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Contents Page Deconstructions

  1. 1. This is the magazine masthead. The ‘Q’ stands out even This is not the front cover image, so not all the band member are The positioning of the band members is kind like a triangle.when it is small. The red background is very bright looking directly at the camera. It kind of looks like a photo shoot This makes the image more interesting, rather than them allcompared to the black and white that has been used for an album cover. The main man, at the front is wearing being stood in a straight line. I expect that the man in thethroughout. The ‘Q’ is written in white making it easily sunglasses, this matches the face on his shirt and makes him white t-shirt is probably the main person in the band as he isvisible on the red box. seem quite sophisticated and ‘cool’. stood more at the front with all of his body visible. All the member are stood either with their hand in their pockets ofThe main heading, ‘features’ and ‘every month’ have been with their hands down by their side.put in red boxes with white writing. This makes theheadings stand out from the other writing and we are The main half of the image is in the top third. This band iseasily able to find what we are looking for. The headings probably going to be the artists who have quite a big articlehave also been done in capital letters, which make them based on them. We know that this band is going to be quite adifferent from the normal writing, and it’s as if the big feature of the magazine.headings are shouting out at us. All the band members are wearing neutral coloured clothingAll the writing has been positioned vertically in the left of black, white and greys. This shows that their music isthird. I personally think that there is a little too much probably aimed at both girls and boys. The clothing suits thewriting. I think that there should only be the page number black and white which has been used for the background,with the main title of which the page is based on. writing and text box.There is an ‘oasis special’ column. This will attract Oasis This image is the main focus of the contents page. Thisfans and encourage those who like them to read this automatically shows the reader there is going to be a bigmagazine. Readers know by the image and by this column article on them. It is the first thing we look at when looking atthat Oasis are a big feature of this magazine and we know the page and draws our attention the most.that there is bound to be a big article/double pagespreads based about them. The words ‘biggest’ and ‘best’ are used in the subtitle. This helps to compliment the magazine and is promoting how goodThe page numbers have been writing in red. This makes their reviews are. It is also alliteration of the letter B. Thisthem stand out against the writing and it is easily for makes it seen more interesting and helps it to appeal more toreaders to work out which page each feature is on. The its target audience ranging from teenagers and above.colour red links to the red boxes and the masthead.The colour scheme of this contents page is black, white This review bit is in the bottom third of the page. It is dividedand red. I think that this colour scheme works well and This shows readers that the magazine shows different off from the rest of the contents page and is in its ownsuits the genre of music which in this case is rock. You can feature every month. They know that article and separate box. Readers know that it is going to be quite aneasily read the black writing on the white background. information provided is therefore up-to-date and new important review, which is also quite a big feature in theWhite writing has been used on the red and black boxes every month. By sectioning in out readers are easily able magazine.which is also very clear and easy to read. to find out what pages the monthly music gossip/article are on.
  2. 2. There is a ‘V’ in the background positioned mainly in the top third. It is positioned underneath the contents title and the The magazine masthead is positioned in the top right handimage. The ‘V’ is a slightly darker red than the main background colour. I think that this looks quite good and like the corner. It is fairly easy to read, however I think that thefact the same colour has been used but just a different shade. If the ‘V’ had been done in a different colour then it white writing stand out more than the black. The title iswould have had a total different effect on the contents page. By having this ‘V’ on in the background it also makes this bold, with smooth curved edges. I think that it could becontents page very unique and original. It is different from the basic design making it different and more eye catching. slightly bigger maybe.Because of the unusual and uncommon features that have been used, it makes this contents page stand out as being moreappealing. The contents title is very unique and unusual. It is more interesting than all the other basic titles, making thisAll the information is positioned vertically in the left third. magazine content stand out as being different andThis is the usual position for the contents writing, making it original. The title could be reflecting the genre of musicsimple for readers. It is fairly easy to read, the white as being strange and unique. It is kind of like a musicwriting stand out clearly on the red background. However, I display when you have all the moving music bars. Thethink the writing cold possible be a bit bigger. It could fill letters are all very clear to read, but some people maythe ‘empty’ space more and it would make the writing very find it hard to read. I think that some people will like itclear for all readers. and others won’t. I like the fact that it is different andThe heading ‘features’ and ‘fashion’ has been written quite like the design of it. The contents title is written in white font, which stand out and is very clear against theslightly larger which makes it stand out from the writing.They have also been written in a slightly curly type font, red background. The font is very bold, with sharp, strongwhich could be a way in appealing to the female audience. I edges. All the letters are in capital letters, making it feelhave also noticed that no number have been used in this kind of as if it is ‘shouting’ out at us. The use of capital letters also makes it very different and original.contents pages. This is quite odd, showing that again thiscontents page is very different and original. The colour scheme of this contents page is red, white andHis face is in the centre third. It is the main focus of the black. I think that this suits the genre of music well,page and the man is the first thing we look at. He is looking which in the case is rock. The colours all work welldown on the camera, showing his power and strength, this together and are the common colours that you wouldcould be representing how powerful and strong the genre of usually find in a rock type magazine. Red could be a colourrock is. He is wearing lots of gold jewellery and showing his to represent passion, showing that the artists featuredmatching gold teeth, it kind of shows him as being un- have a passion for the genre of rock. The colour red couldnatural. Also, the weird face thing on the necklace also represent danger, as some people may think of rockemphasises the un-naturalness and just how ‘different’ this as quite a loud and violent genre of music.contents page is.In the image, we can see the guy’s tattoos. This is quite common in rock artists as most of The image that has been used on this contents page is of a topless guy. No clothing is visible,them are bound to have tattoos. It makes the guy come across as being quite a ‘cool’ and all of his skin is being shown. This helps to appeal more to the female audience because bycharacter, which could be ambitious for both males and females. One tattoo is of what looks showing the readers a bit of skin rather than clothing it helps to attract them more andlike a bible with the words ‘God Bless All’. This could connote that even though rock artists persuades them to read on through the magazine. It creates a sort of sexual sense and couldlook ‘hard’ on the outside, they could be completely different on the inside. It makes us kind appeal to those of 16+, who are probably the main viewers of this magazine. You can see hisof take back the stereotype that we have given him and we interpret the guy in a different muscles, which shows his strength and power.way.
  3. 3. The colour scheme of this contents page is black, In this contents page, it has a paragraph written by the editor. I don’t The contents title is positioned horizontally in thewhite and yellow. The background is white with really like this idea and think that it makes the page look a bit too right hand corner. It stands out a lot from theblack font, and then yellow font/boxes are used crowded with words. Although some people may like to read the editors white background. The black box that has beento make certain things stand out like the title comments, I think that it should be positioned at the back of the used is clear and the yellow font is easy to read.and headings. I think that the colour scheme of magazine instead. It is quite original but I personally don’t really like The font is quite bold and sharp. The colours of thethis contents page is quite good. It is very clear this idea, but it is all down to personally opinion. contents title make it stand out because of theand all the main bits of information are contrasting colours.immediately visible and stand out because of theuse of the colour yellow. I think by using yellow it The main contents information is positionedmakes the page more bright, and makes it stand vertically in the right third. This is different as itout more. It is quite an unusual colour to use in is normally positioned on the left hand side as wemagazines, which makes this page rather read from left to right. It is very clear and easydifferent and unique. to read. Only the main information is provided making it quick and simple for readers to be ableThis image is the most eye catching thing in the to find what they are looking for without anycontents page. In the image the guy is looking trouble.away from the camera and is looking quitemysterious. It makes us want to read on to like Capital letters have been used for the writingfind out more and get the new gossip on him. making it stand out more and also making it more original. It’s as if the words are shouting out at us, persuading us to go read it.We automatically know that this man is going tobe a main feature of this magazine. This is the Headings have been done similar to the title, inlargest image out of them all, which makes itv black boxes with yellow writing. This makes themstand out the most. He is quite a good looking stand out more and is a good way in order to helpguy, which could be a way in appealing to the readers to quickly find the suitable page numberfemale readers. His image is in the centre third they are looking for.and is positioned to the left. It is the firstthing we look at when looking at this page and By looking at the contents information, I can seebecause we read from left to right, we look at that this magazine is providing readings withthe image first and then the writing. ‘album reviews’ and ‘gigs’. This relates to music and could give me an idea of what I could be includingThe number written by each of the images is in yellow. in my contents page for my magazine.This makes it stand out more than the other numbersin the right column. It shows that these page numbersare the most important, and automatically shows the Five thumbnail images have been put on the contents page. I think that by doing this it makes the page look more interesting,reader the best pages. More information has also been rather than just having lots of number and words. The images are just as persuasive as words, and by having a mixture of bothincluded, with a sentence underneath each artist.v on the contents page, it is an extra way to encourage the readers to continue on and read the magazine. We know that theseReaders are given more of an idea of what the pages people are going to be features in the magazine and are probably some of the main artists (lamb of god, the king blues, gojra,are about and are persuaded to go and read them. taste of chaos and the blackout) that the magazine is based on.