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Blogging for relevant traffic


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Sure ways of getting traffic to your blog or website. Get regular, useful, relevant traffic, not spams and short-term traffic spikes.

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Blogging for relevant traffic

  1. 1. Say ‘no’ tounethical shortcuts, tricks andirrelevant traffic
  2. 2. Good traffic, bad traffic… It takes time to get good traffic. It depends upon your theme and many factors. Good traffic consists of those who visit you for info, advice and help, sharing content, buying something, getting some service. On the other hand, bad traffic is from spammers, link farms, selfish mutual promoters
  3. 3. Write good content and withgood frequency Nothing gets relevant traffic better than posting good content regularly. Write what is relevant to the main theme of your blog / website. Do not give big breaks. If going on leave, write posts in advance and schedule them for that period.
  4. 4. Write [also] for those whosearch content Always write with people in mind, not search engines. However, sprinkle such keywords in the text that are relevant to your topic. Put keywords in heading and sub- headings. Put alt tags on pictures. If that is a botheration, give them good captions.
  5. 5. Engage with others Comment on others’ blogs, reply to comments on your blog. Link website / blog with social network accounts such as Twitter, Facebook and Google+. Engage with like-minded people and friends on social networks.
  6. 6. Be known in the w.w.w. w.w.w. Submit your blog or website to directories that have great authority. If it is not yet on Google, submit it to them. Submit to Dmoz and Technorati. If you are an expert, contribute to other experts’ / journals’ websites.
  7. 7. Promote yourself well Promote well, not shamelessly. Ping your new post. Two good pinging sites are pingomatic and pingoat. Do not over-ping. Promote by letting people follow you or subscribe to your posts. Promote offline: tell friends about what you posted today.
  8. 8. Let others recommend you If your blog / website has good content and you are taken as expert in your area, people will recommend you on their websites, blogs and other social media platforms. You can also get authority links by posting quality content on others’ areas by guest posting, writing good comments and so on.
  9. 9. SEO and other ways What we have said so far are basic rules for getting useful and sustainable traffic. If you are in a hurry to get useful traffic, go for search engine optimisation (SEO). It consists of tweaking the site for better search optimisation, and online / offline promotion.
  10. 10. Remember this: If going for SEO, beware of ‘black-hat’ or unethical SEO Tricks and unethical ways of promoting a website or blog hurt in the long run. Such tricks may get you huge traffic in the short run, but it will dry up eventually. You will also be punished by search engines. Don’t comment for comment sake; this can be viewed as spam. More blogging advice on IndianTopBlogs dot com