Information Technology Vs Management


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Information Technology Vs Management

  1. 1. INFORMATION TECHNOLOGY <br /> Vs <br /> MANAGEMENT <br /> <br /> Prepared and presented by <br />M. Kavyaarasi,<br />PGDM (I year learning associate),<br />Park Global School of Business <br /> Excellence, Coimbatore.<br />INFORMATION TECHNOLOGY Vs MANAGEMENT <br />Introduction:<br />Everyone knows “What is Informational Technology?” and “What is Management?”, But how can we compare the Information Technology and the Management? This case made me to write this article.<br /> As a management student, I supposed to find the correlation between the Information Technology and the Management in the business circle. Here I take three components in Information technology such as multimedia, networking and programming language for comparing the managerial activities in an organization. <br />Multimedia Vs Management:<br />Innovation is the best and right word to relate the multimedia and management. Multimedia plays a vital role in film industry. The entry of new multimedia creatures like Avatar, Tinker bell and number of technical films were came into the cinema world. The new creators are always welcomed with their innovations.<br />Likewise, there are number of management concepts which was discovered by management gurus exist in business field. Though some existence of management concepts, there are new innovative techniques also arising in today’s business field. For example, Tata automobile industry introduced Tata nano car for covering the middle segment people, Dove introduced Dove men +care for inviting the male segment.<br />Networking Vs Management:<br />While think about networking Vs management, the things which are come to our mind are flow of information, information sharing and controlling. Collection of autonomous computers interconnected by means of cable and capability of sharing the information between each other is called networking. It consists of clients and server. Group of individuals working together by sharing the work to attain the specific goal is called team in an organization. Team consists of leader and team members. <br />Allotting particular task for the team members, controlling the activities of the team members in the environment inside the organization, supplying resource for performing the allotted task, taking decision according to the appropriate situation are the job of a leader in a team. In networking, server act like a leader which share the data for performing certain task from its database, control all activities performed by the clients while sharing the data from the server, decide to share the data according to the time priorities.<br />Programming language Vs Management:<br />Programming language is used for creating software for create business applications, mobile technology, create programming chip for controlling the performance of the technical machine which have artificial intelligent such as robot and for several new technologies. There are two types of programming language. They are Procedure Oriented Programming language (POP’s) and Object Oriented Programming language (OOP’s). In IT industries, there are three types of management structure in programming team. They are democratic team, chief programmer team and hierarchical team (source: software engineering concept by Richard. E. Fairley). <br />Let’s see the comparison between these two languages with these three management structures.<br />POP’s Vs Managerial activities:<br />We can relate the management with programming language by its structure of the program and the information flow of the program. According to Procedure Oriented Programming Language, “function” is a part of a program which is used to perform a particular task. “Main function” is also a function which manages the execution of its subordinate functions. These subordinate functions are individualistic in nature. It can communicate only with the main function but not with the other subordinate functions. <br />Here I compare this Procedure Oriented Programming language with chief programmer team structure.<br />Chief programmer team:<br /> Chief programmerSubordinates<br />This is the structure of the chief programmer team. The communication flow denotes that the communication is only between the chief programmer and the subordinates but not within the neighboring subordinates. The chief programmer designs the product and makes all technical decision. Work is allotted to the individual programmers by the chief programmer.<br />OOP’s Vs Managerial activities:<br />In Object Oriented Programming language, the functions are interconnected with each other and it is collected in the name of “class” which acts as a subordinate for the main function. Here I compare the main function, class and function with project leader, senior programmer and junior programmer of hierarchical team structure in IT industry.<br />Hierarchical team structure:<br /> Project leaderSenior programmerJunior programmer<br />In hierarchical team structure, the communication flow start with project leader and end with junior programmers. Senior programmers act as a intermediary like “class” in the OOP’s and he or she allotted the work to the junior programmers at the same time he or she controlled by project leader.<br />Democratic team structure:<br /> Team members<br />In this structure, every team member acts as both leader and the team member and each team member in the team communicate with each other like functions in the OOP’s language. But the performance of the team member cannot be controlled by anyone. Because there is no leader for control the activities of the team member. <br />From these statements, I want to conclude that we can compare the information technology with management with its relative qualities and characterization. <br />