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Hero moto corp km


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Published in: Automotive
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Hero moto corp km

  1. 1. Knowledge Management at Hero MotoCorp. By Kaveri Khorana, B13
  2. 2. Introduction • Hero MotoCorp has always been known for its innovation and spectacular implementation of unique methods of production on the floor • The production system at HMC works on the idea of maintaining a continuous flow of products in factories so as to be able to easily adapt to the changing demand in the market • All the production activities are linked to real dealer demand through implementation of Kanban, Just in time and various other quality measures
  3. 3. Knowledge Management of Production system • HMC typically selects a core group of five hundred to 700 new employees on the floor shop level and trains them to work on the assembly line • After several months of studying the production system and working alongside experiences HMC assembly line workers, the new workers are send to the new factory site • These newly trained workers then work along side with the long term highly trained old employees on the shop floor
  4. 4. Knowledge Approach - Tacit • The workers have a fortnightly meeting with their supervisor regarding the problems in performance, quality or productivity • They analyze the problems and come up with possible solutions • Many times there is a large scale meeting where the workers share their ideas for improvement and suggest steps to implement them
  5. 5. Knowledge approach – Explicit • Documenting the task that each team of worker and each individual worker is asked to perform • The document provides a detailed description of the work done, the time taken and the method in which it is done