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  1. 1. A We are here to support YOUR JOURNEY YOU • Work with Activ to complete your Person Centred Plan • When NDIS / WA NDIS My Way contact you to transition into a trial area, your Person Centred Plan will be a great tool to help you decide on the supports you want • Simply take your Person Centred Plan to your meeting, along with any support people you would like, and chat to your planner or coordinator about your plans and goals for the future. YOUR NEXT STOP Don’t forget we’re here to help! making choices about how YOU want to live YOUR LIFE If, at any time on your journey, you would like to talk to us or ask any questions... Email Client Services Look on our website Follow or contact us on Facebook Please get in touch Talk to your Activ Support Person Call Client Services 1800 622 351 are
  2. 2. Says who YOU want to help YOU plan Is all about YOU Tells people what is important to YOU Shows how YOU want to be supported Identifies new skills YOU want to learn Says how YOU want to be a part of the community YOUrPerson CENTRED PLAN YOUR first STOP Outlines YOUR goals and plans for the future Let’s YOU share what makes YOU happy