Assignment 6


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Assignment 6

  1. 1. Assignment #6:Research of doublepage spreadKauana Labaldi 13V
  2. 2. What is a Listing Magazine?• A listings magazine is a magazine which contains information about the upcoming weeks events such as• Broadcast programming,• Music,• Clubs,• Theatre• Film information; examples include Time Out magazine in the UK and TV Guide in the US.• These are normally published either with a Saturday or Sunday newspaper or are published weekly or fortnightly to give information about upcoming events. They also normally include columns about TV and culture topics.
  3. 3. What kind of things are there in a Listing Magazine?• Advertisement – e.g.: house selling• Community• Organisations• House and Gardening• Eats & Drinks• Health & Beauty• Business• Useful numbers• Activities to attend• What’s on?
  4. 4. Who is the audience/target audience? How do you know?Who is Target Audience?• Age: 30-50• Ethnicity: English, Irish, Welsh• Jobs: Retired, gardeners• Hobbies: Gardening, health interests• Gender: Male and Female• A mature audienceWhy?• Lengthy text• No styled writing• Cover being a concurs representing a season• Darker colours• Fonts are big• Activities and advertisement are for an older audience – activities like: ……… Advertisement: Timber Restorations
  5. 5. How is the magazine organised/structured?- Has a welcome - Community participations - Organisation -Eats and Drinksfirst page and activities • Activities, church • Recipes, butchers, resta • Events, house times, health urants, food and organisations, community activities, social wine, party booking choral, art crafts centres clubs, offers, country offers etc… - Organisation - Healthy and Beauty - Business - Organisation• Activities, church • Gym, health • Advices, solicitors, TO • Activities, church times, health classes, clubs, treat LET, accountancy times, health activities, social ments, dental, mass vacancies activities, social clubs, what’s on ages. clubs,- Home and Gardens - Useful numbers• Window • Numbers of plumbers, electricians, funeral services, restorations, ti services, schools, doctors, charities, churches, police ps on plants, furniture station, library, leisure, health, transport, councils selling, etc…
  6. 6. Where could your double-page spread, which is an article that features your documentary, fit it?My multicultural representation could fit in between theCommunity sections because• Relates to the community• Talks about the people• Involves media in a broad audience• Its an overall topic• Appropriate for people in a community What are most of the pages about in the magazine?Community pages because:• Relates to the audience• Talks about the community• Offers• Help for the society
  7. 7. By looking at the adverts, what do they advertise? (products, services?)In The Listing Magazine they advertise more “Services”.Advertise:• Plumbing and heat services• Plastering• Interior designers• Cleaning windows• Timber restoration• Chimney sweeping• Funeral services• PC helpers
  8. 8. Where is the magazine available? Price of a double page spread?• Prices for advertising your business start from just £30 (plus VAT). Niche or mass audience? Why?• Niche audience as it goes for an older audience• The subjects are very limited