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Artisan creative one-two-one-onboarding


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Tips for on-boarding and training new hires and best practices.
One-Two-One Onboarding,

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Artisan creative one-two-one-onboarding

  1. 1. ONE-TWO-ONE ONBOARDING How to make your new hires feel welcomed, motivated, and productive.
  2. 2. The first few weeks on the job are filled with excitement, expectation and anticipation for both the hiring manager as well as the new hire.
  3. 3. At Artisan Creative, we use the onboarding equation to welcome new hires to the team. ONE-TWO-ONE
  4. 4. This process helps HR welcome the new team member, devise a good orientation plan, and set expectations early... and often. It also gives new hires an opportunity to learn, ask questions and get acclimated to the role.
  5. 5. THE ONE-TWO-ONE EQUATION ONE (DAY): WELCOME TWO (WEEKS): LEARN ONE (MONTH): CHECK-IN Make Day One special. Shadow others on the team. Schedule a check-in to keep issues from going unnoticed. FOR SUCCESSFUL ONBOARDING.
  6. 6. ONE (DAY): WELCOME Set up a group lunch to meet the rest of their team. Make sure their desk/office/phone is set up and ready. Plan a tour of the facility. Schedule a welcome meeting with key team leaders. Lunch at 12 :)
  7. 7. ONE (DAY): WELCOME Change their desktop screensaver to welcome them by name. Place an orchid on their desk. On social media, welcome the new hire to the team. Little touches make all the difference on welcome day: JAMIE WELCOME TO ARTISAN CREATIVE
  8. 8. TWO (WEEKS): LEARN Shadow others on the team. This can include on-the-job skills training, learning specifics of the role, or reviewing operational items. Tailor the program to trainee’s learning style: KINESTHETIC VISUAL AUDITORY
  9. 9. TWO (WEEKS): LEARN Stagger the training. Too much information at once can be overwhelming. Meet with the candidate to review HR policies, benefits and company procedures. Review expectations and performance metrics.
  10. 10. ONE (MONTH): CHECK-IN Recognize and celebrate their 30-day anniversary. Give constructive feedback and schedule additional training as needed. Create a supportive environment to discuss questions and challenges. ?
  11. 11. ONE (MONTH): CHECK-IN Review expectations, growth metrics and milestones. Arrange further reviews in: 12 months 60 days 90 days 6 months
  12. 12. RECRUITMENT AND RETENTION ARE TWO SIDES OF THE SAME COIN. Share these onboarding best practices with your company.
  13. 13. amazing talent This presentation is brought to you by ARTISAN CREATIVE ve recruitment