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Kaylahs new powerpoint

  1. 1. Marketing My Business<br />By: Kaylah Anderson<br />
  2. 2. Business Idea and Goal<br />Hello, my name is Kaylah. I am a licensed cosmetologist who wants to open a full service salon. I love to help women and children who have been abused mentally, physically, and emotionally, feel better about them selves inside and out.  <br />My top services are sew in weaves, hot oven work/ Flat iron, coloring, and cutting.  <br />My short time goal is to get my salon open by Febuarary, 2012. <br />My long term goal is to have over 500 faithful clients, and to partner up with women’s shelters and foster homes to reach out to more abused people. <br />
  3. 3. Breakeven Is Business Viable?<br />Dirty break even for my top service, Flat Iron.<br />Price- $35 for flat iron only<br />Direct Cost- $25<br />35-25=10<br />Monthly overhead=5,500<br />5,500/10= 550 flat irons a month<br />I will work 6 days a week, possibly 65 to 70 hours a week which will equal out to 13 hours a day. <br />In a 30 day month I will work 24 days a month<br />550 flat irons divided by 24 days equals out to 23 flat irons a day. <br /><ul><li>What makes my business viable is the personal connection my clients will have with their stylist. They will be greeted by a friendly receptionist who will then check them in for their services and offer them Champaign or apple cider for the younger clients.
  4. 4. The inside of my salon will be a relaxing place where guest can get away from their reality for a hour or so to just relax and let go of their worries. The room will be filled with aroma therapy, calming music, and good vibes.
  5. 5. This will be a one stop shop where guest can get their hair, nails, and a relaxing facial done. You will be paying low rates for my high quality services.</li></li></ul><li>Personal Skills & Experience<br />Ever since I was a young girl I always enjoyed doing hair and helping people feel good about themselves inside and out. <br />After I graduated high school in 2009, I went to cosmetology school in 2010 and graduated December 21, 2010. This school gave me a lot of experience. In the beginning I was in school doing 40 hours per week. Then I began going 6 days a week for 65 hours. I had full weekly schedules and had up to 6 clients a day. I did everything you can think of from facials, acrylic nails, to perms, highlights and of course flat irons. I had regulars who came in weekly to get their nails and hair done. During the last month of school was the busiest time for me but I ended up graduating with honors. I had the highest client volume in the school, I brought the school in the most money, and I was student of the month<br />A personal skill I have besides doing hair is making my clients feel good. When they sit in my chair they feel like they’ve know me forever. I can tell what looks good on a person by just looking at them. <br />Currently I have a hand full of clients throughout the Bay Area. I improved my services while adding on more services such as dread locking, braiding, and massaging. <br />
  6. 6. Potential Customers<br />Psychographics:<br />I would market my salon to everybody, students, teachers, lawyers, everybody. Everybody seems to want to look good for any reason. I wouldn’t discriminate towards anybody<br />Demographics:<br />*Men and women, mostly women<br /><ul><li>Ages 12-65
  7. 7. Any income level
  8. 8. Located in the Bay Area and other local cities
  9. 9. Believes in personal style, who are interested in enhancing their beauty and making themselves appear more attractive.</li></ul>Customers would want to visit my salon because they know they will be getting their money’s worth. They will feel good about spending their money at my salon. I am in business to make people feel good about themselves and they will once they take a seat at my station.<br />
  10. 10. Market Analysis<br />The kind of market I am trying to reach out to are people who like to keep themselves up to date on the latest hairstyles. Its not really a defined market because everybody enjoys getting their hair done and being pampered. I would mainly want to attract a younger crowd who gets their hair day either weekly or monthly. My demographics can range from male to female, between ages 12 to 65. Everybody has a reason to get their hair done rather it be because they have to for business purposes or personal reasons.<br />I believe all salons serve the same purpose, to do hair, make, up, and overall beauty services. We all target the same market because we all want clients. My biggest competition would have to be Ulta Beauty Salon. This is a salon that has many locations in different areas. They have many clients and also have a beauty supply store. This is my weakness because that salon would be very convenient to everybody because of the beauty supply store. My strength would be my wide variety of services that I will offer that they do not such as facials, waxes, massage therapy. <br />
  11. 11. Marketing Strategies <br />Your Hair, nails, and skin are all made up of a P.h between 4.5 and 5.5. To keep your Hair, nails, and skin healthy I would use a product line that works with the P.h Balance of your body. Enjoy Professional Hair Care Create products that will work with your natural P.h. This is good because it will be healthier for your hair, giving it just enough acid and alkaline to stay healthy.<br />I will use this product on my clients hair, if they receive a service and have it on the shelf for customers to buy to take home. This was clients can do the same hair style or just keep their hair up outside the salon.<br />
  12. 12. Market Potential <br />I plan to open my salon in Berkeley or Oakland Ca. These are two cities that have many potential clients because it’s a lot of young, business people. In Berkeley there is the College Uc Berkeley where I think a lot of student will appreciate my services for the low cost. I don’t plan on making tons of money the first year I am open because I know it’s a process getting clients to come and stay. With all the loans and Spending I will have to do for the salon I might end up in debt. I will pay my debt off once my business is finally up and running.<br />
  13. 13. Salon Design & Pricing<br />When you walk into my salon the first thing you will see is my receptionist. This will be a very colorful salon with different pictures and art on the wall. My main colors will be pink, grey, and white. You will notice water fountains that will set a calming theme to the room. This will be a salon where you can relax and not stress over the outside world. <br />My overall prices will be lower than my competition for the first year because I am trying to build up my clients. Usually somebody will charge $40 for a flat iron. I can charge $35 to get them in the salon and once they see how good of a service they will receive I can raise my prices to make a profit.<br />
  14. 14. Financial Recourses<br />To get my salon open I plan on getting grants and loans to get it up and running. After its open for business I will promote myself to bring in clients. I will make ads everywhere, on the internet, billboards, in small business’s, and schools. This will bring me clients to help pay for bills and all other utilities. <br />A strength I have is once I get the client in the salon I can make them stay. They will love their result so much that they will come back to keep getting services and they will tell others to come. <br />A weakness I can have is going out and talking to strangers face to face. I’m comfortable once I get in my salon mode but I need to learn to be more aggressive in person and make a potential customer want to come to my salon. <br />
  15. 15. Promotions!<br />The biggest and most effective way I will promote my services and business is by word of mouth. My clients will be so satisfied with their services that will tell their friends and family about me. <br />