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Evaluation Q1

  1. 1. In what ways does your media product use, develop or challengeforms and conventions of real media products?
  2. 2. Initial ResearchBefore creating our music video, it is important that I looked at some existing videos that were in the same genre as ourchosen song. Our chosen genre is Alternative Rock (Pop Rock). By looking at existing videos, I was able to gain lots of ideasand was able to find out the common codes and conventions of the genre. I decided that in order for our video to besuccessful we had to follow some of the genres conventions so that it fits peoples expectations. If we subverted all of theconventions, then people may not like it and our video won’t be successful at appealing to a mass audience. Therefore, itwas important that we used some conventions but subverted others. This helps to make our video slightly different fromexisting ones and makes it more entertaining and interesting for people to watch as it is something that they might not haveseen in a music video before. At the beginning of my blog, I deconstructed a number of different music videos, where Iexplored the representation, media language, narrative, audience and genre. Here is a wordle that I have created whichshows some bands within the same genre as our chosen song:
  3. 3. Genre ConventionsAbove is a mind map of what I believe are the typical forms and conventions of our genre. In order to show how my videohas used, developed and challenged these forms and conventions, I am going to compare our final product to existing musicvideos. In the following slides I will be comparing our music video ‘Like We Used To’ with some of Lawsons music videos. Idecided to choose Lawson as right from the start of this project they have been a big inspiration to me. I fell that theirvideos are very strong and engaging; also because they have a similar storyline to our video and are based on relationships,it makes it a suitable comparison to do.
  4. 4. Used ConventionsLawson – Taking Over Me A common convention of Alternative Rock Music Videos is the use of natural locations. In our video we have used this convention and have shot lots of scenes in different natural locations, for example the beach, town, woods and field etc. As you can see Lawson have also used this convention and have shots at the beach and fields. I feel that in our video we have lots of different natural location, showing how we have clear developed upon this convention. Another convention is the inclusion of instruments. In our video we have got Jonny playing an acoustic guitar. This clearly helps to show that it is a music video and is helpful in portraying the genre of music. I feel without this the video may just look like a story, so the guitar was a good prop for us to use. Lawsons’ instruments feature in all their music videos. As you can see, Lawson are singing in all their videos. This helps to really capture their emotion and show that they have a passion for music I felt that it was important that we included some miming in our video. Again, this is a common convention that people expect to see in videos so I think it is beneficial to have some parts of Jonny miming. As Lawsons videos and my video is about love, I can clearly compare the sort of things the couple do in their videos and whether our couple is as successful of portraying a nice, happy relationship . In Lawsons video, the couple are on the beach looking into each others eyes. Similarly, in our video, the couple are sat on the beach cuddled up in a blanket. In Lawsons video, you can clearly see that the couple are very happy together. A successful way in which they help to show this is through the use of eye contact between the characters. This is a feature that we have incorporated into our music video a couple of times. It helps to show the couples love for one another and their happiness they have. At the end of Lawsons video, a transition has been used which makes the end shot gradually fade to black. This is a feature we have used at the end of our video too. I think it works well to end the video and is a common feature that is used.
  5. 5. Used ConventionsLawson – When She Was Mine Within Lawsons video, they have many close up shots of the instruments. This is a feature we have used, we have many different shots of Jonny playing the guitar and have used loads close-up. By doing this, it is a way to show that the artist has a real talent and passion for music. In Lawsons video, they have shots of the character that are taken from behind. I feel by doing this it helps to show that the relationship is natural and not just put on. It is a way to show what the couple are like, without all the focus just being on their faces. In our video, we have included a shot of the couple sat on the beach with each other. I feel it works really well and is a successful shot type to use. Lawsons lead singer is the protagonist in the video. There are flashback shots of him when he was with his girlfriend and then shots of him without her. This is similar to ours although the ex-girlfriend is now in a new relationship. It is a common convention for a member of the band to be the protagonist for the storyline of the video. Therefore, we have based our story about Jonny, walking around all lonely; contrasting him with his ex-girlfriend new life. Within Lawsons video, there is a close-up on the guys feet as he walks around all lonely. This is a convention that we have used, I believe the feet close-ups work really well. They help to make it a lot more varied and interesting. In these cases, they help to also connote his loneliness as you can see no-one elses feet in the shot. As you can see the couple in Lawsons video are very close to each other. It was important we showed the closeness between the couple in our video. To do this, we have used the convention of close-ups to help show their emotion and closeness. This shot is taken from behind one member playing guitar with the other member in the background. This shows how they have used lots of different camera angles to show them performing. It is a convention that most videos do, in order to make the performing a lot more interesting and varied. This is something we have done in our video too, as we have included many different shot angles of Jonny playing guitar.
  6. 6. Used ConventionsLawson – When She Was Mine Here you can see the couple engaging with each others interests, reading a book together. This is a way to help show their similarities and show how they enjoy each others company. One way in which we have used the convention is when they are playing around on the beach, running away from the waves together. In order to show the couple intimacy and love for each other, Lawson have used close-ups of their hands touching each other. This is a convention that we have included in our video, it really helps to show the connection of the couple and emphasises their love and admiration for each other. In Lawsons video, the guy is looking through old Polaroid pictures of when they were together. This is where my ideas partially came from. Therefore, similarly in our music video we have a similar shot of Jonny looking at a Polaroid of him and Jess when they were together. By doing this, it shows how much he is missing her and also shows how good their old relationship was. Within most music videos, there is some sort of drama, where the storyline changes. In Lawsons video, this is when we see the girl get out of the car and leave, showing their break up. The main bit of drama that occurs in our video is when Jonny is trying to get back with Jess and Jess shuts the door in his face. By using some drama within the music video, it helps to engage the audience more and makes the storyline more interesting. In Lawsons video, they have promoted themselves by having close- ups of their logo which is written on the drums. We have used this convention on promoting the artist by having his name written at the beginning of the song. Viewers therefore automatically know who he is and it helps to promote our artist ‘Jono’.
  7. 7. Challenged Conventions Something that we haven’t used in our music video, is shots of the couple out with their friends like what Lawson have in their video. We have just focussed directly on the couple times together and not necessarily the time they have with their friends. I feel that this isn’t a problem and due to this we have been able to portray many good times that the couple have had.In this shot from their video, you can see the band out drinking. We have not included alcohol in any of ourshots. I feel that if we did it would promote the wrong things, and could encourage our target audience togo out and drink which is not really what we want our video to give off. We wanted people to feel sorry forJonny and feel that we have successfully achieved this. In our video we have not used microphones, a conventional prop that many music videos use. However, due to the fact Jonny is miming, this was not necessary. If it was a real band then it would be something we would have to consider, but due to the fact he was miming it wasn’t a prop that must be present. In Lawsons video, they have the characters on top of each other in bed connoting a very sexual atmosphere. These shot are successful in showing their intimate, loving relationship. However, we decided to not include shots of our characters actually kissing and contact similar to this as they are not a couple and therefore it will make the situation awkward. Instead we used shots to subtly connote connotations of sex, without it being to intimate. To achieve this, we have shots of their feet at the end of the bed and shots of them just lying next to each other in bed.
  8. 8. Developed ConventionsAs mentioned in the previous slides, two of the common conventions are natural locations and also showing the good times of the couple featured within thevideo to help portray a fun, loving relationship. I feel that our video uses and develops these conventions really well due to the fact we have lots of differentlocations. Also, sometimes music videos are quite serious with the way that they portray couples and you only see a few of fun times they have together.However in our music video, we have included lots of fun times of the couple. Both of these conventions that I feel we have developed due to the larger numberof use of them in our video, are helping to attract the audience as it is something they expect to see. But, other than that, it helps to make our video stand out,and makes it comes across as very fun, varied and entertaining.Here are all the different locations present in our video:Field in Sidmouth Bed Woodbury Common Byes Exmouth Beach Sidmouth Seafront Sidmouth Town Ottery Streets Lauras HouseHere are all the different ‘fun times’ the couple have in the video: Dancing in the Woods Splashing each other in the sea Throwing leaves in the air Running away from waves Spinning each other around Putting ice cream in face Dancing in the house
  9. 9. Conventions of ancillary productsAbove I have create a wordle of words related to my ancillary products. Again, it was important that I deconstructed someexisting products to look at the codes and conventions they have. From my research, I was able to find features that I couldinclude in my products such as clear album name, artist name, website address, record label etc. I also found that manyalternative rock covers have a sort of natural feel to them, a convention that I wanted to use. As well as this, most were verysimple looking, well laid out, clear, bold and easy to read. To achieve this, I have made all my products have a sepia/effectto them, I think it works well with the genre and helps to make the album come across as more natural as browns are seenas a natural, environment type colour. In the following slide I am going to be comparing my products with Ed Sheerans. Idecided to compare them with Ed as I feel his products are very successful and eye catching. Also, I think that my productsare fairly similar to his so I can clearly see the convention that I have used, developed or challenged.
  10. 10. Album Cover Comparison Used Conventions: . Orange/brown effect - both covers have a photo filter effect to them. The filter I used was more brown whereas Ed’s is more orangey. By doing this, it helps to make the image more interesting and eye catching. I feel it also helps to make the cover have a more natural feel to it. . Sharpness - the images used are both quite sharp, and they are of good quality. I think this is important as if the image was a rubbish quality then people would not be attracted to pick up the album. . Eye contact - both artists are looking directly at the camera, this really helps to draws viewers in and is a good way to persuade people to pick up the album. . Facial expression - the artists both have a similar facial expression. They are sort of halfChallenged Conventions:. Ed is not written on the album - On his smiling, it helps to draw viewers attention well. Developed Conventions: I think it is important that the artists are pulling . glowing edges - a convention that I feel Ialbum it has not got his name written an attractive face in order to appeal to the have developed is the clear artist nameanywhere, this subverts the ordinary target audience well. displayed on the cover. I think I haveconventions of album cover. In my cover I did . Clear album name - I think that an important developed this as I have made ‘Jono’ namedecide to use the convention of having the convention to use is having a clear title for the extremely clear. I have put an outer glow effectartists name as this is a good way to promote album. Both mine and Ed’s cover have used on the text so that it stands out a lot and isthe artists and to show people clearly who he this convention. You can clearly see what both clearly visible even from a distance.is. albums are called, with ‘+’ being in the bottom . linking products - I feel that another. Guitar - in my cover and throughout my right of his cover and ‘Like We Used To’ being convention that I have developed is the linkingdigipak, the artist Jono is playing the guitar. It in the top right of my cover. of products. It is important that all promotionsis not very common to see instruments within . Simplicity - I believe that it is important that (album, mag ad and tour poster) link togetheran album cover. However, I felt that by album covers are simple and clear, a and I think I have used and possibly evenincluding the guitar it would help my cover to convention that both these covers have used. developed this convention well. To link myconnote the genre better, link to the video They have a very simple layout to products I have used the same, clothing,more and to also link to the other products that them, making them very clear and easy to guitar, brick wall, image colour adjustments,I have created. It clearly shows that he is the read even from a distance. and fonts.artists and shows that he has a passion for hisguitar and music.
  11. 11. Album Promotion Comparison Used Conventions: . Sepia/brown effect - again both products have a sepia effect to them. This links them to the album cover and also work well with the conventions of the genre. It really helps to make the poster look more natural, due to the use of browns/orange. If it was all brightly coloured then it would have a totally different feel to it and would not fit with the genres conventions. . Artist name/album name - both magazine promotion clearly have the name of the artist and name of the album displayed clearly. This is important because if viewers didn’t know what the album is called then they would be unable to purchase it. I feel that it is clear and easy to read both on my product and Ed Sheerans. . Album cover image - both of the main images that have been used in the poster are similar to the album cover image. This is important as it helps to link the products together and viewers can clearly tell the connection between them. Also, in both posters there is an image of the album cover. I feel that this is helpful in promotion the album as it shows users what it looks like, encouraging them to go search for it in store. . Simplicity - I found that a convention of alternative rock products is that they are very clear and simple, something that my product uses. I think that too much information would make it stand out less andChallenged Conventions: therefore I have included just the basic information regarding the album. Developed Conventions:. Guitar - in my poster ‘Jono’ is I feel that the layout of both mine and Ed’s poster and very simple and . linking products - a conventionholding his guitar. It is not very clear, which works with the genre conventions well. of promotional products is to makecommon to see the artist with their . Magazine rating - a common feature on magazine poster is to have them link together well and make itinstrument. However, I feel it helps star relating to a magazine rating. This is a convention that both have clear that they a connected. I thinkto make it link more to the video, used. I think it helps to show the popularity of the album and helps to I have achieved this well andand also help to connote his encourage viewers to purchase it and see whether it meets their possibly even developed thepassion for his music. expectations too. linking of my products. I have used. Quote - in Ed’s poster there is a . Fonts - I noticed that in the magazine promotions I deconstructed, only the same, clothing, guitar, brickquote about the album. I decided a little amount of font variation is used. This is a convention that I have wall, image colour adjustments,not to include this feature as I used in my products. I have used two different fonts and two different and fonts. Making my products allwanted to make my poster simple, font colours. Similarly, Ed has used two different font styles and two very similar to each other,clear and easy to read. I feel that if different font colours. I think by doing this it helps to make the product something that some artists’there is a quote, it would be hard more simple, and professional looking. products only slightly do.for viewers to read from distanceand it might not be read anyway.
  12. 12. Tour Poster Comparison Used Conventions: . Clear artist name – a convention of the tour poster is to have the artists name clearly displayed. This allows viewers to easily see who they are and tells people who may not have heard of them what they are called. I have ‘Jono’ written quite large in the bottom right and in Ed’s, he has ‘Ed Sheeran’ written quite large across the top of the page. . Tour dates – it is important that the tour dates are clear and easy to read. Viewers must be able to see what month and day they are. Both mine and Ed’s tour poster have used this convention. I feel that my dates are really easy to read, the black font is clear and stand out well. . Ticket info – a convention of tour posters isChallenged Conventions: to include a website address telling viewers. Different image – in Ed’s tour poster, he has used where they can purchase the ticket from. Thisthe same image of which is used for his album is something that Ed and I have both used. Icover. However, I have gone against this and have have included my website address in a brownused different images for each of my products. I feel box, helping to make it stand out and making itthis help to make it more varied and interesting for extremely clear for viewers.fans. . Album ad – on most tour posters, it is. Page orientation– the majority of tour posters are Developed Conventions: common to promote the album is some way. . linking products - a convention ofportrait, enabling them to be the correct way in the Ed has included writing saying ‘debut albummagazine. However, Ed’s tour poster goes against promotional products is to make them out now’ whereas I have included an image of link together well and make it clearthe normal conventions and is orientated landscape. my album cover in the bottom corner.. ’Sold out’ – in many tour poster, they cross off that they a connected. I think I have . Orange/sepia tone – again both products achieved this well and possibly evensome dates and write ‘sold out’ like in Ed’s poster. have a coloured filter effect to the image. ThisHowever, I decided to go against this convention developed the linking of my products. helps to make it more interesting and eye I have used the same, clothing, guitar,and felt it wasn’t required in my product. catching. Also, it helps to connote it as being- Support Acts – some tour poster include some brick wall, image colour adjustments, natural, suiting it with the genres conventions. and fonts. Making my products allinformation which details who the support acts for . Use of font – only a little amount of differentthe tour is. However, I have went against this and very similar to each other, something font styles have been used in both products. that some artists’ products onlydecided to just focus on ‘Jono’. Something that it quite common for the genre. slightly do. This helps to make it more simple and make it look more professional.