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Get Appy!


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Get Appy: How to host programs that connect patrons with fun, informative apps for mobile devices. Presented at the AzLA 2015 Making Connections Conference at the High Country Conference Center in Flagstaff, Arizona.

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Get Appy!

  1. 1. GET APPY! How to host programs that connect patrons with fun, informative apps for mobile devices.
  2. 2. Connections
  3. 3. Another library program?
  4. 4. Storytelling
  5. 5. Prescott Public Library and Technology Public Computers eReader Mentors 64% of Americans now own a smartphone, up from 58% in early 2014. From this group, 53% own a tablet computer in addition to their smartphone.
  6. 6. Strategic Plan
  7. 7. Appy Hour at the Prescott Gateway Mall Sit back, relax and watch a demonstration of free apps for your tablet or smartphone. The apps covered will be compatible with Android and Apple devices.
  8. 8. Outreach via Apps
  9. 9. Technology Apple 30 pin to VGA adapter
  10. 10. Choosing Apps 1. Free 2. Apple and Android compatibility 3. Practical purpose 4. Strong reviews Yelp 4 stars 194,680 ratings
  11. 11. PackPoint
  12. 12. (formally Lift)
  13. 13. Presentation Tips • 6 apps easily fill 1 hour • 3-4 demonstrations for each app • Slowly explain navigation • Audience participation • Welcome questions
  14. 14. Showcase library resources and events
  15. 15. Security • Separate email account • Turn off location tracking when possible • Install mobile security and anti-virus programs • Verify the source of the app
  16. 16. Marketing
  17. 17. Location Changes June-November 2014 • Gateway Mall • Monthly Program January 2015-Current • Prescott Public Library • Quarterly Program
  18. 18. Program Changes June-November 2014 • Appy Hour • Variety of apps January 2015-Current • Apps for Book Lovers • Book-related apps
  19. 19. Patron Feedback Very interesting and informative. We will use the LA Trip Advisor City Guide. Wonderful workshop. More Appy Hours! Great—it’s good to be introduced to apps you might not normally discover on your own. Good info. Also good introduction to other resources at the library.
  20. 20. Summary