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Interview questions

  1. 1. Interview Questions Here i asked a 17 year old male who is currently studying at college and has a strong intrest in music. This will help me find out more about my target audience in order to make a good magazine specific to this age range. 1. Q.If I gave you £50 what would you spend it on? A. Gig tickets or Cds because i love music and it always makes me feel better.This has given me the idea to give my target audience the chance to win gig tickets andCDs through a competition 2. Q.What do you do over an average weekend? A.Play guitar, go jogging, help out parentsThis has told me what an average reader will do on a weekend, it shows that they areactive, talented and interested in music. 3. Q.What is your favourite genre of music,why? A. Rock because i love the sound of it, theres always something unexpected which makes it so much better. Plus there are so many different styles of rock making it exciting and mixed up.There is a clear love for rock, the genre of my magazine will be rock as there are manydifferent typles appealing to lots of people rather than just targeting one specific type ofrock. 4. Q.What is your favourite band,why? A.Paramore because they were the first rock band i listened too and they have something different about them. Their music has the ability to make me feel better.This has given me an idea of what sort of bands i will need to include. Also this helps meunderstand how my target audeince feels about certain bands. 5. Q. Favourite Shops? A. HMV, mormusic, WHSmiths and travelling man.This gives me an insight in to what my target audience are in to. This will also give meideas for vouchers to win and prizes for their favourite shops 6. Q. Are you interested in Concerts/festivals,why? A.Yes i am because theres always a chance of being able to meet the bands your going to see so you can see what they are like on and off stage.
  2. 2. This tells me that my audience are interested in meeting their favourite artists and bands.Therefore i should include interviews, reviews and the opportunity to win VIP tickets tosee certain bands. 7. Q.How did you get in to that specific genre of music? A.My cousin took me to a local gig on halloween a few years back. I was just blown away by all of the bands that played. I knew then that rock was the genre for me. 8. Would you buy a magazine? And what would you expect from it? A.i would and id expect reviews on live performances, album reviews and features on new bands.