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Finger Foods Appetizers


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Delicious party finger food appetizers are often easier to make than aspiring chefs think. Many cheese finger foods only take a few minutes to make. They look great and require no utensils or heavy plates.

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Finger Foods Appetizers

  1. 1. The best way to feed a large crowd is to have a lot of little bites that everyone can pick and choose their favorites from. Appetizersare an inexpensive way to cater a party, and will guarantee that you have at least something that everyone will eat. Lay out a few trays of cold appetizers before guests arrive. These should be foods that do not have to be heated up or eaten warm, and they need to be stable enough not to spoil while waiting. Spinach and artichoke dip with plenty of tortilla chips is favorite, and so are fresh cut vegetables with hummus or ranch dressing. Once guests start arriving, you can pass a few of the finger food appetizers, and set some out. Bacon wrapped scallops, chicken cordon blue bites, and gourmet franks in a blanket are always a hit with large crowds. If you want something a little fancier, you can set out filet mignon spring rolls or even mini bagels and Norwegian lox Drinks Lots of water is necessary at any big party or gathering. You can keep a big cooler or a metal barrel filled with ice near the food table and stick bottles of water and cans of soda in the ice to keep the drinks cool. If you want to tighten the budget on the drinks, then set out large bottles of soda and cups. Pour water and ice into large pitchers garnished with citrus and put them all around the party location making it easy for guests to help themselves. Desserts A graduation party would not be complete without a cake. You can either order a sheet cake, or they are easy enough to make ahead of time. A festive idea for a graduation party cake is icing it in the school's colors, with a mortarboard and your grad's name on it. Along with the cake, a variety of cookies, brownies and cupcakes are always appreciated. A fruit salad is a nice way to round out the desserts, and if you are feeling particularly ambitious you can serve the fruit in a hollowed out watermelon