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Technical interview experience sharing


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My tips for students looking for their first job

Published in: Technology
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Technical interview experience sharing

  1. 1. Cracking the Technical Interview
  2. 2. Hello!I am Katy Lee NTHU computer science You can find me at Offers: eJan, Rakutan, SoftBank(Japan) Appier(Taiwan) Coffee meets Bagel,
  3. 3. 1. The Mindset The more options, the better
  4. 4. “ Before you have your first satisfactory offer, you should target more companies with several positions. Be ready to submit A LOT of resumes and have an interview marathon.
  5. 5. In my case ◍Location: big cities where I can build network easily. ◍Position: Data related position is my favorite. But I have also submitted for some system engineer positions ◍Industry: tech company with stable growth
  6. 6. 2. Resume Concise and quantified, one page preferred, please don’t have more than two pages
  7. 7. 5-7 sec. your resume will be read
  8. 8. Resume ◍Quantified the result ◍Use bullet items ◍Put the most important thing first ◍Use bold font when necessary ◍If you have a technical blog or a github for your project, attach it. ◍Don’t have any typos!!! ◍Use a template(ex: sharetex)
  9. 9. Resume ◍Ask someone with industrial experience (recruiting experience even better) to check your resume ◍Your resume should demonstrate why you are a fit for the position(at least one project demonstrating your ability) ◍Customize your resume for different positions ◍Make your Github/LinkedIn look nice. ◍Blogging is a good way to demonstrate yourself, too.
  10. 10. ReferringDon’t be shy to reach out someone you know or don’t know on LinkedIn / social network, it enhances the chance you resume gets read through. And yes, you should try to meet people and build connections in your industry
  11. 11. AgencyWork in Japan(you have to a logic and personality test) Top Career(coding test before interview)
  12. 12. 3. Coding Test I know it sounds scary, but all you need is to prepare early
  13. 13. Practice makes perfect ◍You should start practicing it at least six months earlier, especially if you don’t have competitive programming training experience ◍Pick a major language(for data science position, I recommend python), and stick with it ◍If you forget all the data structure and algorithms, review them first. ◍Time yourself when practicing ◍Get enough sleep, water and food before
  14. 14. Practice makes perfect ◍ 1. quickly review important data structure and algorithms and code them( 513) ◍ 2. practice the easy and medium difficulty questions in “the Clean Code Handbook” by leetcode(don't memorize the solution, only check it if you couldn't solve it) ◍ 3. do the mock tests on leetcode or HackerRank ◍ 4. If needed, put a “cheatsheet” besides your laptop
  15. 15. 4. Live Coding Interview Besides coding skills, your communication skills plays a big role, too
  16. 16. a service pair you up with peers according to ability and programming languge to practive live coding
  17. 17. Clear Communication should be your number 1 concern ◍ The question won’t be too difficult, but the best solution won’t be too naïve, either. ◍ The interviewer is the one that’s going to help you accomplish the goal. Don’t be afraid to ask for help. ◍ It’s fine to come up with a brute force solution first and then gradually optimize it. ◍ Speak out about what’s going on in your mind ◍ Discuss the high level idea with the interviewer, write the sketch solution out in comments before your code it out
  18. 18. The process of live coding interview ◍ Clarifying the Question ◍ Generating inputs and outputs ◍ Generating test edge case ◍ Brainstorming ◍ Runtime Analysis ◍ Coding ◍ Debugging, Refactoring ◍ please watch the demo video at: ssons/7707710408/concepts/77114606610923
  19. 19. 5. Technical Questions It’s normal that you don’t know about anything. Don’t freak out when you don’t know the answer
  20. 20. Typical technical questions ◍ Tell me briefly about yourself (impress your interviewer by talking about some interesting project you are passionate about, the first ten minutes is very important) ◍ Tell me about one of you project ◍ How would you make the project better now? ◍ What’s your favorite language? What is it difference with xxx language? ◍ Draw the system diagram of your project . ◍ Anything you put on the resume(Please don’t boast on your resume, it might make you look
  21. 21. Tips for Typical technical questions ◍ Go on Google / Quora / Glassdoor to see the typical questions. ◍ Do mock interviews with your friends ◍ You should be able to have someone understand your project’s/ thesis’ basic premise in a short time to show your communication skills
  22. 22. There will be time when your brain is just blank That’s okay, your interviewer doesn’t expect you to know everything. You can just say that you don’t know; Please don’t pretend that you know and give weird answers. another option is to talk about relative concepts, or to ask the interviewer to explain.
  23. 23. 5. General Questions Show them you are a team player, and easy to get along with
  24. 24. Typical general questions ◍ Don’t ignore people when they try to small talk with you, it’s rude. You should be a people person ◍ Tell me about one of your failures. ◍ What’s the downside and upside of your personality? ◍ Why do you want work for us? ◍ What impact do you plan to have in three years? ◍ What’s your career plan? ◍ What did you learn in ____ experience?
  25. 25. 6. The last Question “Do you have a question for us?”
  26. 26. Question for the interviewer ◍ It’s a good chance to show your interest in the position. Don’t ask some stuff you can easily find on their official website ◍ What’s your guys plan in the next quarter/year? ◍ What’s the biggest difficulty you have faced so far? ◍ What’s your general experience working there? ◍ Why do you guys decide to do ___ product. ◍ Discuss some current trends in using
  27. 27. 7. Tips“Demo is better than a thousand words”
  28. 28. Tips ◍ Bring your devices (phone, laptop) to show products or slides of your project if it’s more visually oriented. ◍ If it’s a Skype interview, please always check your Wi-Fi and microphone is working well beforehand. And use screen share to demo! ◍ Don’t forget to smile and show interest in what you interviewer is talking about.
  29. 29. Tips ◍ Interviewing is a communication process, rather than a question answering process. ◍ It’s also your good chance to evaluate the company and the technical strength of their team ◍ If you got rejected, it doesn’t mean you suck. It might because it’s not a good timing for you to join or it’s not a good fit for you. (I got rejected many times, too!) ◍ Having a support group is very important.
  30. 30. Thanks!Any questions? You can find me at 👍