Deconstructionsof My Pages...
In my masthead, I have used headphones instead of the ‘u’. I think that this is quite             Like all existing covers...
In the contents title, I have used a    Within my page I have used a variation of different images instead of just one. I ...
This bit informs readers about his new album and           My model has strong, direct eye contact with the  The title of ...
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Deconstructions of my pages


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Deconstructions of my pages

  1. 1. Deconstructionsof My Pages...
  2. 2. In my masthead, I have used headphones instead of the ‘u’. I think that this is quite Like all existing covers, my cover has a a good idea because immediately people know that it is a music magazine, even if masthead situated at the top of the page. they just saw the masthead. All my pages have title in pink boxes with white writing It is very clear, with no images or cover lines to help make them link. I have listed some of the big artists in pop, to overlapping it. This goes a little bit againstI think including this large ‘exclusive’ persuade fans of those particular artists to the normal conventions as the cover that I also pick up my magazine. mostly looked at had an image either onstamp type thing, it again helps to top of or underneath the masthead. I thinkpersuade my audience to buy the my masthead stands out a lot on my page,magazine. They immediately know and it is automatically clear what mythat my magazine contains exclusive, magazine is gossip which could interest them inbuying it. My model has direct eye contact with theI have used a massive range of camera. This is a very common techniquedifferent fonts within my cover. This used in magazines and I think it’s vital tohelps to make the page more varied have eye contact in order to help draw inand because all the fonts I used are readers. My model also has a very happybold and ‘fun’, they help to grab my and smiling facial expression. This again isreaders attention more. Also, my also quite important, and connotes mycover lines aren’t all one colour, I have magazine being fun and enjoyable.used a mixture of different colours The model is situated in the centre of thewhich I would associate with pop. This page, this helps to make him the mainagain makes my page more focus of the cover. This makes my pageinteresting and helps to attract its quite symmetrical and it is laid out likeaudience better. the rule of thirds. I think that my modelI like this stamp bit, it kind of makes would help to draw in my targetthe page less ‘flat’ and more eye audience of teenage girls more. His posecatching. I think the yellow writing is quite relaxed and laid back, showingstand out a lot and encourages that it is a ‘fun’ magazine. Also , histeenage girls to get the magazine to clothing connotes pop well as it issee all these exclusive images of pop ‘boyband style’ clothing.boy bands.I like this lure at the bottom. It persuades people to buy the I think this ‘hot posters’ bit is quite good and it would be successfulmagazine in order to be in with a chance of winning concert in getting teenage girls to buy my magazine as they are the onestickets. I choose for it to be tickets to t4otb as this is a very who would most probably cover their rooms in all the posters.‘poppy’ concerts.
  3. 3. In the contents title, I have used a Within my page I have used a variation of different images instead of just one. I think thisCD disk instead of the ‘o’. This helps to make the page more interesting and kind of shows that my magazine can appeal tomakes it similar to what I did for lots of different teenage girls. The artists I have included pictures of are Olly Murs, Chipmunkmy front cover masthead. Also, I , Aston from JLS and Tom from The Wanted. All the images I have taken from the severalhave used a pink box and the different pop concerts that I have been to. I have split the page up into differentsame white font. sections. Each section has a clearly stamped title, which are very clear. TheyEach page number is pink and are in black boxes to make them contrastbold, and is on a CD. I think that against the white background. I thinkthis clearly shows it is a music that this is quite a good idea as it helps tomagazine and it helps to make make the contents even clearer andmy page look more ‘fun’ and easier for people to automatically findappealing to my target audience. what they are looking for. Also, it likeIt also links to the title of the page, divided up the page and makes it so itshowing the common house style. isn’t just a long list of writing, which IAll the page numbers are really personally think that my target audienceclear and easy to read. would find rather boring.I like the fact that I made certain In my contents, I have also used a massivethings in my contents bigger than variation of different fonts, sizes andothers. This helps to make the colours. I think this helps to make it moremore important things stand out varied and eye catching. If the font wasmore than the rest. I have made all exactly the same, my page wouldn’tthe page number that my really appeal much to my audience as itexclusive interview that Jacob is on would look too boring and formal.larger than all the rest. This I have used yellow in my contents toimmediately shows readers that highlight some of the interesting bits. I alsohe is quite a main feature of the wanted to brighten up my page more,magazine. and I think that the yellow is successful in doing so.All the information in my contents is related to Here I have included an online web address for my magazine. It stands outpop, and it is all of which I think my target as it is on a yellow box. By having this, it helps to persuade readers to goaudience would want to read about. There is a online and check out the site too. Also, if they like the magazine, it couldwide range of different contents, showing that my encourage them to sign up online my magazine subscription.magazine is fun and interesting.
  4. 4. This bit informs readers about his new album and My model has strong, direct eye contact with the The title of the page ispersuades fans of his to go out and buy it. It stands camera. This is successful in being able to draw also in a pink box without quite a lot, and is quite a good, common people in more and it like encourages them to the same white font astechnique. read the interview. Also, his expression is quite the masthead andThe main quote is clearly happy, showing his friendly and happy. contents title. This helps towritten here. It gives an show that all three pagesidea to the reader as to are linked. His name iswhat the interview is very clearly written at thegoing to be about and by top of the interview, so ifreading this it may readers are unaware whoencourage people to go he is they can easily findahead and read the out without having tointerview to find out search through theexactly what has been interview to find hissaid. name.My image takes up more I have clearly stated inor less half of the double the right hand corner thatpage spread. I think it is it is an exclusive interview.quite a strong image and This is quite a commonsome teenage girls if fans technique used, it helps toof Jacob may want to cut persuade people to readit out and put it over their it so they can find out thewalls. The pose that Jacob gossip before anyone doing kind of shows Because it is in a yellowpeople a different side to box, it stand out a lot onhim, this I think is due to The interview is a suitable length, the writing I have added a lure about a the page and is very eyethe fact he is slightly is clear and easy to read. Also, you can clearly competition here, which I catching. Also, it helps mypulling his top down. I tell which is the question and which is the think helps to persuade DPS to link to my otherthink this pose would be answer. I think separating them with the use people to read on through pages as they all have thesuccessful in attracting my of colour is quite good and helps to make the the magazine, and I think colour yellow in audience and interview more clear. If the questions were my target audience would I also added Jacob’sbecause it is of a guy is black then my interview would just look like be the people who enjoy signature to make it morehelps to make them a massive block of text and this would deter entering those type of personal.appeal to it more. my target audience away from reading it. competitions.