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Principle of measurement of solar radiation


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This ppt is for only overview of topic

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Principle of measurement of solar radiation

  1. 1. Principle of measurement of solar radiation (1)Principle of Thermocouple (2)Photovoltaic principle (3)Principle of solar concentration
  2. 2. PYRANOMETER • Measure beam radiation + diffused radiation • Measure diffused radiation when shading ring is used PRINCIPLE  Black surface absorb  White surface reflect unnecessary heat  Temp. Diff. of B and W detect thermopile in mV  Calibration
  3. 3. PYRANOMETER CONSTRUCTION  Thermopile with black & white coating  Absorb solar radiation of spectrum 300-50000 nm wave length  Glass dome control spectral response of 300-2800 nm while 180 ͦfield view  Glass dome prevent leakage of heat radiation from sensor  O/P in mV calibrated in Watt per square meter
  4. 4. PYREHELIOMETER • Used to measure direct beam radiation Principle: Temperature difference between black and white ↓ Converted into EMF ↓ proportional to energy incident on surface
  5. 5. Construction and Working:  Shape collimator tube  Thermopile junction at black side of sensor plate  Cone angle at 50 degree  Solar sensor produce o/p in mV PYREHELIOMETER
  7. 7. SUNSHINE RECORDER • Use to measure duration of the day when there was bright sun shine give beam radiation CONSTRUCTION  Transparent glass sphere mounted on heavy base  Bowl provided below glass sphere  Grove is provided to insert paper WORKING  Glass concentrate solar radiation  Paper receive solar radiation on it which is chemically treated  Paper give burn mark  When the sun shine is present
  8. 8. PHOTOVOLTAIC SOLARIMETER • Typical pyranometer measure solar flux intensity • Working principle PV cell • Solar energy  Solar cell  Variable resistive load Current produced • Moved in direction off sun • Meter calibrated in watt per meter square