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Alf Hansen: Norwegian Football Federation Grassroots Programme Overview


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Alf Hansen presents an overview of the Norwegian Football Federation Grassroots Programme

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Alf Hansen: Norwegian Football Federation Grassroots Programme Overview

  1. 1. ALF HANSEN NFF Grassroots programme – Key aspects
  2. 2. Developing grassroots football NFF Regional FA’s Instructors Volunteers Clubs
  3. 3. NFF Action Plan 2012-2015 • National action plan, approved by congress • Regional FA’s committed to national and regional plans • Close collaboration between central office and regions • Overall Goals Defined: • Be amongst the worlds best grassroots nations • Develop expertise in all areas within top football in order to compete with the best
  4. 4. Action plan drives all our activities through: • A set of values • A clear direction • Well defined and measureable goals • Has direct effect on club organization and planning
  5. 5. Nomination Committee The Board CupsFootball school Players: Senior Youth Junior Sports Committee Other Events Facilities / Club House Materials Info / PR Finance / Marketing Example Club Organization Chart: All volunteers…
  6. 6. Example roles in the board: Chairperson TreasurerSecretary Head of Sports Deputy Leader Event Manager Team Coaches Team Managers
  7. 7. Kristiansund 25 000 inhabitants Grassroots clubs: Clausenengen Fotballklubb Frei Fotballklubb Nordlandet IL Kristiansund Fotballklubb  Adeccoligaen  3. Div recruit Kristiansund Ballklubb Talent
  8. 8. Molde FK Champions Tippeliga 2011 and 2012 – Grassroots Kite mark club cal_development/DTDgr5/pointeur_droite.swf?emv_mid=111 3117575&emv_rid=1094321089385
  9. 9. Norway has 18 Regional FA’s • Organizes the leagues in the region • Responsible for education and player development • Club development • Support Facilities development • Agder • Akershus • Buskerud • Finnmark • Hordaland • Hålogaland • Indre Østland • Nordland • Nordmøre og Romsdal • Oslo • Rogaland • Sogn og Fjordane • Sunnmøre • Telemark • Troms • Trøndelag • Vestfold • Østfold
  10. 10. Trøndelag Regional FA – conceptual view Head of Regional FA Professional management • Club Leaders • Referees • Instructors • Observers/guides • League/match offer Professional Support • League/Match • Insurance • Transfers Development Administration Professional development • Players • Coaches • Club functionaries sport • Regional experts • Instructors
  11. 11. Facilities Development: NFF Guidance, Combined Funding 33% 67% State Lottery Club/County
  12. 12. Football development department Director Football development International development Facilities development 18 regional FA’s
  13. 13. Football development department: Professional football Technical Staff Grassroots football Technical Staff NFF previous model – after evaluation it was decided to realign the overall approach
  14. 14. Football development department: From 01.01.2013 Director Professional football Technical Staff Grassroots football Technical Staff Head of football development
  15. 15. What have we achieved and learnt? • We have developed and implemented a solid football strategy backed up by a national activity plan • We have a robust structure in place from NFF to Regional FA to Club • We have broad agreement and support from all the key stakeholders • We have learnt the importance of a common thread across all activities We can safeguard and enhance grassroots football in Norway