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Magazine promotion deconstructions


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Magazine promotion deconstructions

  1. 1. I like how the letters for the bands’ name has been positioned on This is the name of the artist, it is white font on a blue background. The bold anddifferent lines, this helps to makes it more interesting and unique. capitalized letters used help to make it stand out and make it very clear and eyeThe letters are kind of making a square shape, rather than just catching. It is at the top of the page, and takes up about 1/3 of the magazine promotion.being along a straight line. I quite like the positioning of the letters I think that in our magazine promotion it is important that it is easily recognizable as toand also like how the title has been positioned in the middle of the who the artist In the centre of the magazine promotion is thisThe colours that have been used in this architectural art form. It looks as if it is made ofmagazine promotion are blue, browns, possibly bricks or rocks. This artistic sculptureorange and white. These colours all could be connoting the natural environment as itcome across as being very natural and is made of natural forms. The fact it is in theconnote the natural environment. I like centre of the images makes it very eye catching.the colours that have been used and I think it looks fairly unusual and different but atthink they all work well with one the same time it is quite intriguing.another.I have divided the magazine This is the title of the single/album. Again,promotion up with black lines, this is white font has been used, this links to thehelping to show the ‘rule of thirds’ other fonts and creates a sense ofthat has been used. As you can consistency. I think it is important forsee, all the main information is magazine promotions to have a consistentposition in the centre of the page, colour scheme in order for them to bethis makes it stand out the most and professional looking. This font has beenis the first thing you look at. I think underlined, with the release date writtenusing the ‘rule of thirds’ helps to smaller below. I think it is clear and easy tomake the layout look organised and read, and I like the use of capital letters toprofessional looking. help make it stand out more.This is the release date of the Here is the address for the artists’ officialsingle/album, it is important that website. This is used to help promote themagazine promotions have this in artist and encourage fans to visit their site toorder for viewers to know when they find out more information about them andcan get hold of it. It is also very their music. White font has been used again,important that the artists name and on top of the orangey sand/grass. I don’t thinkname of single/album is clear, which it is that eye catching but you can easily readis a successful point I feel this it, which is important.promotion has.Here is a little quote from NME about the band. I think this is helpful in Overall, I like the natural colours that have been used and am going to take thispromoting the artist and it encourages viewers to get their album as into consideration when we create ours. Also, I like the consistency of the whitethey are seen as being the ‘best guitar band’. White font has been used font and how the artists’ name is positioning in quite an unusual way. Finally, Iagain , helping to continuing with the consistency of the cover. The font believe an important aspect is the layout of the page, so using the ‘rule of thirds’is in italics, making it stand out and show that it is a quote. is a good way in which we can create a successful, professional looking product.
  2. 2. In the image, Ed Sheeran is looking The colour of the image has a sepia tone to it. I really like the effect of this, I think it works well to help make thedown and smiling. The lighting of the piece appeal as being more natural. I think using different colour effects helps to make the poster more unique andimage helps to clearly show his facial interesting. I would like to experiment with using photo filters on my chosen image.expressions. I think that the fact he issmiling makes the poster more eyecatching. If he looked all miserable, it Ed Sheeran is in the centre of the poster, thismay put people off as they like to see makes him the centre of attention and his facethe nice, fun side of the artist. is the main thing that stands out to viewers. I like the fact that the artist takes up theThe layout of the poster is very majority of the poster and I think this reallysimple. It shows that you don’t have helps to promote the artist. When creating myto cram it full of different things. I album poster, I would like to use a largethink having a simple, clear layout is image of Jonny. I think this well help toa good way to make the poster look promote him and it automatically makes itprofessional. In my poster, I am going clear as to who the artist ensure it looks simple and well laidout.This is the name of the album. It is His face has been lit up slightly in the image,written in orange on a black as the background seems to be darker. Thisbackground. I think the bright colour helps to make him stand out more from thehelps to make it stand out a lot from background. I think in my chosen image, it isthe white font. It is important that important that Jonny stand out well from thethe name of the album is clearly background.stated on the poster so that viewersare clear as to what it is promoting.The fact it says ‘The No.1 Album’ This is the artists name. The white writinghelps to show how popular the contrasts against the dark background, thisalbum is and it encourages those helps to make it stand out and it is clear forwho don’t have the album to viewers to read. A rounded font has beenpurchase it. used, it is quite simple and common. The dotA small image of the album cover is at the end of his name works quite well, it isincluded on the poster. I think that this quite unique and well and it is something I wouldlike to consider doing. It clearly shows This orange bit at the bottom links with theusers the album it is promoting, and colour of some of the font and also with theencourages them to go and purchase colour of the album. I think it works quite wellit. The image of the album cover is and it fits with the colour scheme which isquite similar to the one of the poster. important. The fact it is bright orange helps toThis helps to create a sense of make the poster stand out more, as the imageconsistency and shows viewers that on the poster itself could appear as being Overall, I like the simplicity of this album. As well as the sepia tonethe products are related. quite dull and boring. of the image and the inclusion of an image of the album cover.
  3. 3. I like the fact that the poster has a slight I like the inclusion of iTunes, as this is the main way that people purchase their music nowadays. border to it. It has a white bordered It encourages viewers to go and purchase it and tells them how they can get it. The white font is effect. I think this works quite well and I very clear and extremely easy to read. could experiment with using borders on my product.I like the fact that iTunes is writtenin a larger font. It is eye catchingand even from a distance you can The colours used in the poster areread what it says. It is in the top blue/purple, black white and yellow. Ileft corner so is one of the first think the colours work well together,things viewers read. certain things blend in well and others stand out more. I think it is important that the poster has a good colourAll the band members are scheme to it, if it was all just randomwearing similar clothing to each colours it would look un-professional.other. This helps to show theirsimilarities in clothes as well as intheir music. The dark clothing All the band member are in differentmeans that the white font stand positions, helping to make it moreout well as it contrast against the varied and interesting. The positioningblack. of them is sort of symmetrical, with two looking to the sides and two looking at the camera.Two of the band members arelooking directly at the camera. This shows that the album is promotingThis member in particular is their album and movie. It shows howhelping to engage viewers and it bands use cross-promotion in thehelps to draw them in to the products to help promote variousposter. I think eye contact works different things. The white fontwell and I may consider using it in contrasts against the dark background,my products. making it very clear and easy to read. It is in the same font style as the band name, helping to make the poster moreThe name of the artist is written in consistent and to show that it all links.a yellow font. This makes it standout from all the other writing which This is the name of the album andis in yellow. Viewers automatically movie. It is very large and takes upknow who the band is, which is quite a bit of the poster. It is in whiteimportant. In my poster, I must font, contrasting from the backgroundensure that the artists name is and making it stand out. It is in quite anextremely clear and stands out unusual font, with a space man sat onmore from the rest of the fonts. the ‘O’. This makes it quite unique andThe font is sharp and bold, it is an Overall, I like the eye contact in this poster, and think it is a good way to interesting. It is all in capitalized letters,average size, and it extremely attract the audience. I also like the inclusion of ‘iTunes’ as well as using an making it very clear and eye catching.easy to see. unusual and unique font.