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Magazine analysis


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Magazine analysis

  1. 1. MagazineAnalysis
  2. 2. There is a Freebie within the banner, this is Masthead large with a blacklocated above the masthead as it will be thefirst thing to look at after recognising the mainimage (Corey Taylor) , the freebie drags theaudience in as they are interested in the Kerrang! background with white font, this is the easiest colour scheme to grab the audiences attention because black and white are the most contrastingpossible prize available; new pair of trainers colours to use. Its bold and straight toevery month for a year, this is appealing to the the point, maybe hinting what thedevoted audience of rock fans made up of magazine is trying to get across about60% males and 40%.For teenage years plus the contents.(population of 16-24 year olds.)(trainers arenormally associated with teenagers because oftheir casual attitude)The background is red There is a smashed screen effect used with the fontwith a white bold font, not only does the red as if a guitar has smashed a screen, linking with themake the white stand out but it also fits in word “kerrang” as it is the sound a guitar makes.with the colour scheme of the magazine, This also supports the music represented by themaking it easily recognisable for the audience magazine uses lots of guitar within the music, as forwho buy the magazine frequently. the smashed screen it fits in with the anger, rebellion and scratchy voices used within the music; hence Corey Taylor from slipknot. This stereotypes Plug- this is a simple catchy device the audience as aggressive rebellious teens. Or it used to really draw the audience in. it could also represent the audience as passionate and hints that there are 11 bands but this is the way they wish to be represented. doesn’t state what band, this then get the consumer thinking about who the Feature headlines- Corey Taylor is a well known 11 bands are. singer for the genre of this magazine as he can do heavy metal (slipknot) to hard rock (stone sour) he is wearing black clothing with a white stipe, this fits in nicely with the colour scheme of the magazine. He has stubble to show he is quite rough as the audience knows his voice is rough and scratchy. This also links with his flat cap to show working class, as 48 % of the audience are working class (C2DE) because this will appeal to Menu strip- is the last thing that the the working class audience as they can connect audience will read so if their favourite with Corey Taylor. Also the flat cap is quite band is mentioned it will provoke them into wanting to buy it as it is the last Barcode- used British ( Yorkshire) appealing to the British fans, it also emphasises age to show he has been thing they read it will stick in their for the consumer to round a long time and he is a wise and well minds more than the rest of the be able to purchase respected singer. magazine. the magazine.