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Assignment 13 film jobs


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Assignment 13 film jobs

  1. 1.  Luara
  2. 2. Description of Job: Examples of my Job: This person should have excellent My job will be to assist the group working & listening skills. Assists the director, helps create director: their ideas, helps to manage the While the director is team. Watches time, reminds acting I will take her director of how much time is place and organise remaining. Is the person who says ‘CUT’ ‘ACTION’ ‘PLACES’ etc… positions, tell characters Organises actors and locations – where to go and stop should keep an organised record and start scenes. I will be for these. looking over at the script to make sure we know what to do and will beHow will I be successful in my job? following each scene• Show good leadership correctly.• Attend all filmings• Being organised on filming and editing• Get all work done for this assignment• Bring my group together to discuss all scenes, scripts and every step to this task• Always look out carefully to camera, props, angles, shots etc…
  3. 3. Description of Job: Examples of my Job: This person should have excellent For this job I will be sharing listening and ‘ability to work with our fellow group quickly’ skills and strong ATTENTION member Chantelle Gilkes, TO DETAIL! Art director is responsible to all props and we will both attend to this costumes. They make sure all job. In this job we will, make props/costumes are ready to go sure all characters are and everyone is wearing/got wearing correct clothing everything they needs. Makes sure and accessories. Making and checks the supply of props sure hair, make up and other (E.g. Enough supplies/props if props will be correctly scene is to be re-shot a few times. Replenishes props if needed. positioned. Making sure all the props are taking to the day of filming correctly,How will I be successful in my job? looking for any health and• Show good leadership• Attend all filmings safety problems.• Take all the props• Pay a lot of attention to all details• Have a list of props, so every filming we will know what to have.• Always make sure hair make up and clothing are suitable for scene.• Make sure clothing are appropriate for occasion.
  4. 4. Description of Job: Examples of my Job: Everyone should do this, should Having the camera to film have technical abilities to work scenes. camera and excellent listening skills, must respect and value others instructions/ideas. This/these people operate cameras, following instructions from Assistant Director and director of Photography. Films the scene using equipment; cameras (2), tripods etc.How will I be successful in my job?• Have good listening skills• Pay attention to lighting• Look carefully at angles• Know what shots to use
  5. 5.  Chantelle
  6. 6.  Chantelle