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How animals keep_warm_kah


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How animals keep_warm_kah

  1. 1. ScienceA question How do animals keep warm? Katharine Hind, 2013 CEIP Juan de Vallejo Burgos, España
  2. 2. Question: How do animals keep warm? ExperimentEquipmentWe need ... 2 hot water bottles 1 fur cover Hot water Cold weather!
  3. 3. Method1. Take cold water. Brrrrr… It’s cold!2. Make the water hot in a kettle.
  4. 4. Method3. Put a furry cover on 1 hot water bottle.4. Pour hot water into the 2 hot water bottles. (Ask an adult.) Ow! They’re hot!
  5. 5. Method5. Put the 2 hot water bottles in a cold place.
  6. 6. Method6. After 30 minutes, think. Are they hot, warm or cold?
  7. 7. Method7. Touch the water bottles. Oh … It’s warm! Ow! It’s hot!
  8. 8. ResultThe fur cover kept the waterin the blue bottle hot. Science Question How do animals keep warm?AnswerFur keeps animals warm.Feathers keeps birds warm.