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Blog like a pro


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Tips on how to give your blog the personality of a professional blog.
There are millions of blogs but only a few thousand have a standing of their own. Only a bit of discipline together with care for some basics make all the difference!

Published in: Technology
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Blog like a pro

  1. 1. By Indian Top Blogs
  2. 2. •Remove low-quality widgets and badges, advt modules. •Don’t have more than two columns. •Overall, give the blog a very clean look. •Don’t use animations other than a single slide show if at all.
  3. 3. •Don’t have many background colors. Even if using a colorful theme, do not have elements that distract attention from the theme. •Separate posts with a separator: a bar or line, horizontal image or design- break •Don’t put too many elements such as icons, thumbnails and links at the bottom of posts.
  4. 4. •Use a normal font, not too playful: fancy fonts often look childish. •Put a proper thought on each post. Be original; don’t copy-paste. •Write good English. Check every post thoroughly before publishing. No grammar and proof mistakes!
  5. 5. •Maintain dignity. Don’t seek favors like ‘Please promote my blog on Bloggg- braggers and I will promote yours’. •Write ‘about me / my blog’ but don’t go overboard in telling about yourself. Remain modest.
  6. 6. •Use a theme or template that suits your subject. •Have your own independent domain name, not under .wordpress / .blogspot etc. •When commenting on others’ blogs, contribute meaningfully by way of suggestions, thought, critique; don’t just say ‘Good post’ or ‘You look awful!’.
  7. 7. •Don’t give links to advertising sites or those with low value. •Monetise carefully; do not look cheap. Visit Indian Top Blogs website for tips on different aspects of blogging.