Golden Gate Bridge Celebration Proposal


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Proposal to GGB authorities for programming events concerning the 75th anniversary of the GGB

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Golden Gate Bridge Celebration Proposal

  1. 1. I n Celebr at ion ofGOLDEN GATE BRI DGE 75 TH ANNI VERSARY Memor ial Day Weekend 2012
  2. 2. Call t o t he Communit yCr eat e pr ogr ams t hat celebr at e  t he Golden Gat e Br idge
  3. 3. Answer ing t he CallEducat or s, scient ist s, exhibit , & mediaspecialist s of f er ing innovat ive out r each pr ogr ams t hat st r engt hen STEM skills
  4. 4. STEMScience, Technology, Engineer ing & Mat h     Success I nspir ing ear ly int er est in STEM subj ect s t o pr epar e st udent s f or ent r y int o t he wor kf or ce
  5. 5. Gulf of the FarallonesNational Marine Sanctuaries Visitor Center At t he Pr esidio of San Fr ancisco
  6. 6. Visit or Cent er Campus
  7. 7. Cr issy Field on one side...
  8. 8. ...San Fr ancisco Bay on ot her
  9. 9. Close t o t he Golden Gat e Br idge  and at t he beginning of a wildlif e pr ot ect ion ar ea
  10. 10. Resear ch  St ewar dship  Conser vat ion   Education
  11. 11. Oc ean Rus h Hour ! Nat ur al hist or y t r af f ic above & beneat h t he Golden Gat e Br idge
  12. 12. • Educat ional act ivit ies• Nat ur al hist or y images• Visual ef f ect s• Mechanical device• Cont r apt ion compet it ion 
  13. 13. Hands-on Educat ion! Low-t ech low-cost f amily educat ional act ivit ies t o suppor t exhibit s / event s
  14. 14. Nat ur al hist or y images!(LOM - need spectacular ARKive Images of fish and birds) See t he wor ld s best images of f ish, bir ds & mammals specific to life above and below the Golden Gate Bridge ARKive
  15. 15. Visual ef f ect s! On Great White Wings Click for "Fly" Movie example"Empt y" t he bay t o t he seaf loor "Swim" example (screen shot only)"Fly" over t he br idge f r om a hawks-eye view"Swim" under t he br idge f r om a shar ks-eye view
  16. 16.  wit h r eal-t ime inf o... Most Recently Seen San Francisco Bay Ships Reports from 4977 Ships Name Type Length (feet) Last Seen ISLAND STAR Tug with Tow < 200 m 118 8/29/11 5:34 pm PISCES 32 8/29/11 5:33 pm BELLAVIA Cargo Ship Hazard A 961 8/29/11 5:33 pm GOLDEN BEAR Passenger Ship 95 8/29/11 5:33 pm INVADER Pleasure Craft 160 8/29/11 5:33 pm ADRIATIC SEA Tug without Tow 137 8/29/11 5:33 pm GOLIAH Tug without Tow 108 8/29/11 5:33 pm ZHEN HUA 19 Cargo Ship 751 8/29/11 5:33 pm Cargo Ship 8/29/11 5:32 pm DEL NORTE Hi-Speed Craft 134 8/29/11 5:32 pm BAY ROCKET Passenger Ship 72 8/29/11 5:32 pm STARGOLD TRADER Cargo Ship 616 8/29/11 5:32 pm SARAH REED Tug without Tow 62 8/29/11 5:32 pm ALCATRAZ FLYER Passenger Ship 118 8/29/11 5:32 pm ISLANDER Passenger Ship 101 8/29/11 5:32 pm HARBOR PRINCESS Passenger Ship 88 8/29/11 5:31 pm ENCINAL Passenger Ship 91 8/29/11 5:31 pm * GPS Google map App t r acks ar r iving / depar t ing ships; * NOAA “pings” t agged f ish as t hey pass det ect or
  17. 17. immer sive exper ience   Google Liquid Galaxy put s you in command of t he ship
  18. 18. Rube Goldber g-t ypemechanical device! (Click box for movie)I nt er act wit h mar ine & avian lif e ar ound t he br idge wit h a mechanical device made f r om r ecycled mat er ials
  19. 19. Build-a-cont r apt ion compet it ion! (Click box for movie) Robotic carpBay ar ea engineer & ar t st udent s compet e t o build t he bestcont r apt ion capt ur ing nat ur al hist or y above & below t hebr idge   Win Pr izes! Exposur e! Public vot es f or best cont r apt ion!
  20. 20. Ot her Pot ent ial Venues The soon-t o-be complet ed Golden Gat e Br idge Pavilion f or exhibit s and educat ion
  21. 21. Ot her Pot ent ial Venues On Fisher man s Whar f at Pier 39
  22. 22. How much do t hese  pr ogr ams cost ?
  23. 23. Hands-on educat ion!* Hands on pr ogr ams design* Tent , st aging and seat ing* I nt er nal / ext er nal signage* St ipends f or key par t icipant s / speaker s* Ar t supplies* Event management(Fiscal admin f ee) Funding Request f or HANDS-ON EDUCATI ON:$ 00,000
  24. 24. ARKive images! * Usage r ight s f or nat ur al hist or y phot o exhibit / media uses* Over all Pr oj ect Management(Fiscal admin f ee) Funding Request f or ARKive I MAGES: $ 00,000
  25. 25. I mmer sive Visual ef f ect s!* Pr oj ect design* Render ing* Real-t ime ship and f ish inf o* Liquid Galaxy* Pr oj ect management(f iscal admin f ee)Funding Request f or VI SUAL EFFECTS: $000,000
  26. 26. Rube Goldber g-t ypemechanical device!* Pr eliminar y “scr appy” hands-on exhibit (Click for movie)* “Recology” Ar t ist built Br idge f r ame(s)* Pr of essionally built exhibit* Dat a and nat ur al r esour ces / r esear ch* Tr anspor t at ion of br idge f r ame(s) t o / f r om Recology* Over all pr oj ect management(f iscal admin f ee)  Funding Request f or MECHANI CAL DEVI CE: $ 00,000
  27. 27. "Build a cont r apt ion"compet it ion! (Click for movie) Robotic carp* Cont r apt ion building supplies* School par t icipat ion f ee* Tr anspor t at ion expenses* Pr ogr am design / Pr oj ect management (f iscal admin f ee)  Funding Request f or CONTRAPTI ON COMPETI TI ON:  $0,000.00
  28. 28. Program Duration Location Product Partners GFNMS Hands-on Event only Featured X SMILE education destination Possible Possible ARKive Images Medium-term SMILE / ARKive multiple multiple Visual Effects Long-term Multiple yes Multiple GFNMS Goldberg-type Long-term Featured X Multiple device destination Contraption Event and Medium- GFNMS, web + X Multiple Competition term
  29. 29. What ar e t he   BI G PI CTURE benef it s t o sponsor ship?
  30. 30. Big Pict ur e• Awaken communit y & visit or s t o t he nat ur al hist or y of t he Golden Gat e Br idge• Add a nat ur al hist or y st or y & legacy t o t his wor ld f amous landmar k• Commemor at e a last ing symbol of Amer ican pr ogr ess in STEM (science, t echnology, engineer ing and mat h)• Celebr at e a beloved symbol visit ed by millions f r om ar ound t he wor ld
  31. 31. Sponsor ship Benef it s
  32. 32. Anniver sar y r ecognit ion: • Websit e and hyper link t o par t ner Websit e • Anniver sar y e-Newslet t er • Social media (blog, t weet s, FaceBook post s) • Pr int ed mat er ials (signage, post er s, T-shir t s, et c.) • Dur ing celebr at ion (logo @ venue, maps, phot os, et c) • Anniver sar y hist or ic Recap 
  33. 33. Addit ional r ecognit ion:  • Many PR and media oppor t unit ies • Access t o special event s • Speaking oppor t unit ies • Recognit ion at f eat ur ed Cr issy Field locat ion dur ing event • Cor por at e r epor t s, ad campaigns, and ot her media 
  34. 34. What ar e t he levels of sponsor ship?
  35. 35. Levels of Sponsorship Osprey Pelican Dolphin Otter Salmon Hands-on  Hands-on  Hands-on  Hands-on  Hands-on  education education education education educationARKive Exhibit ARKive Exhibit ARKive Exhibit ARKive Exhibit XVisual Effects Visual Effects Visual Effects X XRube Goldberg- Rube Goldberg- X X X type Exhibit type Exhibit Contraption  X X X X Competition $000,000 $ 000,000 $ 000,000 $ 000,000 $ 00,000
  36. 36. Ext ended benef it s... Amer ica s Cup in 2013
  37. 37. Become a pr ogr am sponsor f or Oc ean Rus h Hour !  Celebr at ing t he GOLDEN GATE BRI DGE Memor ial Day Weekend 2012 and beyond
  38. 38. Oc ean Rus h Hour !  I n Par t ner ship wit h: * NOAA (Gulf of t he Far allones Nat ional Mar ine Sanct uar y Visit orCent er )* Ar my Cor p of Engineer s* Nat ional Par ks Conser vancy* Wildscr een / ARKive US* N  Par vice ? ational k Ser* Bay Institu qu iu e Bay? te / A ar m of th* Oth ?  er SMI LE Science U.S. is a f iscally sponsor ed pr oj ect of  Community  Initiatives