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Food summary KAH


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Food comes from plants or animals.
Food groups.
Healthy Food.

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Food summary KAH

  1. 1. FOODBy Katharine Hind, CEIP Juan de Vallejo, Burgos
  2. 2. Food comes fromplants and animals.plants animals
  3. 3. Where does food come from?Some food comes from plants.Some food comes from animals.
  4. 4. 5 Food Groups fruit and Bread, vegetables potatoes, pasta and rice milk meat, fish productsand proteins sugary and fatty food
  5. 5. Is food healthy or unhealthy? Some food is good for me. Some food is bad for me. x
  6. 6. Food around the World Spain Italy China
  7. 7. Food around the WorldFood from ChinaFood from Italy Yummy, yummy!
  8. 8. ImagesThanks to: -• Smart technologies, Notebook 11• Google images• ols/4_11/uptoyou/healthy/foodfacts.shtml•