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Qu 5


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Qu 5

  1. 1. Progression of my 3 pages...
  2. 2. One big change that I made during the creation of my front cover was the image. My target audiencefelt that my image didn’t connote pop music and that it more suited the drum and bass genre.Therefore, I used a new model and dressed him up in boyband style clothing. I think that changingthe image was a good idea and it makes the genre of my front cover a lot clearer to viewers.
  3. 3. Another change I made with my cover is the masthead. I decided to put my masthead in a pinkbox with white writing. I think that this looks a lot better and is more eye catching. I decided tochange the masthead as I carried out a questionnaire with my target audience and the cover onthe right proved to be the most popular.
  4. 4. The final change I made with my front cover is the addition of the colour yellow. I decided toadd yellow to make it more eye catching and interesting. Also, my other two pages had yellow inthem so to make them link better I added yellow to my front cover too.
  5. 5. The change I made to my contents page was altering the title slightly to make it suit mymasthead on my cover. Also, I added some numbers to the contents which were missing beforeand added a page number to the contents page. Furthermore, I made the hot posters bit bigger,added Jacobs name across his image and also added a bit a the bottom which says the onlineweb address of the magazine .
  6. 6. I also made changes to my double pagespread. The main change I made to itwas changing the colour and position ofall the text. I did this to make it a lot clearerand easier for viewers to read. Also, Ichanged the layout of the left hand sideslightly, in order to make the quote andlure stand out more. Furthermore, Idecided to add Jacob’s signature at the bottom of the interview to make it more personal.Finally, the last change I made was Jacob’s name, I moved it on to the right page and put it in apink box with white writing. This helps to make it link to my other pages more.