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Sightseeing spot 1 part2


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Learning about Shimogamo-jinja

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Sightseeing spot 1 part2

  1. 1. Module2Sightseeing Spot 1 Shimogamo Shrine part2 (Kamo-mioya-jinja) 下鴨神社
  2. 2. Objectives Previous Review (basic knowledge, festivals) Festival  Mitarashi Matsuri Food Refarences Assignments
  3. 3. Basic knowledge Shimogamo Shrine, called Shimogamo-jinja (下鴨神社) in Japanese, is the common name of an important Shinto sanctuary in the Shimogamo district of Kyoto citys Sakyō ward. Its formal name is Kamo-mioya-jinja (賀茂御祖神 社). It is one of the oldest Shinto shrines in Japan and is one of the seventeen Historic Monuments of Ancient Kyoto which have been designated by UNESCO as a World Heritage Site.
  4. 4. Feativalsdate nameJanuary 4 Kemari-hajimeJunuary 15 Rice-porridge FestivalFebruary 3 SetsubunFebruary 17 Kinen-sai MatsuriMay 15 Aoi MatsuriOn the day of Doyoo-no-Ushi Mitarashi Matsuri(a full 18 days before the traditionalbeginning of autumn in August)One night in autumn Megetsu Kangen Sai(when the brilliant autumn moon risesover the shrine)November 28 Ohitaki Sai
  5. 5. Mitarashi MatsuriOn the day of Doyoo-no-Ushi, a full 18 daysbefore the traditional beginning of autumn inAugust, the shrine hosts Mitarashi, a ritualfoot bathing.
  6. 6. Mitarashi MatsuriThousands of people flock to the pond in front of Mitarashi shrine, dedicated to the god protecting against plague and misfortune. Devotees believe that if they wash their feet in this pond on this day, they will be blessed by god.
  7. 7. Mitarashi Matsuri In addition to these prayers, many people also receive mitarashi dango, sticky rice balls covered in sweet sauce, invented on the grounds near the eponymous shrine. The first mitarashi dango shop opened in a stall in the shrine forest, and today, many food vendors line the grounds during this festival
  8. 8. Refarences 世界遺産 下鴨神社 This site also have english pages. Wikipedia
  9. 9. Assignments Taste some Mitarashi dango and post a entry to your blog including text and fancy pictures. Give some comment to Discussion at topic “mitarashi dango shop” .