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seeper - Projection Mapping - The Guide


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Conceptualising a project with Evan Grant from seeper in Singapore this year.

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seeper - Projection Mapping - The Guide

  1. 1. 0 Document: Page: 3D Projection Mapping 1 Date: Version: 13/05/10 1.0 Projection Mapping The Guide Walk through of the methods, options, timings and our work...
  2. 2. Document: Page: 3D Projection Mapping 2 Date: Version: 13/05/10 1.0 Who are we? seeper About us Founded in 1998, seeper is an arts and technology collective specialising in real world interactive installations and performances. Seeper’s ethos is to create and capture the essence of experience. Using gestural, tangible and instinctive user interaction and ubiquitous technologies, to create and distill, artistic, immersive, multi-sensory experiences and memories. Seeper have worked with the likes of, Nokia, Unilever, Tesco, Punch Drunk Theatricals, Glastonbury Festival, JayZ, Nike, Reebok, Sky Sports, Hewlett Packard, BFI Southbank, Toyota, Aldeburgh Music, Sony PlayStation and many more innovative brands and arts-based organisations. Seeper’s founder is a speaker and has a heritage in sound, lighting and interaction, software and hardware, design and installation.0
  3. 3. Document: Page:3D Projection Mapping 3Date: Version:13/05/10 1.0Definition Concept Architectural 3D Projection Mapping Architectural projection mapping is the process of designing 3D motion graphics animations specifically for the structure onto which you are projecting. A structure or building is mapped creating a mould, and the architectural composition is used as a canvas, upon which our designers are then let loose. The illusion of 3D is created using a number of advanced motion graphics techniques, also relying on high-powered projectors and manageable levels of ambient light. The magic of projection mapping lies in the suspension of disbelief, the creative use of light and the careful selection of appropriate structures can heighten the experience. With the right techniques the illusion can be extremely powerful, architecture can appear to be morphed, molded, and warped, creating alternative 3D anatomies. Seeper is at the forefront of Architectural Projection Mapping, pioneering this technology, as well as the techniques and possibilities it creates, constantly exploring the numerous ways this art form can be evolved. The projections are specifically designed according to the dimensions of a building, actively playing with the specific features of the structure. Windows, doors, chimneys, and other structures are used to create dynamic sequences, often played as a performance, alongside a bespoke sound-score. The 3D capabilities of this technology mean that the building appears to transform before the viewer’s eyes. It can collapse, shift, pulsate, crumble, change material, reassemble and much more... Sound Full Immersion Color, light, and sound play a key role in seeper’s development of this unique capability. We feel that the use of music and sound effects are extremely important to fully immerse audiences in the experience. We develop bespoke music and sound effects scores for all our projection mapping projects. Another concept seeper been working with is where the architecture assumes the role of instrument to the accompanying score. The projections make the building into a giant instrument, creating a visually rich synesthesia, where the cognitive pathways between structure and sound are allied.
  4. 4. Document: Page:3D Projection Mapping 4Date: Version:13/05/10 1.0Press and Coverage Promotion Without question, the greatest measurable gain to be had from 3D Projection events is PR. Our experience with Projection Mapping has generated awe Case Studies and wonderment in audiences online around the world. Traditional press and The ‘Battle of Branchage’ project. With no seeding, marketing or conscious PR has generated online bloggers look for the latest, coolest uses of art and technology in the public sphere. over 300,000+ (and climbing daily) views through YouTube and Vimeo. In addition seeper’s positioning as an arts and technology collective, enables access to publicity channels inaccessible to large brands. Many thousands The ACDC Iron Man 2 project has to date generated 1,250,000+ climbing daily) views through online video sites such as Youtube and Vimeo. (and of people follow our work and eagerly promote our output. With an approach based on quality and not quantity, this project will reach the target audience and a much wider demographic.The Battle of Branchage: 3D Cube Effect Rochester Castle: Liquid Effect The Battle of Branchage: Vector Wormsvv
  5. 5. Document: Page:3D Projection Mapping 5Date: Version:13/05/10 1.0Introducing Mapping Architectural Battle of Branchage Projection Using cutting edge 3D Projection mapping techniques the Castle was Mapping showered in light. At first seeming to simply illuminate, morphing over time as the entire architectural form of the castle distorts and morphs. Objects pour out the windows, the walls unravel and energy builds as this logic-defying spectacle captivates and questions your perception. This battle of light and the senses exposes the castle like never before! Development Timescale 6-8 Weeks subject to specification
  6. 6. Document: Page:3D Projection Mapping 6Date: Version:13/05/10 1.0Promotional Mapping Sound ACDC v IRON MAN Integrated On the site of a thousand years of violent history, ACDC were pitted Projection against Iron Man in a ground breaking architectural projection mapping project. The front facade of the Great Keep at Rochester Mapping Castle, was brought to life using the latest in 3D animation techniques. This onslaught of the senses, saw the castle confront it’s ultimate challenge. Warping, morphing, spewing and collapsing before the audiences eyes. Let there be rock! Development Timescale 6-12 Weeks subject to specification
  7. 7. Document: Page:3D Projection Mapping 7Date: Version:13/05/10 1.0Large Scale Mapping Commisioned Volkswagen Audi Group - Autostadt Audio Visual Projection onto the original Volkswagen factory in Wolfsburgh performance Germany. Part of the Autostadt 10 year anniversary celebrations. Taking this massive 150metre canvas and turning it into a visually engaging audio visual narrative. Moving through evolution, expression, emotion, ease, essence and excitement, communicating the history, values and process of VAG and the Autostadt. Development Timescale 8-12 Weeks subject to specification
  8. 8. Document: Page:3D Projection Mapping 8Date: Version:13/05/10 1.0Indoor Mapping Projection Vimeo Awards mapped Groundbreaking indoor projection mapping of the Vimeo Festival awards Awards at the School of Visual Arts, New York, October 2010. ceremony As the culmination of the Vimeo Festival, seeper mapped colourful and entertaining animations to a complex stage set, taking the audience on a mindblowing audio-visual journey which immersed them comprehensively in their senses of sight and sound. The ceremony included presentations of eleven very different awards and a sound rective visual section for a live musical performance. Development Timescale 4-8 Weeks subject to specification
  9. 9. Document: Page:3D Projection Mapping 9Date: Version:13/05/10 1.0Generative Mapping Audio driven, Creators Project real-time Fully generative projection mapping, linked directly to the output of the generative DJ’s turntables. experience. For the closing party of the inaugural Creators Project world tour, seeper were commission by intel and vice to create a music reactive architectural projection mapping. Taking over an entire wall in the cavernous 798 space, downtown Beijing, we created a real time, generative audio reactive experience. Development Timescale 4-8 Weeks subject to specification
  10. 10. Document: Page:3D Projection Mapping 10Date: Version:13/05/10 1.0Iconic Mapping Commisioned Vimeo - The LightLine of Gotham iconic The Vimeo Festival Closing Night afterparty was preceded by a projection boundary-pushing projection mapping project on one of New York’s most iconic buildings. mapping Frank Gehry’s IAC HQ provided the perfect canvas for a radical transformation of sight and sound, stunning guests and passers by and creating a buzz which resonated throughout the city. Development Timescale 4-8 Weeks subject to specification
  11. 11. Document: Page:3D Projection Mapping 11Date: Version:13/05/10 1.0Interactive Mapping Gestural Xbox Kinect Launch - Munich games. For the launch of Xbox Kinect in Germany, seeper created an immersive gestural experience. Set in the highly visable Stachus, central Munich, this project attracted hoards of participants. Engulfed by the interactive experience, users could send fluids shooting three stories high, team together in epic particle ball games and discover the freedom of controller free gaming. Development Timescale 4-8 Weeks subject to specification
  12. 12. Document: Page:3D Projection Mapping 12Date: Version:13/05/10 1.0Interactive Mapping Interactive NOKIA Ovi Maps Projection Interactive projection mapping for Nokia Ovi Maps Activation in Experience Covent Garden, London, April 2010. The side of the market was used as a playground for interactive projection. This fully interactive projection mapping project captivated crowds, as they realised their movement effected the graphics. The installation features custom optical flow, face tracking, and some crazy complex games of arrow chess! Development Timescale 4-8 Weeks subject to specification
  13. 13. Document: Page:3D Projection Mapping 13Date: Version:13/05/10 1.0Large scale Interactive Mapping Interactive Ford Ice Experience Projection Interactive projection mapping for Ford UK in London and Liverpool, Experience July 2010. Two iconic buildings in these cities were transformed into frozen structures through projection illusion, while the audience used interactive laser canons to melt through the ice and reveal a magical world underneath. This immersive interactive project used projection and interactive technology in combination with live theatre, a cinematic score, air blowers and dry ice to create an unforgettable atmosphere. Development Timescale 6-10 Weeks subject to specification
  14. 14. Document: Page:3D Projection Mapping 14Date: Version:13/05/10 1.0Advanced Interactive Mapping Interactive 3D Motion Tracking Projection Seeper have exclusive access, to one of the world’s most advanced 3D tracking Experience systems. Using this system, we can track people standing in front of the building in 3D. This would enable the audience to push, pull, throw and gesture at the building to manipulate the content and geometry. For example walking towards the building could cause a wall to crack, crumble and move away from them. Their face and hands could be seen to push through the structure and much, much more... Sound Microphones hidden around the building could pick up sound from the audience. A performance could be audio driven, using crowd volume levels, or specific crowd commands to drive a show. Motion Tracking Using simple motion detection and hidden cameras, the audience could control elements of the building and the entire performance. Waving your hands could cause colour and fluids to be injected across the building. Multi Touch Using seeper’s own multitouch technologies and or mobiles phones, iPad’s etc, the audience would be able to take control of the building. Selecting and changing colours. Morphing structure, opening windows, throwing blocks, balls or displaying messages... Development Timescale 4-12 Weeks subject to specification
  15. 15. Document: Page:3D Projection Mapping 15Date: Version:13/05/10 1.0Active 3D Mapping A true 3D The new paradigm in 3D Vision Experience We now have exclusive access to first active 3D projectors in the UK and are developing the world’s first active stereoscopic projection mapping. Working with the right client seeper are ready to launch this to the world. This method is vastly more effective than previous stereoscopic imagery. By combining this method with our 3D tracking technology we have a fully immersive, 3D, gesturaly controlled experience. For example, imagine pulling a brick out of a building until it’s touching your nose, then throwing it back causing the building to collapse! Tech Explanation Liquid crystal shutter glasses are used in conjunction with a display screen to create the illusion of a three dimensional image. Each eye’s glass contains a liquid crystal layer which has the property of becoming dark when voltage is applied, being otherwise transparent. The glasses are controlled by a radio frequency transmitter that sends a timing signal that allows the glasses to alternately darken over one eye, and then the other, in synchronization with the refresh rate of the screen. Meanwhile, the display alternately displays different perspectives for each eye, using a technique called Alternate-frame sequencing, which achieves the desired effect of each eye seeing only the image intended for it.
  16. 16. 0 Document: Page: 3D Projection Mapping 16 Date: Version: 13/05/10 1.0 Contact Details: Who to call Where to find us Evan Grant Address Founder / Director Unit 7, 1 Baltic Place London N1 5AQ Phone +44 [0] 20 7099 6835 Website Mobile +44 [0] 7788 585 171 Communities Email