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Best Indian Blogs for 2013-14


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IndianTopBlogs brings out lists of best Indian blogs. Out of top Indian blogs, we select about 50 blogs which are the very best of the lot.

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Best Indian Blogs for 2013-14

  1. 1. The Very Best Indian blogs (for2013-14) by
  2. 2. Presenting a bouquet of best flowers  This list is a virtual who’s who of top Indian blogs: about 50 blogs chosen from amongst a few million!  These blogs come from a variety of areas: current affairs, technology, food, travel, photography, social service…. and also very narrow categories such as mountain geology.  We’ll give their links on the fourth (the last) slide of this brief presentation.
  3. 3. Best? On what parameters?  These blogs are NOT computer-picked for their PageRank, Alexa Rank, popularity, etc.  All these blogs excel in terms of content. They have fine design and ease of navigation. They are regular in their postings and have formidable resources. Beyond that, you can expect them to have good language, good readability, and other blogging qualities such as restraint in use of language, widgets, monetisation and self-promotion.  You’ll agree that each one of these blogs makes appreciable contribution to the blogosphere and the web community at large.
  4. 4. The Platinum List  No wonder, we call the topmost blogs of Indian blogosphere as our Platinum-ranked blogs.  You can visit these blogs for 2013-14 at the following address. The list was released on 15th July 2014.