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KM Digital Marketing - BNI Member 10 Minute Presentation


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As a BNI Member of the Hawkes Bay Wine Country BNI chapter, KMDM enjoy working with a great bunch of local businesses. This is our first 10 minute presentation to the chapter, tips for next time are welcomed!

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KM Digital Marketing - BNI Member 10 Minute Presentation

  1. 1. Fusion PowerPoint Presentation Your Digital Marketing Partner
  2. 2. Fusion PowerPoint Presentation 3, 2, 1.. Launch!!! KM Digital Marketing’s Director, Kaylene Moore launched KM Digital Marketing in 2010 in Hawkes Bay. Then a solo parent, Kaylene worked part time in the business while parenting her 3 year old daughter. Her first client, the Taupo Economic Agency, signed her on to write a digital marketing strategy to assist with aquaculture business growth in the region. Now working in the business full time, Kaylene has 2 local part–time staff and specialist contractors that help her deliver her business services.
  3. 3. Fusion PowerPoint Presentation Our Awesome People
  4. 4. Fusion PowerPoint Presentation Kaylene Moore Lead Consultant PM SEO Social Management Websites Melissa Howard Communications Assistant Blogging Social Media Graphics Website CMS Copywiting Peter Diack Webmaster Photoshop CC Mailchimp SEO HTML5/CSS3 WordPress Angela Hames Admin Assistant Social Media Admin Software Accounts KMDM
  5. 5. Fusion PowerPoint Presentation What We Do Project Work : Coaching : Monthly Service Plans
  6. 6. Fusion PowerPoint Presentation What We Do • Search Engine Marketing • Social Media • Email Marketing • Online Advertising • Website Management • Content Development • Digital Strategies • Mobile Optimisation
  7. 7. Fusion PowerPoint Presentation What Is SEO – Search Engine Optimisation (Google/Bing/Yahoo) SEO 1 2 3 9 8 7 4 5 6 12 11 10 Building an online reputation through quality backlinks to your website and other online assets Stuff that needs to happen on your website so Google knows what you are about, and what you do Setting Up Google Tools correctly so that Google knows what to look for, and what to show potential customers NOT trying to cheat the system. NO buying likes, links or automated services. Stuffing keywords in websites etc… Creating good quality content that helps with reputation, and that is shared and used by others Keeping content fresh and up to date. Focusing on current key triggers. Eg Mobile friendly, video elements.
  8. 8. Fusion PowerPoint Presentation Some Cool Customers Launched Email Marketing in Hawkes Bay, Taupo, Gisborne. Recruited, and trained local marketing staff. Project Work SEO, website updates & campaigns. Social media, blogging and email marketing Monthly Services Website development consulting, online asset development Online Communications, coaching Strategy Website development Communication plans Project Management
  9. 9. Fusion PowerPoint Presentation Monthly Service Plans Year One – 10% of Annual Revenue Year Two – 35% Annual Revenue Year Three/Four – 60% Annual Revenue
  10. 10. Fusion PowerPoint Presentation What's Included
  11. 11. Fusion PowerPoint Presentation
  12. 12. Fusion PowerPoint Presentation Key Customer Benefits We say NO, if we don’t think we can help. 01 Find and secure online markets 02 Increase qualified traffic to websites 03 Leverage all marketing investments 04 Brand unity- A professional presence 05 Flexible Customized annual plans A solid reputation, we deliver what we say we will, and report and keep customers informed throughout the process.
  13. 13. Fusion PowerPoint Presentation How We do it We use the latest technology and global best practices to help our customers get found online, and then convert those leads into customers.
  14. 14. Fusion PowerPoint Presentation Tools/Software Project Management SEO Tools Social Media Tools Linkbuilding Tools Email Tools Webmaster Tools Google Tools Graphic Tools
  15. 15. Fusion PowerPoint Presentation Sharing is caring….A KMDM Favorite:
  16. 16. Fusion PowerPoint Presentation Too Much Info? Start here….
  17. 17. Fusion PowerPoint Presentation What Now? Keeping the passion, focusing on results, and GROWTH!
  18. 18. Fusion PowerPoint Presentation How we Plan to Grow Word of Mouth – Online and Offline A New Markets - Mobile Websites & Apps B Develop current market - Motel Marketing C Train and retain great staff that fit our culture C A B
  19. 19. Fusion PowerPoint Presentation Looking for… Anyone with a website, or who needs a website who has a decent sized online market, and needs help with their online presence. We check ROI (Eg small ticket items that will struggle to see an annual return), competitors and international industry trends before proceeding Website GROW! LearnCoolFun
  20. 20. Fusion PowerPoint Presentation Attract. Engage. Convert. KM Digital Marketing PO Box 11060 Hastings, 4122