situations. This isespecially important for the regions. As this system is developed it will benecessary to consider all the challenges I have mentioned.