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Assignment 12 planning for documentary ( draft 1


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Assignment 12 planning for documentary ( draft 1

  1. 1. Assignment 12- planning for documentary ( Draft 1) Luara Pires Debbie Marques Kauana Labaldi Maria Younes
  2. 2. Final topicTransgendered people:Topic: Is our contemporary society trans phobic?We are going to look into: People’s opinions Experts opinions Trans man Trans woman Poly Gender and Androgynies Intersex Cross- dressers
  3. 3. REQUIRED ELEMENTS/CONVENTIONSREQUIRED ELEMENTS/CONVENTIONS HOW? WHERE IN THE DOCUMENTARY? (bullet points)Establishing shots How: we are going to use establishing shots, so we can show places where we go to. Where: when we go to SOHO, Westfield, Clinics , we will show the building outside so people can know where we went.Title of your documentary How:. We are going to have our title of our documentary, more colourful to represent the LGBT community, and (not just text on blank screen) also how it looks happy, so we present a positive side of Trans. Where: after the short introduction we have.Use of presenter or voiceover How: Presenter: We are going to have presenter, so that we can introduce places where we go sometimes, to interview people and sometimes to give some statistics. The voice over, will be used when we are showing graphs. Where: Presenter when we are in Soho we will have her filmed talking about how we decided to go there so we can give people information When we show graphs of data we have found we are going to use voice over to explain it.Public interviews How: We are going to do public interviews, because our documentary relies, on this. We will also Where: When we go to places to film our documentary, which will be based on public opinion we will definetly have public interview.Expert interviews (with titles) How: Expert interview so that we can some professional feeback, from sociologists, from Traans Group leaders. Where: Our experts interview, will be in our school, where we have sociologists, and from the leader, will be in clinics, and in a Trans Youth Group.Appropriate titles How: we can going to use title on our documentary, to identify the name of our documentary, the (for case students/experts, locations etc) name of the people interview, and places where we go. Where: when we interview, people in the streets, we will have some information about them, when we go to a different setting we will use tittles to identify the change of places. Our documentary will also have title.Supporting footage/photographs How: we are going to have supporting images and footages so that we can make our documentary more visual. Where: the whole documentary will have supporting images and footages.Use of statistic, graph or diagram How: We are going to use this so that we can have some statically data, which is correct. To shown the number of percentages of people that are trans phobic or not. Where: in the middle of the documentary there will be some that we found, at the end we can do an overall graph of what we understood.
  4. 4. Conventions for our documentaryConventions Use ChallengeNatural lighting Make it realisticPresenter Guide the audience throughout the documentaryVoice overs Explain to audience the footage that is going to be showing.Establishing shots Using these at the beginning of the documentary or when changing location.Background music Create emotionSupportive images To send out the aim of our documentary clearlyInterviews with public Film some of the people from the back as they will not want to be filmedExpert interviews Be more scientific and informative for the audienceReal life setting Filming in places that have a link to our topic (Soho)Statistics Back up the points we are going to mention.Titles and credits Show the title of the documentary and show the names of the experts being interviewed
  5. 5. Representation• A serious/casual person• Does not have own opinions , so that we can only give information and public opinions.How? Why?• The clothing will not be so • Because we want the posh, but she will be neat. Presenter to establish• The language will be more relations ships, but we also casual/formal want her to transmit• How she stands and seriousness. positions her self will be more normal.• Her actions will be more discreet.Our Target Audience needs a presenter like this, so that at the same time,they see seriousness they still feel comfortable.
  6. 6. Costume and PropsCostumes. Props• Jeans • Bershka • Ipad• Pumps • .• White shirt • J.T lewis• Black Blazer • .
  7. 7. Body Language/gesture/facial experssionBody language:Always more straight, with an elegant positioning.Gesture:She will move her hands, to express more, andtouches her hair.Facial expression:More serious, but shows enthusiasm.
  8. 8. Speech• The presenter will speak more serious, but will not use scientific terms to identify Trans man and Trans woman, so that people feel comfortable.• The presenter will speak clearly, but using day to day language, so that it can be understood by our target audience.
  9. 9. PUBLIC INTERVIEW. Actors and people. Who I want to interview Why? Trans Woman So that we can know how it feels to be a trans what type of people do you want to interview? woman, this will be good as it will be in both Why? genders Trans Man Have a good personal opinion. Teenagers So that we can see how teenagers feel about, including how the school talks about it. Parents To see what they feel , and how they would react if it was their child. Youth Group Leader To know how they would act in this situation, and their personal opinion. Priest/Pastors To know church points of views Teachers So that we know how teachers would relate to students that might be in this situation. Adults Overall opinions on it, this will vary in age, gender and ethinicty.
  10. 10. Actors and PeopleEXPERTSINTERVIEWS. Who I want to interview? Why? Gendered Intelligence (Nic) • he will know the topic in depth. • Deals with this situation everyday • Knows how society behaves towards trans people. Sociologists Nature vs. nurture. Psychologists If the brain has an impact ( identity) Doctors To see how the sex-genes of trans people might be different.
  11. 11. TASKS POSSIBLE RISK INVOLVED IN TASKS ACTIONS TO PREVENT HARM TO HEALTH OR SAFETYFilming in unknown location - Being kidnapped, getting lost, not knowing - Go to the place before to make sure you people. know it, go with the whole group.Travelling to filming locations Train- getting lost, loosing oyster, loosing - Always to up before, check the lines before.(walk/bike/bus/tube/car etc) money on the machines, the lines might not be working.Interviewing people for filming Them being rude or arrogant Approach in a correct way to make them feel comfortable to reply.Filming underage (below 16) people Getting them upset about the topic because Make them feel secure and tell them all about they might feel awkward. the documentary first.Filming anyone Not being open and not wanting to have any Be polite to ask, have the right words to say to involvement in the documentary. them.Health of group members when filming Feeling too cold and being ill after, freezing Always wear the correct clothing for the(ex in cold weather, filming for extended they’re hands and not being able to hold weather. Have money to eat outhours etc) anything. Being too hungryInterviewing the public for filming Them being rude or arrogant Approach in a correct way to make them feel comfortable to reply.Interviewing an expert for filming Them going against what are documentary is Select the correct expert first, make them feel for, them not wanting to expose themselves. comfortable when speaking.Types of areas (how safe are they) Soho Square Garden – drunks Lots of people so we are not going to be alone there filmingTime of day 11- Sun is very shiny Select the appropriate place with correct natural lightingUsing technology ( filming) equipment Tripod and camera might get lost Never leave items unattendedOther:
  12. 12. Location exploration shops/se Car x shops. parksSoho restaurantsSoho pubssquare Possible Westfield church Central Camden London town
  14. 14. LOCATION EXPLORATIONLocation picture Location pictureSoho Central londonChina town Church Camdem Town.Westfield
  15. 15. How to get there !• Soho – take train from Willesden junction to Tottenham court road• China town – get train from Willesden Junction to Piccadilly circus• Westfield- get train from Willesden Junction and get off at shepherds bush.• Central London- get train from Willesden junction to oxford street• Church – Harlesden• Camden town- get train to Camden station
  16. 16. Location Risks.LOCATIONS POSSIBLE RISK INVOLVED IN TASKS ACTIONS TO PREVENT HARM TO HEALTH OR SAFETY •Travelling to filming locations(walk/bike/bus/tube/car etc) Train- getting lost, loosing oyster, loosing money on the machines, the - Always to up before, check the lines before lines might not be working.How safe when you are there Trip over the grass if wet. Slip on the Wear good shoes wet floor.Physical surroundings: Houses – people might want they’re Not make noise and be respectfulground/buildings/people/objects privacy, and want quietType of area Pubs around, houses and shops. Quiet but with a lot of calm people.Access to location (open/closed/public Open public access – anyone could Choose the right place to stay, notaccess etc) come in where there are too many people.Link to time of day Morning – people might be having a Choose the correct person, wear morning walk with dogs. Weather. appropriate clothing People might be in a bad moodOther:
  17. 17. EXPLORATION OF SOUNDS/MUSIC• To be done by maria
  18. 18. MUSIC• To be done by maria.