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ACL injuries & the effect on DU students


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This slideshow is about DU students and their will to continue to play their sport even though they endure surgery and tedious rehab.

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ACL injuries & the effect on DU students

  1. 1. College athletes are at risk of injuring their ACL’s because of the high demand of their sport. ACL injuries are the most common knee injuries among college athletes.
  2. 2. The University of Denver has phenomenal resources for student athletes to recover after their surgeries and do rehab.
  3. 3. The average recovery for an ACL injury is 12 months and includes intensive rehab and treatments.
  4. 4. "Some people cannot mentally handle the work that has to be put in for ACL rehab. You essentially have to learn to walk, run, sit, stand all over again. It’s a test of mental strength, passion for the game, and faith in yourself.” Taylor Loyd says after going through three ACL surgeries.
  5. 5. DU student athletes that have ACL surgeries have to get regular check ups to make sure they are progressing through rehabilitation.
  6. 6. ACL injuries test the athlete’s dedication and love for their sport. Sitting on the sideline of games and practices are extremely difficult.
  7. 7. “One of the hardest adjustments for student athletes to endeavor is ending their athletic career because of an ACL injury. They feel like they have lost a part of their identity as an athlete,” says Joy Anderson physical therapist at DU.
  8. 8. Athletes must do their rehab programs, exercises, and stretches everyday in order to make progress, recover, and be healthy again.
  9. 9. DU has professional athletic trainers to help aid the athletes through their rehab
  10. 10. ”After I tore my ACL, MCL, and meniscus my doctors told me if I want to walk by the time I am 30 without a cane, I needed to stop playing the sport I love and I was forced to end my career in volleyball,” said Courtney Domme, a sophomore at DU.
  11. 11. Courtney, (left) was forced to give up a division one athletic career and has been transitioning into “normal” student life by joining a sorority at DU.
  12. 12. Game ready is an ice and stimulation machine that athletes with ACL injuries use as a form of recovery.
  13. 13. DU athletes are extremely dedicated to their sports and have a love for their specific sport. It is the passion that pushes them to recover and become better athletes everyday.