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SAP Technical Consultant


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SAP Technical Consultant

  1. 1. KAWISH NOOR MOBILE:  +971529821805, EMAIL:  Seeking a challenging and rewarding career as a SAP Technical Consultant across the industry where I can utilize my knowledge and skills for growth and development of the organization and boost my career in the process. SYNOPSIS OF EXPERIENCE:  Worked on 2 end to end implementation projects and 2 support projects.  Currently working as SAP Technical Consultant in Mirnah Technology Systems, Dubai.  Held the responsibilities as an SAP ABAP Developer, SAP NetWeaver Gateway Consultant and Technical Consultant in Mirnah Technology Systems, Dubai from Nov 2012 till Date.  Worked as an SAP ABAP Developer and SAP Workflow Consultant in Apex Global Services from Feb 2012 to Sept 2012.  Worked as an SAP ABAP Developer in Apex Global Services from May 2011 to Feb 2012. TECHNICAL SKILLS:  SAP ABAP SKILL SET: · Expertise in reporting (Normal, Interactive, ALV, OOPS ALV). · Skilled in data migration techniques (BAPIs/RFCs, BDC, LSMW). · Sound knowledge in Data dictionary objects, Scripts and Smart forms, Dialog Programming. · Excellent amount of experience in Modularizing techniques, Code Optimization, Performance Analysis and Error Handling. · Expertise in cross applications like ALE/IDOCS, IDOC Extensions, Workflow, EDI etc. · Extensive cross functional programming experience with the SD, MM, FI/CO, CRM modules with a strong focus on development standards, code review and testing. · Expertise in customization and enhancement techniques (BADI Implementations, Implicit/Explicit Enhancements and User Exits).  SAP NETWEAVER GATEWAY functional and technical proficiency with real time implementations. · Worked on a mobility solution integrated with SAP ECC 6.06 using SMP and SAP NetWeaver Gateway. · Worked on the following operations and concepts :- CRUD Operations, Create Deep Insert, Media Resources, Expand/Self Expand, $Batch Processing, Function Imports, Subscription/Notification, Patch Support, E Tag Handling, Delta Query Support.
  2. 2. CAREER HIGHLIGHTS: PROJECT # 01: CLIENT: Mirnah Technology Systems DURATION: October 2013 to Present POST: SAP Technical Consultant ROLE: SAP ABAP Developer, SAP NetWeaver Gateway Consultant, Technical Consultant TEAM SIZE: 8 LOCATION: Onsite PROJECT: Implementation · Developed and implemented a co-innovation project with SAP LABS (India). · Enhanced standard customer master (XD01) and material master screens using standard BADIs with the concept of shared object memory classes. · Developed a complex custom applications using dynpro to reduce the TCO of the project. · Developed BDC programs using recording to upload master data such as business partners, materials, vendors etc. · Worked on scheduling background jobs, batch jobs and shared memory classes. · As a NetWeaver Gateway consultant, created gateway services with many different custom implementations to meet the integration requirements of two systems (SAP ECC 6.06 and a mobile sales application). · Worked on processing IDOCS, setting partner profiles, setting up ALE/EDI interfaces ,creating RFC interfaces and IDOC extensions for transferring master data from SAP ECC to SAP Middle ware data tier. · Worked extensively on BAPIs, RFCs, BDC, LSMW, BADIs, Enhancements, User Exits, Object Oriented Reports, Module Pool Programming, Performance Tuning, Runtime Analysis etc. · Performed System Analysis, Gap Analysis, Prepared Technical Specs and Technical Documentation. · Implemented the SAP integrated solution with a successful golive and worked on a support mode after golive and met client specific requirements. PROJECT # 02: COMPANY: Mirnah Technology Systems. CLIENT: Dubai Refreshment Company (Pepsi Dubai) DURATION: Nov2012 to Sept 2013 POST: SAP ABAP Developer TEAM SIZE: 12 PROJECT: Support Project  ABAP DEVELOPMENT · Involved in functional requirements discussions in requirement gathering and created technical specifications from functional specification documents. · Excellent knowledge about Business Process Flows related to SD and MM knowledge.
  3. 3. · Successfully delivered and met sharp deadlines against the tickets assigned. · Code optimization, Removal of for loops, removal of unwanted code to improve efficiency.  IDOC PROCESSING: · Created IDOCs using change pointers to transfer transactional data from SAP PI server to SAP ECC server. · Scheduled background processing jobs to trigger the IDOC processing on a daily basis. · Excellent working knowledge on different message types, output types and processing error IDOCs. · Conceptual knowledge about IDOC extensions in extending a standard IDOC.  APPLICATION DEVELOPMENT: · Designed and developed custom screens for promotional FOCs which cannot be created in standard SD module. · Created a small application for salesman targets, goals and commissions based on his monthly sales. · Created web services via web service creation wizard to expose master data from the ECC system. · Resolved issues and bugs related to functional web services.  SMARTFORM: · Created a smart form to officially request for the vendor to perform certain services or material supply.  REPORTS: · Developed a Hierarchical sequential ALV report for credit balance summary and open invoices on a monthly basis. The report suggest the credit limit balance based on his prompt clearances. · Created multiple route level transaction reports. · Developed reports for suggested inventory sales based on the shelf stock from the customers. · Developed a Hierarchical sequential ALV report for credit balance summary and open invoices on a monthly basis. The report suggest the credit limit balance based on his prompt clearances. · Worked extensively with remote function modules and BAPIs as backend services used while exposing the data. · Developed other supervisor level logistics reports with respect to route, salesman and stock. PROJECT # 03: COMPANY: Apex Global Services CLIENT: Brahamni river pallets limited DURATION: Jan 2012 to Oct 2012 POST: SAP Technical Consultant ROLE: SAP ABAP Developer, SAP Workflow Consultant
  4. 4. TEAM SIZE: 10 LOCATION: Onsite  ABAP DEVELOPMENT · Worked on a post implementation support project. Responsible for resolving day to day system issues like ABAP short dumps, background job failures, update failures, IDOC failures. · Responsible for development, code reviews, performing validation / verification testing for deliverables of the project by reviewing code, to test the logic and maintain uniform Quality Standards  BADI IMPLEMENTATION AND ENHANCEMENTS: · Copying sales order attachments to the invoice using the BADI SD_CIN_LV60AU02 · Adding custom fields to the purchase order transaction ME22N. · Restrict contract validity data in t-code VA01 using BADI. · Enhancement forVL02N during PGI, Automatic fax of delivery output.  REPORTS: · Inventory Statistic report based on Goods receipts on daily, weekly and monthly basis. · Pending order report with delivery status. · Developed a Hierarchical sequential ALV report to display the contents of Purchase Order header table and Purchase Order Item table together on one single list.  APPLICATION DEVELOPMENT: · Created a full fledge custom applications for surveys which can be linked to a customer or a group of customer or to a sales area.  SMARTFORMS: · Developed various Label Prints using Smart forms for printing pallets, stocks of materials and configuring separate printers and adding the print settings in the label forms. · Developed a material card smart form output to display running current balance of material after plan to plant for different movement types.  DATA MIGRATION: · Create a BDC for uploading customer credit limit data. · Developed a program to Upload Material Master data via MM01 and to change the data in MM02 using BDC and BAPI.  WORK FLOW DEVELOPMENT · Developed multiple workflows for MM, SD modules including PO / PR Release strategy workflows. · Basic configuration needed for the successful execution of workflow. · Designed, configured, implemented, and supported custom workflow developments. Designed and developed custom workflow mainly for e-recruitment module for enhancement pack 4.
  5. 5. · Developed a workflow for a request to increase the credit limit of a customer and remove the customer credit blocks from the sales transactions. · Workflow for one time password generation to do an activity which has no authorization. PROJECT # 04: COMPANY: Apex Global Services CLIENT: Ashok Ley Land DURATION: May 2011 to Jan 2012 POST: SAP ABAP Developer TEAM SIZE: 12 PROJECT: SAP ECC 6.0 Implementation  ABAP DEVELOPMENT (Enhancements, Reports, Data Migration)  ENHANCMENTS: · Performed Implicit and Explicit Enhancements to standard rfc to accommodate customer’s requirements. · Added additional tab in VF02/VF03 screens to display reference order details · BADI implementation for CS01 transaction, that does not allow user to create alternative BOMs for already created BOM.  REPORTS : · Developed a classical report for BOM Stock that displays BOM number, material name, material category, Basic quantity and standard quantity, unit, and batch no., shelf life year or month of material, Shortage of material. · Developed an ALV report for Stock Overview that displays material number, material description, batch number, storage location, manufacturing date, expiry date, and quantity. · Developed an ALV report for Production Order Details that displays Production Order number, material number, material description, batch, target quantity, order issued, and storage location. · Developed an ALV Report for displaying Vendor Master Information. · Developed ALV-report for history data of changed requested delivery date.  DATA MIGRATION: · Developed modification BDC program to upload Sales Order (VA02) from legacy system to SAP R/3. · Developed a BDC program to transfer Material Master Data (MM01) from legacy system to SAP system. ACADEMIC CREDENTIALS: School/College/University Course Year % Of Marks Muffakham jha College Of B.E(C.S.E) 2007 to 69% Engineering and Technology. 2011 Narayana Junior College 11th &12thClass 2005-2007 88.3% St.Alphonsa’s High School SSC 10th Class 2005 84.5%
  6. 6. FULL NAME: Kawish Noor D.O.B: 17-11-1989 SEX: Male PASSPORT DETAILS: K1830027 DRIVING LICENSE: 2038204 PERMANENT ADDRESS: Flat 603, Oriental 1 Building, Bank Street, Dubai. (KAWISH NOOR) PERSONAL CREDENTIALS:
  7. 7. FULL NAME: Kawish Noor D.O.B: 17-11-1989 SEX: Male PASSPORT DETAILS: K1830027 DRIVING LICENSE: 2038204 PERMANENT ADDRESS: Flat 603, Oriental 1 Building, Bank Street, Dubai. (KAWISH NOOR) PERSONAL CREDENTIALS: