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Why is my blog not popular?


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Bloggers keep blogging and find that not many people visit their blogs. In some cases, people visit only as long as the blogger visits others' blogs and posts appreciative comments there. If so, they feel frustrated. In almost all cases, bloggers just need to persevere and keep blogging with passion. A bit of tweaking helps.
This small presentation gives the essential minimum that a blogger should do to be popular and be seen as a respected blog in the long run.

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Why is my blog not popular?

  1. 1. Why is my blog not popular? A presentation by
  2. 2. Can people relate to it? • Have you given the blog a good name that is easy to recall? Is the name relevant to your theme? • Have you given it a good title and description that bring out the essence of the blog? • Do you put the best of your content in the top 10 inches of the home page? • Do you post content that people look for? Nicely written personal notes…expert advice…in-depth analysis…beautiful pics… [depends on the type of blog]
  3. 3. Are you a committed blogger? • Are you passionate about the theme of your blog [for example, in the case of a themebased / hobby / sales blog]? • Do you update the blog regularly? • Do you make sure to write good quality content?
  4. 4. What is your social standing? • Do you engage well with those commenting on the blog? • Do you visit others’ blogs and comment there? • Have you interlinked your social networking accounts [Facebook, Google Plus etc] here? • Do you inform your FB friends etc about the latest posting? • Does the blog have buttons for subscribing, following, Stumble-ing, G+ing etc?
  5. 5. Are you social in real life? • Do you tell your friends, relatives and colleagues about your blog and its latest posts? • Do you present people in good light, in your posts [for example, in a personal, beauty and travel blog]?
  6. 6. Hope, you don’t repel visitors. • Is your blog’s design unacceptable to your target audience? • Have you put many useless widgets and effects on the blog? • Is your content shabbily composed, factually incorrect or superficial? • Do you post offensive or highly provocative content? [If you want to make controversies your selling point, no issues; but be sure of it. In any case, you can’t cross limits of decency and the law.]
  7. 7. Finally… • You don’t need to learn SEO [search engine optimisation] or other technology stuff unless or to engage a professional unless the blog is a sales blog. • Being passionate about blogging is all that one usually needs, to be a popular and authoritative blogger.