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Is social media killing email marketing?


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Is social media killing email marketing? Find out whether email is still at the top of the marketing table.

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Is social media killing email marketing?

  1. 1. Is Social Media Killing Email Marketing?
  2. 2. You will hear a few people suggesting that email marketing is dead. That no one opens emails and with the new google email category feature in place email marketing is set to decline even further.
  3. 3. I am going to discuss why I believe this is not true.
  4. 4. Email marketing is still very much alive and I believe that it is becoming more and more important as the tool for building relationships with customers and prospects.
  5. 5. Marketing is all about building relationships and the big presence of social media has been perceived as the place to go to build relationships! What better place to be sociable than a social network!
  6. 6. However, there are a few very important things to consider and they lead me to believe that email marketing is still the best way to build lasting relationships.
  7. 7. There are problems with social media and I shall mention a couple.
  8. 8. Distraction Being a social platform the purpose is to create a social buzz and presence and this means that there are so many distractions that can drain your time and marketing effectiveness.
  9. 9. If you ignore the distractions and keep to your plan then you will be seen as not interacting and potentially only interested in promoting yourself. If you do get involved and start interacting then you become a slave to the social buzz. It is extremely difficult to do both yourself.
  10. 10. If you are attracting global prospects then it is even more difficult to keep a presence 24/7! You really have to outsource it. That then begs the question – who is building the relationship with your prospects? You or someone else?
  11. 11. An email campaign is personal. It is you talking to your individual subscriber. No distractions.
  12. 12. Who Owns It? The other aspect about social media is that the owner can change the rules at any time. They can ban you or delete your account at will. Since it is a free platform to use it is therefore designed for the purpose of the owner.
  13. 13. Email marketing is different. You pay for an auto responder account and as a customer you command a service for your purposes.
  14. 14. Is Email Marketing Dead? Is your email campaign worth something to your subscriber? If you are using your email campaigns for promotion only then you will find that people unsubscribe or they don't bother to open your emails. So you assume it doesn't work any more.
  15. 15. In fact email marketing is still extremely effective if you use it for building relationships and providing value to subscribers. If you provide personal help and interact with your subscribers then you will discover that email marketing provides a much more effective means of communication for both you and your prospects.
  16. 16. If you found this helpful then you might like to visit my website: (Free download available)