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Conventions of pop rock


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Published in: Entertainment & Humor
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Conventions of pop rock

  1. 1. Conventionsof Pop Rock/ Alternative Rock….
  2. 2.  Most videos have clips of the band performing the song, with cuts to the narrative. There are usually many cuts back and forth between the performance and narrative. Within the narrative the band member/s either portray themselves and show their own experiences or act as fictional characters. By showing the clips of the band performing (singing and playing instruments) it helps to draw in the viewer of the video more and make them feel more connected to the band.
  3. 3.  Usually have a narrative within the video, which the band members feature in. It has a story which sometimes links to the lyrics of the song or sometimes is more random and not necessarily based on what the lyrics have to say. I think the narrative helps to make it more meaningful and interesting. Normally, the story is based on general issues and everyday life, like love, relationships and problems. It helps to show the audience (teenagers-young adults) of similar encounters the band may have had in their lives and also gives advice about certain situation.
  4. 4.  The clothing that the band wear is usually fashionable but not as revealing as in pop videos, and not as dull and dark as in rock videos. Usually the members are dressed quite casually, in jeans and t-shirt. They usually look quite laid back and you can see by their facial expressions of how passionate they are for their music.
  5. 5.  Unlike in rock videos where it is all very dull and dark, and unlike pop where it is all very colourful and bright. I think that pop rock fits well between the two. They use lots of natural lighting and colours, to simply show their song to their audience and show just how natural and ‘real’ it all is.
  6. 6.  The band normally are seen performing in a studio, stage and sometimes outdoors. The location is usually lit up well via ambient lighting. There are usually close up of their instruments when they are performing, which helps to show their passion for their music, and also again how natural it all is.