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  1. Social And Preventive Pharmacy Concept Of Health By Kaushal Kumar
  2. TABLE OF CONTENTS 01 02 03 04 Overview Essential Requirement Factor Affecting Concepts Of Health
  3. Health is defined as state of complete Physical, Mental and Social well being. It involves more than just the absence of disease. Health
  4. 1. Balance Diet 2. Good Habits 3. Exercise & Rest Essential Requirements for Maintaining a Good Health
  5. Balance Diet  Suitable proportion of carbs, proteins, & Fats.  Breakfast, lunch, dinner should be fresh.  Food in Proper timing.  Drinking lots of good water around (4-5) ltr/day. Essential Requirements for Maintaining a Good Health
  6. Good Habits  Daily tooth brush & daily bath  Exposure to fresh air & sun light  No alcohol, no tobacoo, no addicted drug.  Listening pleasant music  Inspiring & motivations. Essential Requirements for Maintaining a Good Health
  7. Exercise & Rest  45-60 min daily physical exercise.  Walking, yoga, Aerobics, Asana etc.  8 hours continuous & sound sleep.  Exercise & Rest acts as stress bursters. Essential Requirements for Maintaining a Good Health
  8. 1. Hereditary Factors 2. Environmental Factors 3. Economic Factors 4. Personal Factors Factor Affecting Health
  9. Hereditary Factors Transmission of disease caused genes from parent to child during the pregnancy level itself. Ex: Diabetes Not affected, Not a carrier = 25% Not affected, but Carrier = 50% Affected and Carrier = 25% Factor Affecting Health
  10. Environmental Factors Air Pollution. Ex- Asthma Water Pollution. Ex- Cholera Soil Pollution. Ex- Gasoline,Cancer Flies. Ex- Mosquito Birds. Ex- Corona Factor Affecting Health
  11. Economic Factors Financial status of a person Poor person – No nutritional food Ex – Marasmus Rich person – Excess intake of food Ex – Gout , obesity Factor Affecting Health
  12. Personal Factors Night Shift work – Sleep lessness Insomnia Frequent Abroad journey – Crossing time zones Jetlag Factor Affecting Health
  13. ☺ Biomedical Concept ☺ Ecological Concept ☺ Psychosocial Concept ☺ Holistic Concept Different Concepts Of Health
  14. According these concept- Health means absence of disease. This concept is based on ‘Germ Theory’ Human body as a machine and disease is an outcome of the breakdown of the machine, and doctors tasks was to repair the machine. Biomedical Concept
  15. Biomedical concept was not accepted by “Ecologists” According to this concept Health is dynamic equilibrium between man and his environment. Ecological Concept
  16. According to this concept health means not only physical and mental but also mental behaviour in society. As per this theory Health is influenced by Social, Psychological, Cultural, Economic and Political factos of the people concerned. Health measure factor is “ Social Behaviour ” of the person. Psychological Concept
  17. It is a mix of all the above concepts. According to this theory “Health is a balanced approach of healing the mind, body, and spirit.” Holistic Concept
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