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Linkage & Mind is one of the best independent law firms in Kazakhstan established in 2005 and led by a creative team of experienced lawyers.

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Linkage & Mind Kazakhstan Law Firm

  1. 1. LINKAGE & MIND About us
  2. 2. WELCOME Dear Friends and Partners: Thank you for the opportunity to offer our services to you!This is a presentation to outline our skills and competency which led us to a leadingposition in Kazakhstan legal market within a short period of time.We are the most innovative law firm on the market, and we are able to resolve almostany legal problem you might have.We can successfully provide you with high-quality integrated one-stop legal services foryour mundane activities or be at your disposal for a one time project – regardless thevolume of the transaction, we always try to make every possible effort for securing yourinterests.Every day, more and more big corporations choose us for the quality, efficiency andloyalty we give to our clients. Madina Sypatayeva Managing partner
  3. 3. HISTORY  Established in 2005  Offices: Astana, Almaty & New York  English, Russian, Kazakh languages  20 clients from National Business list  50-60 due diligence per year  Partnership with leading law firms from UK, USA, Asia, CIS, Europe (about 75 law firms) European Women Public Private Partnerships Recommended Kazakhstan Law in Business Law award Law Firm of 2011 in Kazakhstan Firm in Kazakhstan Law Firm of the Year 2011 - 2012 Corporate INTL 2011 Global Corporate Tax Law Awards, LondonInternational Financial Law Review, London
  4. 4. 1. Executive Summary FACTS www.linkagemind.comWe have:over 7 years of experience in any corporate practice and more than50 years of cumulative experience; three offices in Astana, Almaty & New York; 14 lawyers.We also: speak English, Russian, Kazakh languages; serve 20 clients from National Business list and about 12 on annualfixed fees;1/3 of our clients are large Chinese corporations; has partnership with leading law firms from UK, USA, Asia, CIS,Europe (about 75 law firms).
  5. 5. LINKAGE & MIND Practices
  6. 6. GOVERNMENT RELATIONSConstantly interacting with government and local community organizations,academic leaders of the country, Linkage & Mind supports business andgovernment in various aspects of law-making.Having sound experience in working with government agencies and nationalcompanies, knowing the specifics of administrative procedures, Linkage & Mindoffers the following services:•Assistance to businesses in interaction with public authorities;•Organization of meetings with government agencies and negotiations on variousaspects of cooperation and effective interaction with them;•Drafting of laws and regulations, support in harmonization of legislation.
  7. 7. CORPORATE AND M&ACorporate is one of the key practices of our company. We have completed mediumand large-scale transactions in various sectors of the economy, not to mention thehuge amount of due diligence, conducted by the team of L&M lawyers over the years.The average transaction value is approximately USD 150 million, we conduct about 50due diligence a year, and more and more companies trust us to complete their legalaudits.Our services: • Incorporation • Due diligence and M&A structuring • Corporate restructuring • Corporate governance • Issue of securities • Regulatory and licensing procedures • Antitrust practice • Contracts • Labor issues
  8. 8. TAX AND INVESTMENT PRIVILEGESLinkage & Mind offers comprehensive solutions to minimize risks through the taxstructuring of transactions the most optimal way. We offer general and individual taxadvice.We saved millions for our clients by optimizing their taxation. When we areconfronted with a problem, we try to find the most effective solutions, thinking outsidethe box. We stand in the courts against incorrect charges by the tax authorities forour clients. We carry out the optimization of taxes to protect the interests ofcompanies, their structures and cash flows.Our services: • Tax consulting • International taxation • Tax disputes • Investment and tax privileges • Tax legislation drafting
  9. 9. LITIGATION AND ARBITRATIONClients appeal to us for legally verified and economically viable solutions for the mostcomplex issues. Our lawyers represent clients in courts of all levels, including theSupreme Court of the Republic of Kazakhstan in the: Corporate disputes Disputes on construction contracts, supplies and other business agreements Disputes on intellectual property and copyright Tax disputes Disputes on antimonopoly regulation Labor disputes Disputes on export-import transactions Administrative cases Insurance disputes Contesting of the acts and decisions of the state bodies Disputes for recovery of debt and lossesOur services: Pre-trial settlement of disputes Representation in courts Arbitrage Execution of decisions
  10. 10. FINANCE AND CAPITAL MARKETSLawyers of the law firm Linkage & Mind have been actively involved in projectfinance transactions, advising on international and domestic borrowing, oninsurance issues and debt restructuring.Our services: Banking and corporate lending Project finance Financing of M&A transactions Private equity Capital markets Debt restructuring, bankruptcy Exchange regulation
  11. 11. PUBLIC - PRIVATE PARTNERSHIPLinkage & Mind provides legal advice in the field of public-private partnership (PPP) andinfrastructure projects to private businesses, investors, financial institutions andgovernment agencies on projects related to construction, renovation and management ofinfrastructure.Our services:•Optimization of the institutional structure of the project•Analysis and minimization of the legal risks that affect the project•Structuring transactions and preparing them for investment presentation•Project financing structuring: debt, equity, entry/exit options•State support and assistance analysis and preparation to receive state benefits•State permissions and approvals•Compliance and obtainment of documents, regulating the legal relationship betweenSPV, sponsors, lenders, operators and other project participants•Negotiating among project participants•Tariff and antitrust regulation compliance in the maintenance of complex investmentprojects
  12. 12. LINKAGE & MIND Industries
  13. 13. INDUSTRIES  ENERGY & NATURAL RESOURCES  FINANCIAL SERVICES  INFRASTRUCTURE & REAL ESTATE  TELECOMMUNICATIONS & TECHNOLOGY  INDUSTRIALSWe have advised the biggest Kazakhstan companies such asKazMunaiGaz, KazTransOil, Kazakhstan Petrochemical Industries, SPK-Tobol, NarGazEngineering, Ordabasi Corporation on major energy andmining projects and conducted due diligence on exploration & productioncontracts and related agreements in Central and South regions ofKazakhstan.
  14. 14. LINKAGE & MIND Experience
  15. 15. GOVERNMENT RELATIONS• Representing the interests of the company in the creditors’ committee, created as a part of the external observation procedure of JSC "Ili Cardboard and Paper Mill."• Ministry of Agriculture of the Republic of Kazakhstan - Development of 29 standards and 35 regulations on public services in the areas of agriculture, which will standardize and regulate most of the public services provided by the Ministry of Agriculture of the Republic of Kazakhstan and local executive bodies in the field of agriculture. Linkage & Mind lawyers also worked on the harmonization of relevant legal acts with central and local government agencies and organizations. The draft standards and regulations were submitted to the Government of the Republic of Kazakhstan.• Legal support of a judicial decision execution on collection of unjust enrichment amount.
  16. 16. CORPORATE AND M&A• Advising a major international energy company on corporate matters (the order of income distribution in the LLP), as well as on import / export licensing of certain types of goods and on their sales on the domestic market. This energy company is an expert in the management of electricity, known for complex energy efficient solutions for civil and residential construction, industrial, energy and infrastructure, data centers and networks.• Legal support for a mining company- examination of the contracts relating to the operation of the rig for the project "Zhambyl" (Caspian Sea), advising on the project (on transfer pricing, insurance, succession to the rights and obligations in the event of liquidation of the legal person) and full legal support of the company (including preparation of contracts, work permits, opening a bank account in Hong Kong).• Conducting two due diligences of M & A transactions for acquisition of gold and oil assets in Kazakhstan for a major Chinese investment group. Among other services, lawyers of Linkage & Mind have developed the structure of the acquisition of assets, prepared documents for transactions, etc.• Opening a subsidiary in the Peoples Republic of China.• Consulting one of the largest suppliers of office furniture in Kazakhstan on various corporate legal matters.
  17. 17. CORPORATE AND M&A - 2• Legal support for the acquisition of rights of temporary onerous land use over agricultural land by a foreign company. Development of a structure that allows foreign companies to own agricultural land.• Preparation of a fundamental review of the legislation of the Republic of Kazakhstan, regulating illegal trade activities and counterfeit products for Big 5 tobacco company.• Legal support of the acquisition of a stake in a Kazakh LLP (a company in the military- industrial sector). Linkage & Mind assisted in receiving the permission on economic concentration from the Agency for Competition Protection (Antimonopoly Agency); prepared due diligence report, drafted the founding documents reflecting the specifics of the company within this M & A transaction. The deal has been successfully closed.• Registration of the office of Belarusian company in Kazakhstan. The company holds a leading position in the CIS countries in the supply of agricultural equipment and machinery. Linkage & Mind assisted also in development and maintenance of the loan agreement between the company and the British Kazakh LLP for the delivery of agricultural equipment in the Republic of Kazakhstan (project is in progress).• Registration of a legal entity for a French company, which is a subcontractor of the foreign company, signed a contract with Kazcosmos for the supply of satellite equipment (under negotiation).• JSC «Tranco»- Preparation of a legal opinion regarding the legality of claims to reduce the previously agreed price for services rendered and paid for the transport of empty wagons forwarding.
  18. 18. CORPORATE AND M&A - 3• Administration of Almaty city – Examination of the possibility to establish a town Transport Holding Ltd., with 100% participation of Almaty city Administration.• Advising on legislative regulation of local content in goods. Preparation of the memorandum on customs preferences and their application, as well review of labor issues.• Legal support for entering the market of Kazakhstan for a major international air transportation company as well as advising it on legal issues regarding the future activities in Kazakhstan.• Legal support of the branch on the issue of contractual capacity in Kazakhstan.• Registration of the legal entity for the Polish construction company of the upper rail in Kazakhstan.• Legal advice on the legal status of the branch of the company in the Republic of Kazakhstan and on customs clearance of goods supplied from the Russian Federation to the Republic of Kazakhstan.• Legal review of the contracts of the representative office of a Russian IT company in Kazakhstan.• Advice on entry into the market of Kazakhstan for a Moscow subsidiary of the German network «LR Health & Beauty Systems», the leader in sales of cosmetic products. Linkage & Mind advised on customs and tax planning and optimization of technical regulation of trade of perfumery and cosmetic products, etc.• Legal support of the joint venture for a Chinese pharmaceutical company. Linkage & Mind team has developed the constituent documents of the joint venture, the founders’ agreement, memoranda of understanding, as well as other documents. Advising on contribution of certain types of property into the authorized capital of LLC by non- residents.• Legal support on banking activities and other corporate issues for a bank.
  19. 19. TAX AND INVESTMENT BENEFITS• Advising one of the largest agro-industrial groups, which is included into the Top-5 businesses in Kazakhstan according to Forbes, on issues of tax liabilities in certain specific cases (the sale of interest) as well as review of the bankruptcy legislation and procedures to define the most efficient proceeding for a specific issue.• Appeal of results of the tax audit in a higher tax authority for a large Jordanian investor in Kazakhstan. As a result of dispute resolution, the amount of additional tax has been reduced by 2 billion tenge.• Drafting a contract on the sale of the vehicle (paid in installments) for a dealer network. Advising on tax issues arising from the retail sale of vehicles.
  20. 20. LITIGATION & ARBITRATION• SEZ «Astana – new city» - Representation Office of State Administration of a special economic zone "Astana-new city" in the proceedings on the labor dispute against state officials. The case is still pending.• Representation in court one of the largest Russian supplier of household appliances in a claim for recovery of debt in the amount of 270,000 USD, challenging the imposition of provisional measures on property of the defendant. The case was won, the court recognized the plaintiffs demands unlawful and unreasonable.
  21. 21. OTHERPublic – Private Partnership•Analysis of the founding agreement of a joint venture under English, Dutch andKazakh legislation, in collaboration with the British law firms, for the national miningcompany.Capital Markets & Finance•Advice on registration of the pledge agreement, the assignment agreement, theexamination of contracts in respect of the entities of Highvill Astana.•Legal support on banking activities and other corporate issues for banks.
  22. 22. Astana, Kazakhstan, 0100007 Imanov Street, Office 21+ 7 7172 200 701, 200 703+ 7 7172 200 705Almaty, Kazakhstan, 050000188 Dostyk avenue, Office 204, Business Center "Kulan"+ 7 7272 596 260, 597 560+ 7 7272 596 260New York, NY, USA, 10017369 Lexington ave, 2 fl, #224+ 1 646 461 8105+ 1 508 448