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We turn your ideas into eye-stopping images! Southern California based company.


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Creative Adhesion is a community of top level design and photography professionals with decades of experience in serving acclaimed companies around the Globe. Our Clients enjoy engaging graphic design and hi-end photographic services.

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We turn your ideas into eye-stopping images! Southern California based company.

  3. 3. Creative Adhesion is an agency providing photographic, graphic design and creative marketing services. As a boutique firm, our business model is multifaceted, and individually tailored to the needs of Clients we serve. WHO WE ARE?
  4. 4. WHO YOU ARE? A company that needs photographic or design services, illustrations or visual marketing tools for: Successful development and promotion of products and services leading to market share increase. Creation of unique and recognizable corporate style and identity to stand out among competitors. Presentation and personalization of company’s team members to make them recognizable and attractive for clients and partners.
  5. 5. Advertising and product photography Industrial photography Aerial Headshots Interior and architecture Event Lifestyle PHOTO
  6. 6. Organizational identity/Branding design Advertising and promotion design Package design Publication design Web/Mobile design Broadcast design Illustration DESIGN
  7. 7. PROJECT MANAGEMENT Execution of complex projects involving various design and photographic services according to best practices in PM Development of concept and strategy of all aspects of visualization for your business
  8. 8. WHY SHOULD YOU CHOOSE US? We are able to meet tight deadlines and budgeting reaching all agreed milestones. Our team is a combination of high-end professionals with decades of experience in photography, design and project management. Our business model is very flexible letting us deliver services which are highly customized for every client’s needs.
  9. 9. And…we love seeing our Clients happy
  10. 10. Cirque du Soleil / Jaguar / Kaspersky Lab KPMG / Land Rover / Mitsubishi / Raiffeisen Renault / Revital / RUSAL / Sephora Stellberg / Vedomosti / Villago Estate / Znak auction house / SCA / Sturm / Danone Orange Event / Floors Group / TV Russia 2 Sport Collection / Panorama / TV Sport Militzer & Münch / TCC / Magnit OUR TEAM MEM- BERS WORKED FOR
  11. 11. +1 (714) 482 5139 CONTACTS
  12. 12. CREATIVE ADHESION 2016