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How to connect on LinkedIn


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How to connect on LinkedIn

  1. 1. OFFICE OF CAREER DEVELOPMENT Assessments | Major Choice | Career Direction | Internships | Employer Connections | Resumes | Job Search M - F: 8:00 - 4:30, evenings by appt. | 651-603-6245 | | LMC 100 | How to connect with professionals on LinkedIn Reaching out and expanding your ‘network’ can be intimidating, but networking can make a big impact on your professional career. Sometimes you may not personally know the person you want to connect with, but that’s okay! There are a variety of reasons people have for connecting to one another. When connecting withanyone on LinkedIn, you’ll want to write a personalized message that describes your intent. The following are examples of how to send a professional, personal message. Informational interviews General networking Job search advice Connecting with alumni Internship advice Someone you’ve met