Magazine analysis


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Magazine analysis

  1. 1. MagazineAnalysis
  2. 2. There is a Freebie within the banner, this is Masthead large with a black background with located above the masthead which will be the first thing to look at after recognising the main image (Corey Taylor). The freebie drags the Kerrang! white font, which is the easiest colour scheme to grab the audiences attention because black and white are the most contrasting colours to use. Its’ audience in as they are interested in the bold and straight to the point, maybe hinting possible prize available; new pair of trainers what the magazine is trying to get across about the contents. every month for a year, this is appealing to the devoted audience of rock fans made up of There is a smashed screen effect used with the font, as if 60% males and 40% for teenage years plus a guitar has smashed a screen, linking with the word “Kerrang” as it is the sound a guitar makes. This also (population of 16-24 year olds). Trainers are supports the music represented by the magazine uses normally associated with teenagers because of lots of guitar within the music, as for the smashed screen their casual attitude. The background is red it fits in with the anger, rebellion and scratchy voices used with a white bold font. Not only does the red within the music; hence Corey Taylor from slipknot. This make the white stand out but it also fits in stereotypes the audience as aggressive rebellious teens. with the colour scheme of the magazine, Or it could also represent the audience as passionate and making it easily recognisable for the audience this is the way they wish to be represented. Also the who buy the magazine frequently. smashed screen effect could represent loud music, as the music was so loud that the glass smashed. Plug- this is a simple catchy device used to really draw the audience in. It Feature headlines and main image- Corey hints that there are 11 bands but Taylor is a well known singer for the genre of doesn’t state what bands, which then this magazine as he can do heavy metal get the consumer thinking about who (slipknot) to hard rock (stone sour). He is the 11 bands are and pushes them to wearing black clothing, with a white stipe, which buy it as there could be some new fits in nicely with the colour scheme of the bands which they didnt know about. magazine. He has stubble to show he is quite rough as the audience knows his voice is rough and scratchy. The image portrays masculinitySub- images- of other groups, in and appeals to the female audience. This alsothis case “My Chemical Barcode, price and issue number- links with his flat cap to show working class, asRomance” giving the targetaudience different bands, so if Menu strip- is the last thing normally small compared to the rest 48 % of the audience are working class (C2DE) that the audience will read so if of the magazine because if the because this will appeal to the working classslipknot and stone sour isnt their favourite band is consumer sees the price first it could audience as they can connect with Corey Taylor.your thing then MCR might be. mentioned it will provoke them change their minds on buying the Also the flat cap is quite British ( Yorkshire)The magazine is trying to show into wanting to buy it. magazine, because if they look at the appealing to the British fans, and it alsodiversity throughout. This could emphasises age to show he has been round aalso emphasise the fact that it front cover first it will distract them long time and he is a wise and well respectedcovers a wide variety of rock as they as dragged in to wanting the singer. Corey Taylors tattoo is also visible asgenres; to appeal to a wider magazine without focusing on the tattoos can be seen as being rebellious.audience. price. Also the issue number for regular collectors of the magazine.
  3. 3. Kerrang contents pageThe contents page is clearly stated at the top of the Large picture of Marilyn Manson instantlypage also placed with the date and issue number. drawn to it as it is the main focus of theThis could be to help subscribers order the page. He is holding some cards but it is notmagazines chronologically. Or if the front cover clear what type of cards he is holding andcomes off it is a back up for the reader to know why, this make the reader want to find outwhich magazine it is. why hes holding the cards and the page number is large enough to help the reader go straight to the page. The cards stand out as he is wearing black and they areSub images are used, so that if the reader is not white and colourful standing out of hisa huge fan of Marilyn Manson then the other outfit.bands being promoted could attract the readers There is a quiz advertised towards the endattention. Also the images of the bands are of the magazine giving the audience acopies of the double page spreads in the chance to test their knowledge of the musicmagazine. This is to show the reader that there the magazine covers, also this gives theis a big section in the magazine dedicated to audience a reason to read the wholethat one band. Making the reader want to find magazine to get to the end where theout why they appear in the magazine and what magazine is. The background colour is blackis new. and the Subscriptions- this advertises the magazineEditorial- its personal because there is a even further. This is helpful for the readerphotograph of the editor and she is smiling and because if they are a regular buyer of theengaging eye contact with the reader (friendly). magazine then this will be useful for them.The text goes straight into it, rather than being Whilst also being beneficial to the publisherstoo formal and saying “dear reader” this is more Freebies- posters are included in this as they will also make more money. Anotherof a personal level as she is just talking casually to magazine making the reader believe they point is that it will make the reader feelthe reader, giving it a more friendly laid back are getting more than they should. Plus if committed to the magazine. This will makeapproach. At the end she signs it with her first they like the band in the posters this the percentage of people buying thename, making it more personal and friendly as makes them feel like they are getting a magazine increase, making the magazine lookthey are on first name terms. This makes the good deal. This is an effective way to get good and well trusted making it even moremagazine friendly and makes the individual feel a the reader to buy the magazine if the look popular. There is also contact details to makepart of a group. at the contents page before purchasing it again easier for the reader to subscribe. the magazine.
  4. 4. Kerrang double page spreadThere is the word “news” in bold redwriting, standing out from the black Here MCR are promoting abecause it says “news” it instantly positive attitude, to get theirgrabs the consumers attention. It audience to do their best too.mentions the Kerrang website to find This can be seen as they areout more information, this is linked trying to be ro-models forwith the target audience because they their audience and to showare teen years +.Teenagers are seen to they work hard and they willalways be on the internet and also use always try their best (motto).technology a lot being able to connect This counteracts thewith the internet. stereotype for young people It also says WORLD EXCLUSIVE in as they are seen as beinglarge bold letters. This makes the negative and uncooperative.reader feel like they know new gossip This gives the youngerand younger people are seen to gossip audience of the magazine aa lot. The writing is in a box of its own sense of confidence as themaking it even more dominant magazine is on their side.standing from the darkly colouredbackground. Sub Images are quite large and below the text, if the reader wishes to cut them There is also sneak preview of whats to out it doesn’t ruin the text. The background is black linking in with the dark come of the band MCR. There is a brief music of MCR . Also connects with the gothic style of MCR with the target description of what the songs sound like audience plus the stereotypical group of people who listen to MCR. and what to expect. Not only does this The main image also backs with up as the singer has long black hair which promote their new songs it links to the covers his face, maybe hiding his identity. Plus Goths are normally stereotyped world exclusive as the reader is the first as being emotional but hide their feeling just like the singer is hiding his face. to know about these brand new songs. Also Goths generally have long black hair to fit in with their style . The target audience is young and young Images cover this double page spread to break up the text and make the page people use social networking sites such look interesting and readable. The target audience is quite young for a as; Facebook , twitter etc. If every person magazine, younger people are stereotypically seen as being lazy and are more who read the magazine posted interesting in looking at images rather than reading. This reaches out and something about the songs being connect with the intended audience. Making the magazine more relaxed with promoted this then increases the sales less reading and more images; this is an effective Way to reach out to a difficult of the singles for the band. age group. Children are seen to learn with picture books.
  5. 5. Freebie and plug- instantly Feature headlines- the feature headlinecatches the audience’s attentionwith the word “free” makes the Metal Hammer states “ this is a cult of pain” supposing that the hammer mentioned in the mastheadaudience think they are getting a could cause pain. Again appealing to thegood deal buying the magazine target audience because pain is seen as aas they cd could cost more than “manly” thing. The pain also fits in with thethe actual magazine. screamo heavy metal genre of the music, especially slipknot because the “screamo”Masthead- is the word “metal Hammer” style of singer sounds like they are in pain,the font is bold as stands out from the maybe releasing emotions in a many way.dirty coloured background. The font itselflooks quite rough as slipknot is a rough Main image- there are a lot of different shades ofsounding band. The word metal hammer is red used, possibly to represent blood as a metalmore associated for males, as a hammer is hammer could be dangerous linking to the targetstereotypically represented as a mans tool. audience of men. They want to be quite dangerous.This also links in with the audience of Which could be to symbolise fire, to show they areworking class as a hammer is a working passionate about the music. They get a warmth andtool. Metal also backs up the masculinity excitement from the magazine and the bandsas 64 %of males buy the magazine; included. Also slipknot appear as the main image,although females do show an interest in this instantly attracts the audience as slipknot arethe magazine. Also if a hammer is made of well known for being heavy metal. The main imagemetal it could be quite heavy so maybe the appears to look 3D because the two characters areword heavy as been changed to hammer stood behind the lead singer of slipknot, and hisso instead of “heavy metal” they have hand is reaching out to the audience to drag themchanged it to “ metal hammer” having the into the magazine. Plus he’s looking right at thesame effect on the target audience. This is consumer making it hard not to lock eye contact. Hisambiguous meaning. Barcode, price and issue number- mask also adds to the wanting to look to see what normally small compared to the rest he is wearing and why, for the readers who don’tAdvertisement- here the magazine is of the magazine because if the know who slipknot are. Although if the reader isadvertising a festival. Adverts are effective with consumer sees the price first it could interested in slipknot then they will instantlyreaders purchasing 59% of products/services change their minds on buying the recognise the image, giving the reader no choice butadvertised. This gives the reader even more magazine, because if they look at the to look at the front cover. Their outfits also fit ininformation about how they can see their front cover first it will distract them as nicely with the colour scheme as they bold redfavourite bands (slipknot). This appeals to the they as dragged in to wanting the stands out from the dirt coloured background. Thetarget audience of 16-25 years olds as magazine without focusing on the image is also quite blurry linking in with that feelingteenagers and young people are price. Also the issue number for of “head banging” to the music or the fuzzy feelingstereotypically judged on going to festivals. regular collectors of the magazine. of going to a concert.
  6. 6. The contents page is clearly stated at the top of the page also placed with the month and issue. This could be to help subscribers order Metal hammer contents The image looks like its been taken from a live the magazines chronologically. Or if concert, as the angle is looking up at the the front cover comes off it is a back guitarist. Metal and rock music is better to listen up for the reader to know which to live and to actually be involved in with the magazine it is. It also has the metal band to share the music, so this image attracts hammer logo is clearly stated ay the the reader as they could be curious to see where top just enforce the name of the the band is touring or where the image has been magazine. To make it more taken from. recognisable when looking in shops for the magazine. The sub-image here fits in with the colour scheme of red white and black. The image stands out as his face is white standing outClear and easy to read layout for the from the black surrounding, it is clear to thereader to find what page they are reader that he is from KISS a well known metallooking for. The font is in an old band who have been round for a long time ,gothic type style, symbolising old again fitting in with the target audience ofheavy metal and rock as the target being mature music fans of metal . This willaudience is for mature metal fans. attract the reader as they will know or at leastThe colours are basic using red, white recognise the face paint and know it is kissand black as they stand out from without even having to advertise it in bigeach other, also fitting in with the letters.gothic style again with black being atypical Goth colour, white for pale Editorial- this very casual approach to theskin as Goths are stereotypically pale audience. It starts off with asking a question,skinned and red maybe to symbolise then turning it rhetorical by answering it.blood, danger, aggression and This is really connecting to the audience aspassion. Male gaze is used here as the woman is exposing her the audience is socially seen as being stomach and half of her breasts. This connects with the different because they like heavy metal andPlug- this stands out as it looks as if it is aimed audience of males but also for the women who the colour black. Stereotypically seen asa sticker and it is peeling off. This catches purchase the magazine will want to look like her . Plus Goths or emos. They get a sense ofthe readers attention. It Is to promote the fact that she is advertising merchandise by selling confidence as they feel like they are not thesubscriptions for the magazine. It states herself in a sexual way will grab the attention of the only one. It is then even more casual bywhich page number to go to if the reader generally male reader. This is an extremely effective using a curse word “fuck em” this backs upwishes to know more about way to make money as the bourgeoisie use the the aggressive rebellious style the magazine is autonomy of sexuality to make money all the time.subscriptions. going for.
  7. 7. The name of the band ispositioned right at thetop of the page. So as thereader is flicking through Metal hammer double page spreadthe pages they can see The background looks likewho will feature on thepage. This is easier for the old torn paper. This is anreader to read up on their effective way to make itfavourite bands. look different to all the other pages. There is a quote from It looks good with all the one of the band images as the images members used here right at the top of the page. space the text out as there This will interest the is a lot of text. reader as they will want There is an even text to to know more about picture ratio. what the band has said. This is a very effective way to grab the reader and make them read the article. They get to read words that have come straight from the mouths of the band members.The font is small which There are many sub-images on this double page spread towouldn’t really appeal to a counteract the large amount of writing. There is an equal text toyounger audience who are picture ratio. Although, there is a lot of writing appealing to thestereotypically seen as lazy target audience of older, more mature readers who will be moreand don’t read. The magazine interested in information about the band rather than images.really appeals to the needs of They will also appreciate the amount of information and havean older audience. more time to read the large content of this page.
  8. 8. Banner- this is the first thing to be read after seeing the main image and logo for the magazine, the fact that it states that Q is the biggest magazine in the UK Q Cover lines- “Jimi Hendrix” is mentioned in the cover lines, he is well know to the aimed target audience of 25+ years. This will appeal to them as they will recognise makes the reader believe it will be an amazing magazine, even some may doubt the name and want to buy the magazine, it and buy the magazine to see if it is as as he has been around for a long time. good as they say. Either way this is a huge selling technique as it fills the reader with Firstly the large red “100” is jumping out confidence as they believe they have at the reader straight away, making the read the best magazine in the UK. purchaser question what the 100 most shocking moments really areMentions Madonna and that she has tomove over. Implying that Lady GAGA is The Gorillaz are mentioned here,going to be as big as Madonna. This this is in case the reader is noteducates the more mature audience as interested in Jimi Hendrix or ladythey will know more about Madonna than gaga. This could be the thinglady gaga . This will help them keep in the that draws the reader in.know of the music industry. Also There is a wide variety of musicintroducing new singers to the older on this magazine making theaudience members. target audience wide and alsoIt also says world exclusive making the for people who have a widereader think this is big news and everyone music taste themselves.will soon know about this, and they are the Main image- is of lady Gaga , she is well known for being different and anfirst to know. individual, because she is wearing long pointy gloves, no top and spikey trousers. Not the normal outfit. This could link top the target audience as they want to be individual and different, she is seen as a remodel as she makes people believe its okay to be different. She also portrays that she is confident because she isnt wearing a top, she is comfortable with her own body and again with being a remodel she is promoting confidence. The image itself lays in front and behind of the text around her, creating layers to make it almost 3D, possibly representing curves as she is a female (male gaze). Tattoos are also on show this can show she is expressive and quite rebellious.
  9. 9. The features of the magazine Q contents page Issue number and date is are clearly displayed with a stated at the top of the brief description of the page. Issue number is feature. The colour scheme is mentioned for regular also incorporated well on the buyers of the magazine who contents page as red, white might like to keep them in and black is proportionally order. used. One main image of a band. This covers most of the page and it is the first thing your eyes are drawn to whenThere is a special section on the looking at the page. There iscontents page for oasis. This is if also a small box at the bottomthe reader does not like the of the image which states theband on the front page then name of the band a quotethere is a variety of bands from one of the bandfeaturing in this magazine. members and the page number for the article on that band. This is helpful for theThis is to encourage subscribers reader as it is clearly laid outand to get more regular buyers for the reader to be able toto buy the magazine as they see where to find theknow what will feature every There are reviews featured in this information on the band.month of this magazine. This is magazine. This is also helpful for peopleto inform the audience on what looking for information on specific expect. Or for others who like to look at reviews. Also for ease the page number is next the the titles of the reviews.
  10. 10. Main image- there are two Q double page spread As the target audience is for a wide variety ofcolours used to make the people. It also educatessinger Jay- Z look as if he the older generation ofhas two personalities with the target audience. Asthe white to show he is it says “the most excitingcool laid back. However the people in music” thisred shows he can be keeps the older peopleaggressive and passionate. up to date on the recentAlso red can be linked to music industry.blood representing being a“gangster” as his music The big J in the middle ofgenre is rap. Showing his the page really stands outalter ego. This could also off the white background.emphasise how he acts on This breaks the text up forstage and off stage. the reader to make it look as if there isnt as much writing as it is along article. Plus theThe glasses hide his eyes large J helps the readerand are quite dominant in recognise who the picture isthe image as they are jet standing from thecolour scheme. This couldbe to show he is differentand doesn’t follow thecrowd. His expression Is There Is a quote from Jay-Z which will also The larger H and T alsoserious, this could be to do feature in the text. After the reader had looked separate the text, to make iswith the glasses as he is at the image they will read the quote. Making less formal and boringhiding his identity or his them question what he is on about. Leading to looking as the text itself issoul. As he is angry. This them reading the text . The writing is in red, on quite small.fits with his genre of music the white side. Not also does it stand out and fitof being quite angry. in with the colour scheme, it could be to symbolise everyone has a “red” side to them.